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Local Outdoor Markets: May

This is YOUR space. Comment below with the local markets in your hood that you plan to attend during the month of May. Mine are listed for the Boston area. When you comment, list city, date, and event URL. This will benefit readers that live nearest to you. And who knows, you may meet a new friend to hang out with at the event! Oh, and if you are participating in a craft fair, shamelessly plug away!

Oh, a hunting we will go! Whether your space needs a quick pickup, or you’re looking to add quite a few new finds to your home, vintage and antiques from open air markets are a satisfying option. Here in New England, we shop according to the weather, which means most of us don’t get out much during the winter since we don’t have open air markets then. (It’s not Europe, cities can’t seem to get their act together and treat winter like a festive season with fun outdoor activities. Annoying!) So when temps warm up, New England slips into this flea market mentality. Everyone is either attending one, planning to set up a booth themselves, or making their own sale in their front yard, aka “yard” or “tag” sale.

For me, it’s fun to shop at flea markets and other open air events for several reasons. Health benefits for one. I can work on my tan and get some exercise. :) Then there’s the chance to mingle with the locals, learn from vendors, swap business cards, and eat all the calories I’m burning with a giant cone of drippy, gooey, ice cream. And of course, score a treasure or two.

Where am I headed this month? Brimfield (May 8-13), coastal Maine (weekends), and the South End Open Market (opening May 19 + 20, then every Sunday thereafter until the end of October). Next week, right before I hit Brimfield (May 8-13), I’ll post a “How To” guide here on decor8 showing you how I prepare for a big outdoor market, and of course, I’ll share with you photos from Brimfield, my finds, and I’ll be sure to list favorite vendors in case you plan on attending the next Brimfield event, scheduled for July 10-15 and again in September 4-9 (it’s held 3x per year). I already have plans for this event, but if you’d like to meet up when I’m there again in September, please let me know!

What about you? Where are you heading this month? Any outdoor events that you’d like to tell us about in your part of the world? Please do!

(image from the south end open market)

Posted in Events + Markets, Shopping + Products, Travel on May 03, 2007

Bombus: Decoupage Art (UK)

The coolness that exists these days on etsy is sheer bliss. Take this decoupage art by UK artists, Amelia Coward and Lee Hunnisett De Beer of Bombus, which means “busy bee”.

Appearing in the Telegraph and the London Times, this design duo uses vintage maps, hand-printed linen, and comics to cover chairs, tables, bowls, books, teapots… You name it, they can cover it. And Amelia has her own etsy store, where she’ll customize something just for you. After peeking at their work, I had to blog it because it’s pretty cool and I think some of the chairs would be a fun mix around a tulip table or wood farmhouse table, give the dining room a little character… Amelia and Lee also have a website where you can view more of their products. Thanks Amelia for writing in, great work!

(images from bombus)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Objects on May 03, 2007

Reader Q: Cool Spots in Raleigh/Durham?

decor8 reader Zin R. is soon to relocate from Minneapolis to Raleigh and would love to hear about your favorite stops in the Raleigh/Durham area. I’m working on creating a list of design stores in the right column for these two cities because I think they deserve a place on this blog, so if you have any suggestions please comment below with your links.

In the meantime, I asked a few friends of decor8, Michelle Smith and Alena Hennessy, to give me a hand and as a result, the list below was created to get Zin through the first few months of her relocation. But I’m sure we’ve missed some suggestions, so if you have more to add, please comment!

In Raleigh, Michelle and Alena suggest: Firefly (great shoes), Stitch (design studio and retail showroom of Holly Aiken Bags), Bickett Gallery (a progressive, multimedia space), Ornamentea (a little bit of everything from beads to vintage wallpaper), Father & Son?s Antiques (mid century modern furniture), Red Pin (furniture and accessories), Rebus Works (gallery and storefront), State Flea Market (antiques, jewelry and furniture), Design Box (gallery), Zely + Ritz (fresh and local organic tapas and an extensive collection of wine), and the Morning Times Coffee House.

In Chapel Hill, shop at Nested (home + gift gallery), and for stationery, try Salutations.

For Durham, there’s Daisy Notes & Paper (stationery). Just outside in Cary, you can find good furniture at Beyond Blue Interiors.

Psst: This weekend, on Saturday, May 5th, The Handmade Market is back and ready for action, so head over there if you’re a lover of indie craft fairs. One day only. And best wishes on your relocation Zin, and a special thanks to Michelle and Alena for the tips.

Anyone else have some cool shops to add?

Posted in Inspiration, Reader Questions, Small Business, Travel on May 02, 2007

Martha Stewart *New* Crafts

Woo-hoo! The much anticipated Martha Stewart: Crafts collection is now at Michaels and on the new Martha Stewart: Crafts website where you can shop online 24/7.

You see, I have this thing for Martha and her perfection. I’m so charmed by it all. To live the lifestyle she offers the modern haus frau is exciting, and if I can buy into it by crafting paper monkeys and sticking some minty green labels on a glass jar, writing “flour” and “sugar” in the best cursive I can, then I’ll take it, sold!

Speaking of labels, I’m a huge fan of all the food packaging goodies she carries now, especially the project tips, like this one. There’s even gorgeous ribbon and wrapping paper to buy, along with gift wrapping tips. Oh Martha, you are too perfect. I’m thrilled to see this line, it looks flat out addicting.

Get crafty, have fun, create!

(images from martha stewart:crafts)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, DIY, Inspiration on May 02, 2007


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