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Reader Q: Wanted – LA Interior Designer

This email arrived today from reader Diane in Los Angeles, CA. Can you help her?

“I’m looking for an interior designer in LA. I love Kenneth Brown design (I actually found a photo of his work on your blog) and asked him to do my house but he can’t. I guess the job is too small, even though we’re redoing our entire house — there is little to no construction involved. I’ve been looking for the longest time and just have not found anyone that I trust. Do you happen know anyone in LA that you can recommend? We like warm contemporary design but not ultra modern. We have a mid-century post and beam beautiful architecture home. I really love your blog and your taste too that’s why I thought of asking you. -Diane.”

Does anyone have a few leads for Diane?

Posted in reader questions on August 28, 2007

Etsy Art in Action!

Oh, the power of advice taken! A letter just arrived from reader Julie Shannon that made my day. I love to know that you are out there reading and taking some of the tips that you find on decor8 and applying it to your own space. It’s exciting because when you write in, it hits me just how you really are listening in out there and I’m not just having a love affair with my monitor all day. So thanks for reaching out to me. And it may sound really cheesy to say this, but it positively drives me to keep blogging and to continue searching for finds to bring before you here each day. Now enough about me, let’s hear from Miss Julie.

“Hi Holly, I just wanted to email you and thank you for giving THE best decorating ideas ever! I LOVE your blog! I saw several artists from highlighted on your blog and rushed to get their pieces for my new and growing collection. Birds on Tree print by Johanna Anderes and Owl Gocco print by Matte Stephens were both suggested, and I also found some great original illustrations by John Clark which I bought for myself and a few gifts for my fabulous girlfriends. I framed them and now have the start of my first ever little art collection! Thank you for your inspiration! Attached are a few photos. Cheers!- Julie

Thanks, Julie! And I have to add that in addition to her art, I really like her color palette, so soothing for a bedroom and the dark wood adds a richness and warmth, a nice balance with the cool blue walls and silver frames. Her lamps are great to, as is the pattern on those pillows. She’s done a great job layering her bed with multiple patterns, subtle and soft, yet noticeable.

Do you have an art wall that you’d like to share? Send me an email to decor8blog AT yahoo DOT com and please note where the art came from in case I blog your space so others can find it. Thank you again Julie, I’m thrilled you sent these images in.

(images from julie shannon)

Posted in Rooms on August 28, 2007

Geninne Zlatkis Art

Do you know Geninne from Hacienda Jajalpa, Mexico (just outside of Mexico City)? Let me refresh your memory. Her home was featured here on decor8 Reader Spaces back in September ’06, and she was one of the winners of our Workspace contest. Ah, now you recall…

This lady is super creative and so when she wrote in today announcing her new etsy store, I had to blog it right away – I’m so excited for Geninne and pleased that her beautiful artwork is being shared with the world in the form of prints and greeting cards. Her work is mature and beautiful, playful and colorful, and you can clearly see that the nature around her in Mexico directly influence her work. I really like her take on a stack of logs (below), you can almost imagine that she found them behind her house and quickly sketched them into her little notebook… I wonder what exactly inspired this drawing? Maybe she will comment below and tell us, Geninne are you out there reading?

Congrats, Geninne, we are all so very proud of you!

(images from geninne zlatkis)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms on August 28, 2007

Feeling Relaxed for Fall @ Living Etc.

The feeling over in the Living Etc. inspiration galleries is a bit relaxed lately, at least in their living rooms, and I’m liking it. Rooms that look like no real plan went into them (yet you know that’s far from true), spaces that are easy-breezy, calm, and oh so uncomplicated.
Like leaving the newspaper on the coffee table with a cup of tea is expected — immediately cleaning up after yourself isn’t mandatory in these rooms. Casual clutter warms it up a little. And I kind of like that because a room without the fingerprints of those living there is just a showroom and how boring is that. I also notice a lot of linen and purple tones for Fall – lilac, lavender, eggplant.

(images from living etc)

Posted in inspiration on August 27, 2007


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