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Fabulous Art Walls from Readers

I had a few readers write in today to show me their fabulous art walls (yay!) either DIY projects or affordable art finds on etsy. This one is from reader Elizabeth, “I love your blog and visit it several times a day, so I wanted to send you my own art wall. These are little canvas paintings I did myself. I’m in the process of making several small paintings, bags, aprons, and home goods to start an Etsy shop, but it’s not quite up yet. I thought I’d send you this anyway.” – Elizabeth B.

And this terrific wall arrived in my inbox from creative reader Kristi, “My absolute favorite art wall in our home is in our daughters’ room. We purchased these peasant paintings in China and had them framed when we came home. Each one is an original, hand-painted piece and depicts the same scene in a different season. I hung them starting with Winter since that’s when my girls were born. Peasant paintings, or folk paintings, are readily available on the web. China Sprout is one good source.” – Kristi T. (Details on room design and additional images here.)

Anyone else care to share? This could be fun!! :)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, small business on August 28, 2007

K Studio *New* Pillows

K Studio recently launched matching His and Hers pillows for Fall, all are available in either organic cotton or hemp, some in white, others in gray. K Studio has such a delicate touch, each pillow seems to carry some emotion, and I love the lines and pale color palette she’s using for Fall – very natural and clean.

In the Fall and Winter, most turn to deep, rich colors and although they are beautiful, in certain regions saturating a home in these tones is a bit draining. I live in the northeast and like to keep my color palette light and bright. These pillows are perfect for me, but despite how cute they are, my favorite will always be the woodland creatures pillow.

(images from 2modern)

Posted in Objects on August 28, 2007

Thomaspaul *New* Lighting

Have you checked out the new lighting collection by Thomaspaul? Although I really like it, the prices will keep me away from some of them as I think $500+ is a hefty price for a basic floor lamp. But that’s just me. I do love the bases – great shapes, and the shades are spectacular, I especially like the bold modern pendants.

My favorite is the Flora Aqua priced at $231 and for a pendant (top left), I would pay this so the price is right within my budget. And that pattern is great.

(images from 2modern)

Posted in Objects on August 28, 2007

Modishoppe 15% off Sale – 3 Days Only!

Jena wanted us to know about the Modishoppe end of summer sale happening now for 3 DAYS ONLY – take 15% off everything in the shoppe, including sale items!

Just enter the code “goodbyesum07″ at checkout for your discount. Offer ends the night of 8/30. Time to go shopping!

(images from modishoppe)

Posted in reader discounts on August 28, 2007


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