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Domino Magazine Decorating Contest

Cathy over at Domino told me about a decorating contest they’re having and she thinks decor8 readers might be interested in it. Get this, the grand prize is a $10K Mastercard giftcard to be spent on home decor. Drool. Entrants simply upload a photo and write a short 100-word essay about what makes their decorating style so unique. For entry details, click here. Wouldn’t you love to spend that on your home?!

Thanks, Cathy for the tip!

(image from domino magazine)

Posted by decor8 in contests on August 23, 2007

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  1. perfectbound commented
    August 23rd, 2007 at 7:30pm

    This contest has Decor8 readers all over it. Thanks for the heads up. I could spend 10K in a hot minute!

  2. Baj_Mahal commented
    August 23rd, 2007 at 7:35pm

    This sounds like fun but I can’t participate because I live in Canada :( So instead of being sad I will post my entry here and maybe others can be inspired too! You will notice that Decor8 has inspired me quite a bit and I look forward to reading it everyday ? keep up the good work Holly!

    To see pictures of my space you?d have to visit my flickr page or my blog which are listed below.

    If I were able to participate in this contest I would say:

    “As a first time home buyer I was not able to splurge on all the designer furniture I had always dreamed about due to monetary issues (a.k.a. mortgage payments ? ick!). Instead I became inspired by greens, oranges, and blues, as well as a concert poster of my favourite band. Putting off making luxurious furniture purchases allowed me to explore some unique design ideas, such as putting up wall decals and experimenting with bold patterns on the sofa slip cover. I like to think of my design sense as thrifty, modern and unique.



  3. mer commented
    August 24th, 2007 at 2:42am

    I was wondering if you have any tips, for amatuers like myself, on how to take great interior photos. One could have the most fantastic set up but if you can’t ge a good shot of it, it falls through the cracks. Any ideas you would be willing to share?

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