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Domino: Animals Prints on Etsy

Here’s the next slideshow in the series that I pulled together for Domino magazine. This one focuses on the wild kingdom featuring a few of my favorite Etsian animal lovers.

A special thank you to the artists that I worked with to pull this together and to Domino magazine for bringing independent art into the spotlight, something that we bloggers are so very passionate about.

(images from domino)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms on October 29, 2007

Judit Gueth {new} Wallpaper Designs + Rugs

Judit Gueth is a Canadian graphic designer that I discovered while browsing Walnut Wallpaper. Her peacock and koi patterns are strong and depending on the colorway that you select, you can turn them up or down a notch (i.e. the silver koi is more understated than the green). But this talented lady doesn’t stop at wallpaper, she has an entire collection of hand-tufted rugs and she’ll soon roll out decorative pillows to coordinate with her current collections. A girl on the go!

This must be every graphic designers dream, to see their work on walls and floors, to walk into a home and boom! there’s the pattern that took months to develop. What a feeling.

Silver Koi wallpaper.

And for the rest of us, these patterns are exciting because they are labor of love created by a person with passion for what they do. I’m thrilled that the world of design has evolved, expanding from buying paper at the local hardware/paint store to the internet. I remember my mother taking me along on her decorating adventures, especially when I was a little girl in the late 70’s. All those trips to hole-in-the-wall shops with those buzzing fluorescent lights overhead and the friendly handyman that knew every tool in the house, but didn’t know much about wallpaper outside of the application process. He thought wallpaper was mostly about covering uneven surfaces so those 20 patterns with mostly raised designs was, what he thought, the best selection in the state. If you wanted more than those bumpy lumpy or extremely shiny papers (he said to steer clear of the the shiny ones though, they show everything), you’d either hire a designer or go to the big city. This is why, after about 200 visits to every store in the state, my mother hired a designer and together, they papered our home into something that looked like Hollywood Regency hooked up with the Solid Gold dancers.

Today, we tap a few keys and order gorgeous paper on the web for our homes, like these papers from Judit Gueth via Walnut Wallpaper. The silver Koi is my favorite print.

Psst: She’s a blogger, too.

(images via judit gueth)

Posted in Objects, Rooms on October 29, 2007

Jack Cards {new}

This is so cool, spotted via Daily Candy Boston. Jack Cards is a new online company that has a huge collection of indie greeting cards that you can order and have sent to you on the dates you specify so that you never forget an important date again. This is a brilliant “why didn’t I think of that” idea, isn’t it?

With cards from designers that you’ve read about on some of your favorite blogs like OplusD, Binth, Bald Guy, Bob’s Your Uncle, Amy Smyth, Papaya, Bella Muse and Night Owl Paper Goods (to name a few), you are certain to have a vast collection of styles and greetings to choose from. Now you will know Jack!

(images from jack cards)

Posted in stationery on October 29, 2007

Inspiration on a Grey Friday

It’s a cool grey day here but who cares when I have tea, magazines and books, a cozy cable knit blanket (although I’d prefer this one), and plenty of lavender scented candles and good music to keep me occupied. I’ve designated today as an official Hollyday, so I’ll wrap up blogging for the week with this post. Here are some moody hygge-inspired images from Country Living, an extra edition by German magazine Living & More.

While I’m not a huge rustic decorating fan, I think it has a bit of a different look here in northern Europe than I am used to back home and I like it because parts of it I can mix in with my own things and everything would fit nicely.

Yum… I’ll take hot cocoa with whipped cream served in a Moroccan tea glass anyday. I really like this idea, I’ve not thought to use them for cocoa before. I also like what they’ve done to standard pillar candles. You can get candles like this for as low as a dollar at some stores. They used clear glue (like decoupage glue) and using numbers cut from wrapping paper, painted the glue to the backs and adhered them to the candles. Smart! I also like the simple linen wrapped over a pillow and tied with ribbon on this sofa. No-sew!

Links I’m clicking:

There are a few *new* entries today below this one, I hope you enjoy them, and I’ll see you again on Monday!

(images from country living and chair via anthropologie. drool.)

Posted in inspiration on October 26, 2007


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