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Ground Work

Mature, as in grown up, works of art catch my eye too, I’m not always lured in by playful colors and characters. Take for example the soft and imaginative work of D. Ray. This artist holds a BFA in Illustration and with work featured in CMYK Magazine, it’s exciting to discover her Etsy store Ground Work and to learn that some of her originals are priced under $75 (such thoughtful and beautiful gifts).

Ground Work clearly has talent, her color and composition being both serene and comforting yet striking and mesmerizing. Her focus: the natural world around her. Exploring what’s out there and translating what she sees into soft sensitive forms, combined with a keen eye for color, resulting in delightful works of art. She has a definite style, and though no two paintings are alike, you certainly could group a collection of things on a single wall and create such a diversified focal point as displayed in the image above.

Stunning, mature, fresh, fluid, beautiful.

(images from ground work)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms on November 29, 2007

Inspiration Boards {on flickr}

I’ve been following the Inspiration Boards group on flickr lately, and after browsing the group again last night, I thought blogging about it should be on the agenda for today. Who doesn’t love a beautiful mood board? A secret corner to dream? A creative nook to call your very own?

The inspired corner is the workspace of Lovely Design
located in Vancouver, Canada. (What gorgeous paint on her walls.)

The Inspiration Boards group was initiated by Castanet, aka Lori Pickert, who now authors a blog under the same name. Here is just a tiny sampling of the inspirational imagery that you’ll find in both the group and the blog. And if you’d like to contribute a board of your own, you can join the group and submit photos of your own.

More beauty from Lovely Design. Check out that globe!

The evolving studio space of Comfies in San Francisco.
The jack rabbit is by dawn. Marled bear is by mingling
of traveling rhinos. Japanese prints thrifted in Japan.

From the workspace of Jenni Simmons.

Photos of a random Anthropologie window
display taken by Skitzo Leezra.

More Anthro inspiration from Skitzo Leezra.
Don’t you just love their windows?

A darling nook with a pretty inspiration board belonging to Everyday Crafty Goodness.

Beautiful group, Lori!

(images from the individuals linked above)

Posted in inspiration on November 28, 2007

Jonathan Adler Sale

I like the title of this sale going on now over at Jonathan AdlerSpend More, Save More. For some reason, this really appeals to me since I’m all about justifying the purchase of moderately expensive things. But serious, this sale is a good one if you’ve had your roaming eye on something like say, the giraffe lamp that I just purchased… I’ve wanted it for ages, but even with my trade discount it was still expensive. This sale is nearly double my discount, so I cashed in.

Hey it’s a giraffe and I really do need another lamp. Plus, with all the product knock off poor Jonathan has had to endure, it’s the least I can do to show a little support his way. Have you laid eyes on his new rugs? The yellow one is my fave, great pattern and the colors are sublime. His new Drysdale chair is a beauty too, the sexy shaped legs are such a surprising feature that it’s hard not to keep staring at them.

Spend $150 – save $20
Spend $250 – save $40
Spend $350 – save $60
Spend $450 – save $80
Spend $550 – save $100

By the way, have you checked out his new product line created exclusively for Barnes + Noble? Your thoughts? I have to say it didn’t click for me, but neither does his collection at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I say go genuine expensive Jonathan or go home. Of course, I can’t afford most of it so I just wait for sales like this Spend More, Save More event to ease my conscience.

Enter code holidaylicious upon checkout, offer expires 12/31/07.

(images from jonathan adler)

Posted in reader discounts on November 28, 2007

D*S Gift Guides!

Grace over at Design*Sponge pulled together some excellent gift guides, I especially like the Alba clock she found over at Generate. It’s fun to look through all the items in her round up, an endless treasure chest. Nice work, Grace!

Seems she’s on a roll with several guides in various price ranges, so if you haven’t already, click on over.

(image screenshot from design sponge)

Posted in uncategorized on November 28, 2007


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