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Larissa Bertonasco Illustrator + Cook {Hamburg}

I’m obsessed with cooking lately. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been staying in a hotel suite for weeks and the only thing I can make in our room is coffee or tea. I miss having my own kitchen! So lately, anything even remotely related to dirtying up the kitchen interests me like never before. From spices to machines (the silver limited edition Tord Boontje Senseo coffee machine is fun), cookbooks, to Pino funnels. Adding to my list of must-haves is the Larissa Bertonasco cookbook, La Nonna La Cucina La Vita – Die wunderbaren Rezepte meiner Gro?mutter, which I’ve ordered along with her wall calendar. Her illustrative style is fun and colorful, reminding us of the importance to enjoy the whole cooking experience. I applaud her for wearing two hats, she’s both a professional cook and an illustrator. Let’s hear it for doing what you love, right?!

If you don’t already know Larissa, she lives in Hamburg and is quite the popular girl here in Germany lately, I see her products in bookstores all over. She even has a new line of paper napkins, cloth tea towels, and other small misc. products for the kitchen. But her cookbook is gorgeous. I mean, worth buying even if you can’t read German because it’s just page after page of large colorful illustrations.

The recipes are centered around Italian cooking, just like her grandma would make, and the book is 100% illustration so there are no real life settings photographed which in itself is quite unique right? Most modern cookbooks show photographs of actual food.

This hand drawn cookbook is hot here and who would have guessed that it would be so popular being that it’s mostly filled with illustrations and only brief recipe summaries? It’s highly visual in a very unconventional sense without a single food photo. I think people are starving for new formats, clever new ways to deliver information, breaking the mold.

I would love to own this cow as a print for my kitchen.

Have a peek at her portfolio here. And if you want to purchase her calendar or book, just go to the German Amazon site. That’s where I ordered mine and it’s all set to be delivered to my U.S. address. Easy.

(images from larissa bertonasco)

People Will Always Need Plates {UK}

People Will Always Need Plates. Now that’s a fun name for a company specializing in well, you guessed it, plates and such.

This UK company creates some pretty fun patterns based around life in London that I thought you’d really like to see today. And a special thanks to reader Fay for the tip, these are really nice and best of all, they’re making their way into the states for the American readers. Yay!

(images from pwanp)

Posted in Handmade on October 24, 2007

Ikea Skruvsta Chair Pattern: $25!

Blog pal Yvonne from the Netherlands created a pattern for the Ikea Skruvsta chair that she’s offering on her website for $25.

This pattern gives you the opportunity to change the look of your chair whenever you’d like – just sew up a new slipcover and viola! you’re all set. Thanks Yvonne for the notice, I’m sure lots of readers will be interested in owning this pattern since it gives Skruvsta owners so many options. Imagine making a patchwork slipcover? Drool.

Posted in Arts + Crafts on October 24, 2007

House Doctor {Denmark}

In addition to Greengate, House Doctor in Denmark is another brand that seems be popular amongst the cottage crowd. Their line seems to be a bit more like what you’d find back in the states at Anthropologie, pretty things with an attention to detail like pillows with beaded details, soft blankets with velvet trim, glasses with delicate lasercut patterns…

They also have inexpensive pendant lighting that I really like because it borders a bit of an industrial/flea market look that has vintage appeal. I’m especially liking these little birdie hooks. :)

(images from house doctor)

Posted in Inspiration on October 24, 2007


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