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Grace & Go: *New* Homewares from London

I love hearing about new products, it’s my fuel for the day and one of the best things about blogging — sharing the good news the second it hits my inbox. Jen Bowmast, a London transplant from New Zealand, is the designer behind the new homewares and accessories line, Grace & Go. She wrote in about her charming vintage-inspired designs in mostly black and white, and I think the bold blooms and the mid century chair silhouettes (love these tea towels and pillows), are pretty neat. I know so many of you that are into mid century modern, so I’m sure you’ll love this stuff.

Thanks Jen for telling us about your new line, loads of success to you!

(images from jen bowmast)

Posted in Objects, Rooms, shopping, travel on June 12, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Tropical Sunroom by Rachelle Cowan

Here’s an entry from sunny California. You have to check out her occupation. Made my day. :)

Please click on images for a larger view.

Your name: Rachelle Cowan
Your occupation: Nothing formal. Just being 100% awesome 100% of the time.
Your blog/website:
State/Country: California
Theme: Tropical Sunroom
What inspired your board?: This is the summer that I finally finish working on my sunroom. I want to turn it into a place where I can read, and my kitties can play! It?s the perfect room to keep humid for tropical plants. Balancing the different spaces, my cats and the special needs of my plants (light, humidity, water), I knew I?d need to be organized and this was the perfect way to get started-and get excited. I had an absolute blast doing this! Hopefully putting together the actual room this weekend will be just as much fun!

Notes: If you’ve submitted an entry to the Amy Butler/decor8 Mood Board Contest that has not posted, you may not have been selected since I’m only posting those in the final running.

If you have questions for Rachelle, please comment below so she can reply. Thanks for entering, Rachelle, and have fun pulling this all together in your sunroom.

(images from rachelle cowan)

Posted in contests on June 12, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Ayurveda Inspired by Vineeta Nair

Here’s an entry from India that caught my eye because it’s so vibrant and rich. Gorgeous!

“Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system of health care that is originates in India.” – Vineeta. Click on images for a larger view.

Name: Vineeta Nair
Occupation: Advertising Art Director
State/Country: India
Theme: Ayurveda
What inspired your board? I am from India and Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that is practiced here. And my family has more than its fair share of Ayurvedic doctors :) so I’ve grown up with it all around me. To create a room inspired by it was a challenge that I could not not pass up. Ayurveda conjures up images of Indian tradition – so I’ve used a lot of traditional patterns, designs & motifs. Colours like yellow and red. I especially like the mural art picture that I got and the wall with metal scriptures on it. Ayurveda is also famous for its massages and that’s where that traditional bed figures. And in the Textures and Accents section you will find the mortar and pestle and the metal vessel/urn they hang above the bed which drips medicated oil on the patient. I love interior design and this happens to be the 1st mood board I’ve done in my entire life :) Thanks so much for the opportunity.

“The pillows are made of natural fibre mat. I especially like the wall with metal scriptures on it. The panel below that is the kerala mural art which is found on many temple walls. Its very colourful and intricate.” -VN

“I just loved the traditional latch on the door. The carved bed with natural fibre mat on it. The wooden platter I have at home is brilliantly old world.”-VN

“A metal peacock lamp. The design on the knob is done in the same style as the paneled mural.”-VN

“Various mat textures, natural fibres, metal vessels, mortar pestle & the urn thats hung above the bed that will drip medicated oil. Colours are Indian vibrant.”-VN

A special thanks to all that entered the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board contest, I really enjoyed reviewing entries from so many talented readers out there! This week, I’ll continue to post my favorites and then on Friday, I’ll select the top 10 entries and they will appear in a single post with a link to an online survey so you can cast your vote and select your four favorites – your 4 faves will be our new winners, announced on June 19th.

Notes: If you’ve submitted an entry that has not posted yet, you may not have been selected since I’m only posting those in the final running.

If you have questions for Vineeta, please comment below so she can reply. Thanks for entering, Vineeta – you did a great job on your first mood board!

(images from vineeta nair)

Posted in contests on June 12, 2007

Love Forever: Felty Foods

This yummy, felted breakfast created by Love Forever put a smile on my face and a slight grrrowl in my tummy. This image, for whatever reason, made my day.

(image from love forever)

Posted in Etsy Faves on June 11, 2007


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