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April 2007

Etsy Faves

Random Buys: Bowling Alley Chic

April 26, 2007

Will someone please buy this thing? It bothers me that it’s still sitting in Blue Bell Bazaar’s etsy store looking for a home. It’s been nearly a month already. I don’t get it.

Random Buys: Bowling Alley Chic
I found one just like it on a recent trip to Vermont and it was $80 and in quite bad shape. This pin is only $20 and would be great in that unexpected place. On a bookcase. Outside in a flower garden. As a doorstop. Please buy it and show me a picture once you’ve added it to your home, I want to see how you use it.

Better yet, if you buy it and send me a picture showing how you mixed it into your space, I’ll paypal you $20 just to see it go to a good home. Deal?

(image from bbb)

Inspiration, Objects

Inspired by The Rug Company

April 26, 2007

After visiting Angela Adams the other day, I’ve been hooked on rugs. Today, I was reminded to look up The Rug Company as I browsed Shelterrific.

Inspired by The Rug Company
I can’t seem to get enough of rug websites and catalogs lately, which reminds me, I need to get down to the Boston Design Center before the end of the week to further spiral downhill into my rug obsession. I want to learn more about them, sometimes I feel like there is so much to learn in the field of interior design, and so much that is constantly changing, perhaps it will always be a learning experience just like many of the other creative professions. Although my uncle is a surgeon and my great aunt is a dance instructor in Chicago at 82 years old, and both tell me that they’re still learning all the time.

Inspired by The Rug Company
I think that’s why I left my last job, I felt I had stopped learning and it scared me. Have you ever been there?? You know, that feeling? Being on this side of the tracks is far better than the other for me, but at least before I could do my job half asleep, easily show others the way, and still exceed the expectations of my employer. I’m sure that’s something to be proud of, but I felt a bit uninspired and uninterested being the office know it all. Now I’m the new kid on the block and it’s scary sometimes. My eyes and ears are constantly open and despite it all, I still consider myself very junior in this big design world. But, I’m in it now and there’s no turning back… So it’s learn, learn, learn and feed my obsessions. Must. Learn. New. Stuff. Always. So for this week, it’s area rugs.

Inspired by The Rug Company
Lots of people ask me questions, but the most common one is how to find items that work on a budget in a world where it’s socially acceptable to spend $700 on a pair of slingback heels. In other words, they want the 10,000 rug they saw in Elle Decor, but cannot afford it and need a budget version that doesn’t look cheap. Being totally immersed in design 24/7, when someone shows me a designer item they’d like for their home but they have a limited budget, I sort through all the files in my head to see if I can recall seeing something LIKE it someplace else for less. If I can’t, I spend hours in showrooms and on the web to source for something just like it. The search for a single product can take days. But when it’s discovered… Oh, it’s like a pint of ice cream on a really bad day. Heaven.

Inspired by The Rug Company
Let’s say someone wants the Diane Von Furstenberg Tribal Diamond rug shown bottom left. It’s a price band L on the Rug Company website, so we’re talking major cash. If you have it, do it – you’ll love it forever. If you don’t have the money, please don’t think you have to go into debt and that’s it’s wrong or unfortunate of you to have to go “dumpster diving” at old West Elm for a carpet. Some may question your choice thinking designer is always better, but honestly, unless they’re paying, who cares. If you came to me looking for that DVonF rug, I’d point you over to the Tribal diamond rug from West Elm shown below right. It’s a good match, not 100%, but enough to create the look without bringing down the design of the room. West Elm actually does sell some excellent area rugs. I own the tribal diamond because I once lusted for the DVonF beauty and I’m quite pleased.

Inspired by The Rug Company
(images from the rug company and west elm)

Shopping + Products

Chen Karlsson Bird Light

April 25, 2007

Blogger Nadejda from Chen Karlsson Bird Light
Regardless, her website is full of gorgeousness, and this week, she is posting all about the Milan Design show. One item she highlights that caught my eye is this Bird lamp by Chen Hung-Ming, a designer from Taiwan currently living in Sweden, who exhibited this light in Milan this year. I can’t take my eyes off of it, it’s so unique and definitely something I would own. It’s so exciting to see innovative, fresh products like these take flight!

