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Sleeping Buddha (Bedding)

I was looking through the Trunkt lookbook last night and found a designer I’d not heard of before and since ethnic prints are so popular right now, I have to share Sleeping Buddha with you.

This bedding fits in perfectly with all the beachy bohemian rooms we’ve been seeing lately, rooms infused with lots of Asian patterns, particularly from India, against a background of neutrals, mostly white or cream. The Marigold bedding is my favorite, it’s sunny and bright and if you’re lucky enough to have a guest room it would be perfect for that space because yellow is such a welcoming and warm color to greet guests. Shop online right here.

Psst: For those of you near NYC, Sleeping Buddha will have a booth at the Autumn Crafts Festival at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, September 1-2, 2007.

(images from sleeping buddha)

Posted in Rooms on July 27, 2007

Freshly Blended Books (Only 25 left!)

Looking for a special little summer journal to toss in your tote? Freshly Blended blogger Nicole JUST listed this darling seahorse book in her etsy store. Each handmade book was created using found papers along with some vintage wallpaper tucked away inside. For $10, these make a perfect gift for a friend or yourself. She only made 25 of them, so hurry!

Lovely job Nicole, and thanks for the tip!

(images from nicole)

Posted in Etsy Faves, stationery on July 27, 2007

Betsy Walton

I’m really drawn towards the work of Betsy Walton lately. And now Betsy’s on Etsy!
Buying prints on etsy is all the rage right now so you have to visit her brand new etsy store where she offers pretty prints for those not in the market for original works.
Betsy lives in Portland, OR and has a most impressive portfolio online that you may really enjoy browsing. Here’s a snapshot. Look at these colors, don’t they make you happy?

Here’s one that I ordered last night titled Hopeful. I couldn’t resist. I feel like this is my little house in the countryside where I live, and the red swirls represent the apple trees all around my home since I live on an orchard. And the word hopeful, well it means many things to me right now. All very personal, of course. Let’s just say that having hope is the only way to endure things that appear to offer no alternate roads to take, no escape route. Hope gets us through. And that’s what I have a lot of this week since some sad news came my way.

When this print arrives, I’ll look at it for years to come recalling this period in my life. This is what I think we should do when we purchase art. Look at a piece and try to figure out why it appeals to us, pinpoint something exact, so that when you bring it home and frame it, you’ll forever me reminded of that moment and you can better bond with the item. Make sense? Then it’s no longer Betsy’s art, it’s also a very special and personal piece of you.

(images from betsy walton)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on July 27, 2007

Pieces (Atlanta)

Ever since spotting Victoria’s new dining room (lovely!) and reading how she’s dying to replace her current dining room chairs, I can’t stop thinking about how I wish I lived closer to San Francisco because the second she sells them on Craigslist I’d be there with a truck. Imagine them in yellow with cushions in a bright, happy print?

You don’t have to imagine. Pieces in Atlanta already has them for $285 each. This is the paint job I’m talking about. Dislike the stripe cushion, so those would need to change. But look at how fresh and pretty these are?

Pieces has some of the best chairs I’ve seen, very girly, and regardless of whether or not cane remains a trend, I love love love these chairs. I want one for my desk, but they’re only offered only as a set of 4. Boo Hoo.

Here are some more beautiful finds at Pieces. A curved back side chair, an antique french table, a geometric folding screen, and a darling yellow and white chandelier.

One can dream, right? But when you look at these items consider your current inventory and how you may be able to give something you already own a fresh new look simply by painting it, switching out the fabric, or swapping hardware. Victoria is the queen of this which is why we are all inspired by her home. This lady is tops!

For those of you not watching your budget, then by all means shop at Pieces because they are waiting to absolutely spoil you to death with a selection that is undeniably gorgeous.

(images: top: sfgirlbybay and all others from pieces)

Posted in vintage on July 27, 2007


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