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Mood Board Contest: Lingering Summer Days by Suzy Lorenzen

Here’s another amazing entry. I love this one, wow! So much talent out there, these entries are blowing my mind. If you’d like to take part in the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board contest, click here for complete details and prize information. Entries due by midnight EST on Monday, June 11th!

Name: Suzy Lorenzen
Occupation: Designer
State/Country: California, U.S.A.
Theme: Lingering Summer Days
What Inspired Your Board? Fabrics, the ocean, grass and dishes posted on my board. My mood board is made up of 4 smaller cork boards. Each board represents a certain characteristic of the room. All of the text in the boards is included in the description of each image.

Click on images to read Suzy’s comments so you can get a feel for where she’s going with this space. Lovely!

If you have questions for Suzy about her living room, please comment below so she can answer them. Thank you!

(images from suzy lorenzen)

Posted in contests on May 31, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Nursery by Cindy Ann Ganaden

Yippee! Time to look at mood boards! This is the first of several entries that I’ve selected as a finalist for the decor8 & Amy Butler Contest. I’ve decided to extend the deadline to Monday, June 11th to give everyone a chance to enter since Memorial Day weekend was hectic and many of you wrote in asking for an extension due the holiday. Also, I want to stress that your mood board does not need to look quite as professional and perfect as the entries I’m seeing. You can go totally freestyle with this, collage things that inspire you on a poster board, for instance. As long as they relate to a single room design somehow, the submission will be valid. (Prize information and submission details can be found here.) So, let’s start looking at mood boards, shall we?

Name: Cindy Ann Ganaden
Your occupation: Illustrator/Designer
Your blog/website:
State/Country: California, USA
Theme: Baby Nursery
What inspired your board? My daughter and I love mint chocolate chip!

Click on images for larger views. If you have questions for Cindy about her nursery, please comment below so she can answer them. Thank you!

(images from cindy ann ganaden)

Posted in contests on May 31, 2007

Keith Scott Morton, Photographer

So, I’m blogging about Creating a Craft Room and noticed that Country Living used the talent of Keith Scott Morton, whom I’d never heard of until now.

I am forever amazed by the internet for this very reason – instant gratification for nosey —>me< --- people! I can find everything yesterday. Love you, www! Show of hands here, but how many of you paid attention to the photographer behind the images in your favorite magazines? I rarely did (ashamed to say, but true). Going forward, start taking note, because they give us all the visual stuff that magazines are made of, what we can't live without, the drool inducing imagery! I don't know much about Keith Scott Morton, but I did find out that one of my favorite books, The Collector's Eye, was shot by him. Viewing his portfolio online gave me enough ammo to start digging around on his site and so far, I’m beyond impressed with this guy. Gorgeous work!

Side point (I always have to make them!!!): This little bed gets around, doesn’t it? Domino blog king Nick Olsen, aka The Deal Hunter, spotted one like it recently at PBTeen for under a grand, and you can snag it in dark iron or antique white. GO Nick!

(images from keith scott morton)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, Rooms on May 31, 2007

Create a Craft Room

I love to read blogs, but wow, with so many, I’m finding myself a bit lost at sea sometimes. Take today for instance. I stumbled upon a blog I’d never read before called One Good Bumblebee. I know the name from attending craft fairs, but had no clue Miss Bumblebee was a fellow blogger. After hopping on a BOGO offer for paper packs on her site (hurry! offer good only for a few more days, save $25!), I found her link to this cool article on the Country Living website, all about how to create a pretty clever little craft room. I love the word MAKE above this workstation. It looks so forceful, doesn’t it? Like sew it right now girl, or die! :) I also love the bolts of fabric and how disorganized things appear, although I’m guessing the girl behind the room knows exactly where everything is located amidst all the piles, just like me!

(photos: keith scott morton)

With so many of us busy at work in our home studios, I thought that this article would be a fun and informative read, especially since early June is a great month to get your work station working for you before schedules become hectic and crafting gets placed on the back burner. I love looking at well organized workspaces like these, not only does the eye candy inspire me to create, but these images provide a swift kick in the pants – must. organize. chaos.

(images by keith scott morton for country living)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration on May 31, 2007


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