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Jennifer DeLonge Fresh Vintage

While researching kid’s stores for my round-ups, I discovered that Jennifer DeLonge, children’s furniture designer and rock star wife to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, has a new section on her website where she offers restored vintage finds under the name Fresh Vintage.

Since so many of you like Marimekko, I had to point you over to these super cute vintage Marimekko Kivet dot lampshades measuring 16″H x 10″D for $200/pair. They’re the cat’s meow. She also has a set of white wicker lamps that are just over 32″ high and at $299 for the set, they’re also decent on your wallet. Great site to bookmark for times when you’re looking for something new (to you) for su casa.

(images from jennifer delonge)

Posted in Objects, vintage on December 21, 2007

Equivoque {photography}

Sometimes the best school is the old school, especially in the case of the Polaroid. Though I won’t be handing in my digital camera anytime soon, there’s still something about the raw untouched-by-Photoshop appeal, their often faded colors and that sweet little off-centered square format that keeps me coming back for more. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of nostalgia since it was the first camera I got my hands on as a child and much to my mother’s display I’d burn through all of the film in the back seat of our car long before we arrived at our vacation spot.

To some, the Polaroid is dated technology that’s fun to play around with but nothing more. For others it’s about producing images that evoke an emotion and over time creates an audience and a way to earn a living. A network and Unix systems administrator by day and a photographer and poet by night, Elinor Scott-Sutter of Equivoque has a body of work that is revealing, sensitive, and absolutely stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of these images above, the lighting is absolute perfection and the faded tones give them such a vintage flavor. I know someone who needs to quit her day job… Elinor… :) What an eye, I look forward to watching her shop updates to see what she’ll do next.

(images from equivoque)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on December 21, 2007

Made By Girl {paper goods}

Jennifer Ramos not only authors a lovely blog, but she’s the designer behind Made By Girl, a brand new stationery collection specializing in sassy styles using 100% recycled card stock – and by the looks of things, this girl gives eco a little edge.

Ramos’ designs reveal her fun, playful side and she spices things up a bit with a little sarcasm or sexy thrown in for good measure. When I asked Ramos about Made By Girl and the eco lifestyle, she was refreshingly honest about it which made me really respect her as a designer, “I’ve changed my lifestyle in many ways… Even though I’m not 100% green, I am making changes in my everyday life to help out.” She simply wants to produce products that raise awareness without sacrificing style, and using recycled papers helps her to do this in good conscience. She knows she’s not an absolute treehugger, but she is trying to work closer to that goal day by day. And I think that’s pretty neat because if more young designers gave a little more consideration to the environment, even if it’s recycling the trash in the office or riding a bike more often, that’s a big impact towards a greater good.

When it comes to going green, many take the cold turkey route and just jump in head first setting up composting bins in the kitchen and purchasing only organically grown clothing. For the rest of us, this approach doesn’t work and so some don’t bother to think eco at all. This all or nothing approach has to change and it’s designers like Ramos that help put out the signal that it’s okay to simply do what you can, to at least do something. Make an effort in some area of your life.

For 2008, I vow to sort my garbage, I already installed 3 trash bins below the cabinet so that I can accomplish this. Do you have any earth friendly goals for the new year? What about now? Certainly during this season there’s a lot of paper around us, try to reuse some of the boxes, gift bags, etc. for another time or incorporate these things into your crafting projects.

Jennifer Ramos of Made By Girl.

Made By Girl is also on Etsy, and in May 2008, she’ll be at the National Stationery Show where I hope to meet up with her and see her things in person.

Thank you Jennifer for your email, for raising awareness, and for the introduction to Made By Girl paper products, we wish you much success!

(images from jennifer ramos)

Posted in stationery on December 21, 2007

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part one}

For the kid in us all, adults and children alike will enjoy the sweet stores featured in this round up today. This is only part one since there are so many fantastic stores to list. Since so many of you contact me for suggestions on where to locate the best children’s furniture and bedding, I wanted to pull this together to help point you in the right direction. All the links appearing in part one and part two can be found on the new decor8 links page that I pulled together with the help of Lorissa over at Dynamic Vantage in the UK. They are blog template meisters in case you’re interested…

Image from Dwell Studios.

With that being said, here are some of my personal favorite shops that I highly recommend visiting online. From furniture to soft toys, I think you’ll adore these lovely stores and remember, whether you have a child in your life or not, we all have a child within and sometimes you can find things for adult decor in kid’s stores, so be sure to keep an open mind and have fun shopping around!

New to the world of online retailing, we have Grow Modern. I think the pj pocket pillows by Modern Twist are a fantastic creation, you can hide your pajamas inside of it. Clever.

With the launch of a new website, Dwell Studios is looking better than ever and designing some of the hottest products for baby + kids on the market today. Their bedding is gorgeous.

Le Souk in the Netherlands has a thoughtful collection of things for the children of parents that want to introduce their little ones to a more modern ethnic style. I cannot imagine any little girl not feeling like a princess in these leather slippers!

BabyGeared is well, geared towards babies and their selection will make you want to spend cash you don’t even have, like on this crazy gadget called Nabaztag. They have a great collection of art, too.

Giggle is one of those sites you could stay on for hours, the selection is so extensive you could easily make this store your one stop shop. I especially like this quilt by Denise Schmidt and the CUB furniture collection by designer David Netto.

Mimmo focuses on modern design for kids and offers a nice selection of furniture amongst other things, but what I think makes them stand out is how easy it is to navigate their site and that all the furniture works together so well it takes the pain out of trying to match things.

Modern Child is so clean and contemporary you’ll wonder if it’s really for kids but surprise! And if you have a minimalist space, you can still maintain it after having kids because we have stores like Modern Child to help. I don’t know about you, but this hat has to be the perfect present to give to a new mom. Oh it’s so sweet.

Kid O is such a great site, you have to bookmark this one. They are dedicated to “inspiring your child with the right materials”. One thing I appreciate is how much thought they put into their selection because as they say, “As children get older it is important to try to match their toys to their level of development so that they are challenged but not frustrated.”

Part two will follow tomorrow, Friday December 21st. :)

(images used above are linked in this post)

Posted in Rooms, round-ups on December 20, 2007


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