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Wintery Snowflake Mobile {diy}

December 16, 2007

Snowflakes and oranges and pom-poms on branches… Oh wait. Not again, wrong lyrics! But can this idea be any sweeter? We owe Leah thanks for this one, the Bay area blogger behind More Ways to Waste Time sent in a little DIY tip because she noticed recently that I’m a big fan of using vintage doilies in new and exciting ways.

Wintery Snowflake Mobile {diy}
Of course I couldn’t resist posting it because this is such an easy way to pretty up your space for the winter season, something you can keep hanging around well into the new year. These photos were snapped recently at the Atomic Garden, a “green boutique” in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland, California (Atomic Garden store tour here). This is what you’d see if you walked by their pretty window. Drool. This display would certainly lure me in.

Wintery Snowflake Mobile {diy}
Thanks to Jamie and Erin over at Atomic Garden, because they were generous enough to send Leah complete instructions in case you’d like to try this at home. Click here for the complete recipe. :) Just don’t eat it, although it’s pretty enough to be tempted!

…These are a few of my favorite things!

(images from more ways to waste time)


Ethnic Chic {now online}

December 14, 2007

Color! Color! Color! Ethnic Chic is one of my favorite shops in Amsterdam (located at Runstraat 24) for exotic new and vintage textiles for the home. They have colorful bedspreads from Italian designer Lisa Corti, rich tablecloths from Indonesia, intricately painted lamps from Venice, and until now you could only shop them if you visited their Amsterdam location. Not anymore…

Ethnic Chic {now online}
Just today they’ve rolled out a new web shop. Bookmark them if you’re in the market for some ethnic treasures, they have some really unusual and lovely things in this store.

Oh and if you plan to hit Amsterdam at some point, bookmark this, it’s a guide to the “nine streets” and it’s a great one.

(images from ethnic chic)


Retta le Ritz {pretty papers}

December 14, 2007

Such pretty gift wrap by Retta le Ritz, each hand-illustrated (marker and ink), with the patterns based on the little everyday observations (a favorite tree, a jar of candy, etc.) of Eric DiFate, a RISD grad, and his wife Retta Leritz DiFate who has a background in design.

Retta le Ritz {pretty papers} Immediately upon seeing the blue and yellow lattice paper, I imagined it on my bedroom wall. Then as I read through Retta’s email, I learned that they’re looking to bring some of their patterns into the world of textiles and wallpaper. Hopefully it won’t be to the trade only. I vote Fabric for Everyone. :) The buttons are cute as well, they remind me little of the “Str?ssel” fabric I purchased in Stockholm designed by Elizabeth Dunker.

Thank you Retta for writing to me, and I wish you and Eric the best as you take the next step into fabric and wallpaper production.

(images from retta le ritz)

Etsy Faves, Rooms, Stationery

Simplesong Designs {handmade office goodies}

December 14, 2007

Suann wrote in to share what she calls her, “little creative endeavor/etsy shop”, called Simplesong Designs. If this is what she calls little… Imagine if she did this full-time!

Simplesong Designs {handmade office goodies}
Suann creates push pin boards framed and covered with lovely fabric available in three sizes, and makes other pretty things for the office like thumb tacks and paper goods, including lined envelopes (by hand!) for that extra special touch. I like her gift tags with the metal edges (vintage charm), which would also be cute around the necks of bottles and jars with fresh flowers inside. Is there anything here that you wouldn’t like to have to pretty up your office space? Ah, so sweet… Thank you Suann for sharing your creations with us today.

(images from simplesong designs)

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Farewell Blueprint {your thoughts?}

December 14, 2007

Confession: I’m addicted to Creature Comforts, I don’t know, it’s like all of a sudden I’m hooked and can’t stop looking at this gorgeous blog. And though I heard the news of Blueprint folding several days ago over on Apartment Therapy NY, I didn’t think to bring it up here on decor8 until I noticed Creature Comforts posted her thoughts on the topic. And after a few readers wrote to me asking me to blog about this, I figured why not. Wanna dish?

Farewell Blueprint {your thoughts?}
Although I’m sad to see Blueprint fold, I’m happy Amy Butler’s home was recently featured, and I loved all the other homes they gave us a chance to peek into – each felt loved and lived in, and a bit crafty (minus the skulls and rhinestones), and I really liked that because this is a void that other glossies just don’t fill. Most cater to less of a DIY (do it yourself) crowd and more of a BIY (buy it yourself) crowd. Blueprint featured homes of those that run their own business, make lots of the things in their spaces, and they were real everyday people that just so happened to have a huge chunk of creative spirit and know-how.

We really need Blueprint and I’m sad to see them go. They should bring back MS Kids and merge it with Blueprint – in other words, take the “best of” from both magazines, dump the shoes and raincoats and makeup, keep the amazing typefaces, and offer this shiny new car to the new-nesters they want to target. The DINKS and the couples with young children. That would be ideal and I would support it for sure.

And let Sarah Humphreys take the lead because she is talented and down-to-earth, and I like that. How many editors-in-chief do you know would allow you to tour their tiny 1-bedroom NYC apartment decorated solely by their staff? That’s humility, that’s real, and I I liked her since the get-go based on her apt tour alone. She felt approachable, like if I met her at a party I wouldn’t get butterflies – I’d walk right over to her and have a human-to-human conversation. Sarah doesn’t strike me as some media celebrity. She feels real in her editor’s letters and though some of her staff come across a bit snobby, I’m thinking that if I worked at a company like MSLO, I may feel a little full of myself after awhile too. It’s a whole different world inside those offices vs. out here in the real world. They have test kitchens and craft labs and companies sending them cool stuff all day long, access to things you and I will never see or know about. It’s like the freaking Pentagon – only instead of being the headquarters of the American Dept of Defense, it’s more like the American craft headquarters or something. It’s too cool in there for me, I know that much.

I have to let you in on a little secret though… Their last issue is due out soon, it’s for Jan/Feb and I’m in it. Well, not my picture or anything, just some blurbs about my opinions on displaying photography in the home. Look for that, along with a little decor8 mention, in their final issue.

So, what are your thoughts on Blueprint folding?

Psst: Still looking for an ’08 calendar? If you love that gorgeous Blueprint font, here is a free little download.

(image from the wonderful creature comforts)

DIY, Objects

Flowie {fabric + such}

December 13, 2007

I saw this fabric over at Flowie and had to blog it since so many emails arrive asking me for leads on quality fabric that is modern, inexpensive, and not “for the trade only”. Flowie is a collection of products ranging from napkins to bags (love the patterns, don’t you?), but there’s also a section on the site where a small collection of hand screen printed fabrics is offered that you can purchased for $29 USD per yard. Yippie!

Flowie {fabric + such}
Thank you so much Sarah for sending me this link, reader Sarah found this on d*s today and sent me over to check it out. Flowie appears to be a brand new shop, so support small biz and view her wares here.

Flowie {fabric + such}
TIP: I’d love to use Gerrie (yellow) in a simple way, cut into a square or rectangle, hem 3 sides, sew a rod pocket on the top, and slip it onto a lovely slim tree branch collected from outside and mount on the wall over your bed. I think it would look great for under $30, adding both pattern and something from the natural world to your sleeping space. I’m a bit of a nature freak, but if you’re not into tree branches, you can use wire or simple pins for a more relaxed look.

Thanks Sarah for the tip, and best wishes on your new shop Yaling!

(images from flowie)

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