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Mood Board Contest: Treasured Haven by Erica Midkiff

This contest gives us plenty of design inspiration, agree? I’m sure that your brain is buzzing — thinking of a hundred new things to do to your home this weekend, am I right? I have about 10 more entries to post, so voting may have to wait until Monday because in addition to the entries waiting for me in my inbox, I discovered over 30 additional ones in my spam folder that I had to sort through tonight (thanks yahoo mail for that). Treasured Haven by Erica is one of them that nearly didn’t make it in. (I’m so glad I found you, Erica!)

Please click on images for a larger view.

Name: Erica Midkiff
Occupation: Assistant Financial Representative
State/Country: Massachusetts/USA
Theme: Treasured Haven
What inspired your board?: I imagine this room being all my own, containing only the things that I love the most. The time here would be entirely unscripted and unedited; just me and my thoughts. Any additional comments you’d like to include: I am always drawn to images of airy, open, sparse rooms, but my true style reflects a love for things, especially those that have some meaning or remind me of some part of my life. The photos on this mood board are from catalogs and magazines, but my own home reflects the same mix of styles, slightly muted and earthy palette, and a penchant for vignettes. Each image on this board represents a moment, a feeling, that inspires me. There is order here, but there is also freedom.

Thank you for entering the decor8/Amy Butler mood board contest, Erica! I’ll post as many entries as I can fit in today, and then that’s it, the contest will wrap up and tomorrow we’ll all get to vote for our new winners. Yeah!

(images by erica midkiff)

Posted by decor8 in contests on June 15, 2007

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  1. vineeta commented
    June 15th, 2007 at 9:26am

    dont know why- but i really like this moodboard- and i understand that though one loves to see minimalistic decor- i myself will never have a minimalistic space, i just love too many things:)and worse- they just keep increasing :)

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