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Bye Bye Listpic

For all those that were big Listpic fans, sorry… Craigslist blocked them so they’re gone. I’m so sad, it was the only way I’d surf Craigslist. Just wanted to share the bad news in case you hadn’t heard. What will we do without our Listpic people? Here’s hoping CL someday gives us the capability to cruise ads the listpic way because they’re so overloaded with junk ads and spamvertisements that I don’t even bother with CL anymore when I’m looking for stuff. Anyone else feel the same way?

Posted in uncategorized on June 11, 2007

Creature Comforts

I know I’ve seen this blog before, but somebody please ask me why it’s not on my regular list of must-reads because after coming across it today, I’m in love! This girl really has style and a good eye. And look what she started doing on her blog for June? Inspiration boards. I think the plan is one a month, which she’ll post on her blog. I’m tuning in for that, because I love inspiration boards and swear by those things because they really help a person pinpoint exactly what they like, clear out the mental clutter, and dive head first into a design project. Here’s a recap of some things she posted recently that I found most inspiring…

Her current inspiration board. Not sure why she’s not entering our contest (hint hint).

Hand-embroidered goodies from English talent Poppy Treffry. YUM.

Gorgeous art from Aussie illustrator, Catherine Campbell. I just purchased these two prints above, Up in the Trees, from her etsy store. Aren’t they darling? No clue where they’ll go, I totally need to take a trip to IKEA for frames, and for the odd sizes, to the local frame shop. I have about 50 prints on the top shelf of my closet. It’s insane. Is anyone else out there addicted to print collecting right now? Will it ever end? I see no cure.

And finally, Boston artist Abigail Glassenberg and her adorable birds. So many talented people out there, it’s wonderful. And seeing all this talent really drives each of us to try new things or do a little better on what we’re already doing, don’t you think?

And Creature Comforts – your blog rocks.

(images from creature comforts, poppy treffry, catherine campbell, and abigail glassenberg.)

Posted in Bloggers on June 09, 2007

Mood Board Contest: Bohemian Morocco by Monika Kost

I’ll try to post some more entries over the weekend, but with my aunt and uncle coming up for his 45th reunion at Dartmouth (yeah!), his sister (my mom) and the rest of us will be with them. For today, I’m wrapping up with this gorgeous entry from Monika Kost. It’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the ground.

Click on images for a larger view.

Name: Monika Kost
Occupation: Photographer/New Mom
Location: California and DC
Theme: Bohemian In Morocco
Inspiration: My inspiration is the idea of a young free-spirited woman traveling through the great country of Morocco, with all the enchantingly bold, bright colors and exotic textiles and brightly colored foods. This room is for a traveler of the world, which I am, and I would love for my room to look like this!

If you’d like to submit an entry in the decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board contest, click here for complete details and prize information. Entries due by midnight EST on Monday, June 11, 2007.

Notes: If you’ve submitted an entry that has not posted yet, you may not have been selected since I’m only posting those in the final running. Since I was flooded with entries and my yahoo mail crashed twice, I purchased more bandwidth so if I haven’t replied to confirm your entry, I may not have received it. Please resend it over the weekend if you can. Thank you!

If you have questions for Monika, please comment below so she can reply. Thanks for entering, Monika

(images from monika kost)

Posted in contests on June 08, 2007

Purl Soho – *New* Denyse Schmidt Fabrics

My wheels started turning when I read on the Purl blog that they now carry Denyse Schmidt‘s latest fabrics, a collection called Katie Jump Rope. Can’t you just imagine all the pretty things that could result from a these? I love the Sunflower Bows and the Allure Diamond. And did know that Purl not only offers these by the yard for $9, but also grouped in these great bundles for $90. You can create dolls, a full-sized quilt, trim the edges of a solid color blanket, make cafe curtains, cover a cork board, even add a trim on solid curtains, perhaps 12″ of your favorite pattern along the very bottom of a solid panel.

Hmm. Now your wheels are turning, aren’t they?

(images from the purl bee)

Posted in Objects on June 08, 2007


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