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Stockholm Scoop!

I hope you’re prepared to travel this week, because I’m back from Stockholm and ready to give you the full scoop. So if you’ve ever wanted to travel there, this will be your virtual vacation. I can’t wait to share the ‘best of’ highlights from this delightful travel destination. You’re in for a treat this week!

But first, a big thank you for your patience while I’ve been away. I think all bloggers battle with taking time away from their blogs and although I was only out for 3 days, it feels like eternity! But no worries, I’m back in full swing now!

Ah Stockholm. What a terrific time away and certainly one of the most inspirational — everything is super stylish, from fashion to interiors, and the people are friendly and helpful, streets are clean, food is amazing, magazines and books are filled with color and character, I’ll have great memories of this city for the rest of my life. What I appreciated the most is that despite ‘having it all’, the people are the most laid back and unpretentious in the world despite how they hold the key to so much beauty, talent and style. There’s no “too cool for school” vibe like I sometimes feel back home in America in certain areas, where you almost think you aren’t good enough to run with certain crowds. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I mean. It was just so nice to land in a place where I instantly felt accepted and welcomed by the people, but that I in turn felt an attachment to – like I could live in Stockholm because I had the feeling that living there could work. It’s not a feeling I have too often.

Stockholm is welcoming, open minded, confident, modern, vibrant, and if you love design and food (as I assume you must), you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. It takes a lot for a city to impress me these days, due to my own age and experience I guess, but wow – it’s a fascinating, beautiful spot that I can’t wait to share with you.

Book from DesignTorget, ceramic pieces by Karin Eriksson via Cosas.

Oh, and if you like the horse from the first image above, he’s also from Cosas, a gorgeous Swedish online store that I was able to shop from in person at their booth at the Hem ’07 show. I love his little wool saddle. :)

…Back soon!

(image by holly becker for decor8)

Posted in travel on October 10, 2007

Vacation Time!

Time for a girls’ getaway! I’m signing off now because in the morning I’m heading up to Stockholm to meet up with Danielle, who is flying there to meet me for holiday. We’ve both wanted to see Stockholm for many years now, so it’s exciting that the time has finally arrived and that we’ll be taking in the sights together, with Emma and a few other friends as our trusty guides. (Psst: Emma wrote a terrific guide to Stockholm if you’d like to see some of things we plan to do while there.) I can’t wait to finally meet Emma!

I’ll be away from the blog until Wednesday, October 10, so please feel free to browse through the archives and some of my favorite blogs in the left column while I’m away. And when I’m back, I’ll share with you all the highlights from our little adventure in Sweden, from the stores to hotel photos, and a ‘best of’ round up from the Hem design show. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday, October 10th! – xo Holly

(Image: Rob Schoenbaum for the NYTimes)

Posted in uncategorized on October 04, 2007

Mijn Moodboard

Want to have a little fun? Time to play! If the idea of creating a moodboard today sounds good to you then visit the Dutch site Mijn Moodboard from VT Wonen and enter your email address to the right, check the box, and click login – that will take you where you need to be to create your very own inspiration board. Here’s one that I quickly pulled together to show you an example of what you can do.

This little tool/toy is in Dutch, so you’ll need to be patient with yourself to get through it. But once you figure it out, since it’s a highly visual tool, you’ll be on a roll.

I hope an American design magazine eventually integrates something like this into their website because it’s quite a helpful tool and from a marketing/sales perspective, it would be a clever way for a magazine to obtain sponsors, at least I would think. Imagine a site where you could build a moodboard using products that are each linked so you can purchase them if you decide to? I think I’m onto something. Anyway, have a good time, it’s addictive!

(image from mijn moodboard)

Posted in inspiration on October 04, 2007

VT Wonen

Have you heard of the Dutch home interiors magazine VT Wonen? Oh it’s great, for me it’s right up there with Living Etc., Elle Decoration, Skona Hem, and Domino. Swoon!

Since I don’t know Dutch, I’m a bit lost if I try to read some of the product blurbs, but I still enjoy all the trend pieces, the overall presentation, and the big glossy pages of gorgeous rooms – all in the delicious boho-euro style that I love. If you don’t have access to a copy, no worries because you can browse their inspiration galleries online – so many great images to motivate your next room redux.

(images from vt wonen)

Posted in inspiration on October 04, 2007


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