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Congratulations Oh Joy!

I was just getting my daily Oh Joy! fix when oops I clicked on a link and landed on her business website spotting this beautiful image below. As I clicked around some more, I discovered that we have a star on the rise – Joy recently designed a few rug patterns for Urban Outfitters (here and here). This is quite exciting, congrats Joy!

(image from oh joy! studio)

Posted in Objects on November 28, 2007

Kirin & Co {fabric}

We love her prints, but Kirin & Co’s Lara Cameron recently listed her latest fabric creation: Ginkgo in Robins Egg Blue. Isn’t it pretty? Living in the northeast, I’ve had this long time love of all the fallen Ginkgo leaves that I find strolling the forest here. Even Boston Common has a few scattered about on the sidewalks and I always stop to admire them, photograph them, they have such an appealing shape. Don’t you love seeing ginkgo leaves in turquoise?

This is a limited edition run, so if you like it, click here for details. Only 10 left!

(image from lara cameron)

Posted in Etsy Faves, Objects on November 28, 2007

Amy Butler Patterns {Free}

Amy sent out her shop updates today and in addition to her new Sweet Life bags, she’s offering (for a limited time) free pattern downloads on her site (see bottom of menu, main page).

Give it a try, download a few, they’re a great project to work on while engaging in marathon trash television viewing or something. :) Who ARE the Kardashians anyway?? Plus, these patterns look fun, especially those fabric leaves) and I don’t think they’ll leave us feeling like a bunch of incompetents because they seem relatively easy.

Thanks for the great free stuff Amy!

(images from amy butler)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Objects on November 27, 2007

Pen and Paper {New}

Got a thing for woodgrain and silhouettes? Pen and Paper’s Jeeyon Shim just opened a store on Etsy that I’d love for you to visit with terrific original works and a great neutral palette.

Here’s what Jeeyon says in a very nice email sent earlier today, “As an art student, I’ve always felt mildly frustrated with how polarized art can be for a student; on the one hand, if you want to buy decent, appealing art it’s usually completely out of your budget, but on the other hand if you want to MAKE affordable art the equipment and resources are usually astronomical as well.

Good point.

Jeeyon continues, “I try to make all of my pieces with this conundrum in mind. At the moment my shop primarily features handcut silhouettes with naturalist and mythological motifs, but I’ve also done a few mixed media pieces using vintage photographs and offer a few original drawings as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other explorations this project will guide me towards.

Thank you so much for sharing your new shop with us and we wish you the best with your new business, yeah! Go indie!

(images from pen and paper)

Posted in Etsy Faves on November 27, 2007


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