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Mood Board Contest: Underwater Treasure Chest by Kerry Pitt-Hart

Simplicity and apparent stillness can be a disguise. Much more may await you beneath the surface. At first glance, this mood board may appear a bit simple or unfinished. But shhhhh… If you listen to Kerry describe each and every element, then examine them for yourself, your appreciation starts to swell for her design as you find out that there is much more to this entry than meets the eye. Rich layers, energy, and a wealth of secrets awaits. Enjoy!

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Name: Kerry Pitt-Hart
Occupation: jewelry designer/museum educator
Location: Kansas City, MO
Theme: Underwater Treasure Chest. Imagining myself surrounded with a curio brimming with coral, alabaster sculpture, a four-poster bed and a mother-of-pearl inlaid dresser made me feel as though it were really true.
Inspiration: A cabinet of coral from lafaille’s cabinet de curiosites–part of la rochelle’s natural history museum. I love natural light, especially light filtered through stained glass and sheer fabric panels. Seeing the light play and dance with the leaves of a tree or vine is magical to me. I also have a thing for windows. I once read that seeing windows in your dreams means bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. The casement windows pictured with the red trimmed sheer silk are my favorite type of window. The hand-embroidered lanterns hanging in the stairway landing painted a watery green are what I imagine I would see exiting my bedroom to go downstairs for tea. I’m not so much a tea drinker as I am a coffee drinker, but this table with the unfinished needlepoint and the slice of lime against the white porcelain plate is simply beautiful. The Staffordshire alabaster sculpture is by George Kennethson, exhibited at Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard. There is something about the translucency of the stone that makes me think it would work well in a room with stained glass windows that seem inspired by the brittle-star and starfish from the pages of one of my favorite vintage out-of-print finds. The pearls in the glass dish are from an old necklace I took apart. I made the ravelled fringe double-edged ruffle out of a piece of silk fabric while commuting back and forth to work one week on the streetcar when we lived in San Francisco. I imagine it trimming a shade or sham. The whole room feels like an underwater treasure chest. :)

Thank you for entering the decor8/Amy Butler mood board contest, Kerry! I’ll post as many entries as I can fit in today, and then that’s it, the contest will wrap up and tomorrow we’ll all get to vote for our new winners. Yeah!

(images by kerry pitt-hart)

Posted by decor8 in contests on June 14, 2007

Your comments...

  1. Heather commented
    June 14th, 2007 at 8:26pm

    This is definitely my favorite one! It’s been fun looking at them all.

  2. Anonymous commented
    June 14th, 2007 at 8:50pm

    Where are those hanging lamps from? They’re wonderful. This is one of my favorites too…

  3. vineeta commented
    June 15th, 2007 at 9:37am

    So many moodboards!!! each so different from each other. and u r right holly, few elements on this one but each, excellent. i love- just love the starfish illustrations- so detailed- exquisite! and the description has that quality all good writers have- that of transporting you.

  4. Kerry commented
    June 15th, 2007 at 4:22pm

    anon…i wish i knew where the lamps were from, but i can’t remember which magazine i got this image from.

    vineeta…the starfish illustration is from the book, seashore life and pattern by t.a. stephenson.

    thanks everyone for your lovely comments. :)

  5. Pat commented
    June 20th, 2007 at 9:05pm

    The only way to describe this board, is peacefully exquisite. Each thing displayed was carefully chosen to evoke a feeling of serenity.

    I believe this was achieved by Kerry using balance, and not overdoing it by putting too many things on the board.
    Well done.

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