(image from chen karlsson)

Arts + Crafts, Shop Tours, Small Business, Travel

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)

April 25, 2007

Another beautiful stop I hit whilst in Portland was Edith & Edna, a new store that stocks only items that are handcrafted by artists, but not just the locals, but from talented designers across the globe, from Morocco to Sweden. Joanna Mendicino, Zid Zid Kids, BlaBla, Alena Hennessy, Curious Bird, Karin Eriksson, and dozens more, they’re all there waiting for you to buy, cherish, love forever. Corny I know, but I feel a sense of excitement when I buy handmade.

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)I was instantly charmed the moment I approached the store, as the window display was really sweet and stood out amongst the other windows along busy Market Street. I actually purchased a few items directly from the window, I couldn’t resist. When I stepped into the store and browsed the wares, I was happy to see so many things I’d written about on decor8 before, so of course I highly suggest shopping Edith & Edna when you’re in Portland.

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine) Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine) This is Julie George-Carlson, one of the owners that I had a chance to chat with (her business partner, Brandie Mayes, wasn’t available). She was packaging my new goodies when I snapped this picture. What a sweet lady she is!

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)The location is prime, the store is so fresh and inspiring, and after you finish shopping, you can hop across the street to Starbucks to chill out. After Market Street and topping things off with an Edith & Edna experience, my brain started to spark and sizzle a little bit (sensory overload), so I grabbed my fave mocha light frappuccino and looked through my bag of goodies. :) If you aren’t a Starbucks fan, head down to the waterfront for cold bubble tea (love!). I actually did both, because bubble tea is a rare find in New England, it’s more of a west coast thing, I highly suggest it.

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine) I love their business cards, or shall I say, business blooms. Clever idea. Julie gave me this one, it’s crafted from magazine pages. Oh, and thanks Julie for your exceptional service and for allowing me to photograph your beautiful store!

By the way, here’s a glimpse of the general area for the non-locals. It’s so pretty there, great architecture, yummy seafood places, you can truly make a day of it in Portland. And don’t miss the Portland Museum of Art. (Psst: If you are a Currier member like me, you can get in free right now.)

Edith & Edna (Portland, Maine)
(images by holly becker for decor8)

Objects, Shop Tours, Travel

Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)

April 25, 2007

This past weekend, I met Carrie at the one and only Angela Adams retail location and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Located in downtown Portland, Maine at 273 Congress Street, it’s a must see for any Portland visitor, especially Angela fans!

Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)What a pleasure for me to see the space for the first time, and since I know so many of you love her work, I have to share the photos that my husband and I took. You can click on any image below for a larger view, or view them all of them (and more!) in my flickr set. Ready to check it out? Here you go…

Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)Angela Adams Store Tour (Portland, Maine)
Thanks to Nan and Carrie for everything!

(most images above taken by thorsten becker, see flickr set for specifics)


Fieryeyed Studio Blog

April 24, 2007

I must share a gem that you’ll love, especially with so many seeking that special someone to create a box ad or banner for your blog without charging a fortune and who is willing to take on small jobs. Let me tell you about Fieryeyed Studio.

A decor8 reader, sponsor, blog pal, and talented designer, Jenifer Altman launched her design studio less than a year ago alongside her collection of jewelry and paper. Jenifer designs branding/logos for indie businesses and banners for the modern blogger, “My design aesthetic plays strongly into the graphics I create, however, my primary goal is to create something that not only my client?s customers will connect to, but something that reflects the heart and soul of the woman behind the indie business.”

Fieryeyed Studio Blog

As a small business owner herself, Jenifer instantly connects with her customers and knows what it takes to help them get off the ground. Jenifer keeps her prices affordable too, “I want woman to have the opportunity to have their business successfully and smartly branded while being able to still afford all the start-up costs of running a small business.” You can contact Jenifer via her website or email her at custom AT fieryeyed DOT com

SPECIAL FOR MAY: Take 25% off blog banners for new customers. Please mention decor8 when you write to Jenifer. Thanks!

Psst: She’s a blogger, too. Click here.

(images from fieryeyed studio)

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