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Zoo Inspired {not kidding!}

November 5, 2007

I always preach that you can find inspiration anywhere, right? So I decided to take my camera to the local zoo (of all places) to study patterns and colors for inspiration and ideas. The India area of the Hannover Zoo was my favorite, the environment was quite transporting for a zoo with curry and incense in the air along with the laughter of children – it was fun to play pretend for a moment and imagine myself in Bombay.

Zoo Inspired {not kidding!}
The prints and patterns in the various buildings there sent my imagination into overdrive, it again reminded me of how badly I want to work with a client on a modern Indian design – pulling together a space around various tones of red (think pink and fuchsia), white, and pale turquoise with lots of gold accents and modern Indian patterns based on traditional motifs. Embroidery too, of course. But the look would be very clean, very exotic, and far from boring.

Zoo Inspired {not kidding!}
I also dream of hosting a summer party beneath a tent in my background, perhaps next summer. Wouldn’t it be fun to go a step further and jump into a commercial space with this idea, perhaps a store or day spa, maybe even a swanky lounge? Oh imagine that. Or a bedroom. Can’t you see it now? Here’s some examples with special thanks to House to Home.

Zoo Inspired {not kidding!} Embroidered bed skirt, sumptuous silks, amazing florals!

Zoo Inspired {not kidding!} Twinkle lights dancing behind a headboard? Oh yes!

Zoo Inspired {not kidding!}Soft furnishings take center stage in this room design, you barely notice the furniture.

(images from house to home)


House to Home {room inspiration}

November 2, 2007

Looking to be inspired today by some beautiful rooms? Visit House to Home for the ultimate room inspiration – what a terrific website this is from the UK. You have to visit! Best part, if you see something you like in these images, you can search the site for the photo and view some of the items used in the rooms – complete with links. It’s the best.

House to Home {room inspiration} Great dog, amazing color scheme, dreamy sofa. The rug is the perfect accent.

House to Home {room inspiration} Can’t go wrong with grey and a hint of blue, mustard, or violet. I’m especially loving the lamp in the bottom right corner. Click here to see a full view of this image, the shade is gorgeous and I really like the chairs slipcovered in a variety of patterns and colors.

House to Home {room inspiration}Dreamy bookcase, blogged here before. The chair by Squint
looks great paired with the oriental rug.

House to Home {room inspiration}Combing unexpected patterns can often lead to amazing results.
Or you can stick to a white or grey color scheme for equally beautiful spaces.

House to Home {room inspiration}Nothing beats stacking wood like this into an unused fireplace. This is especially great for the fireplaces that have been filled in and cannot be used. If your fireplace is not deep, you can take wood from the forest and saw logs into thick slices and stack them in a similar fashion to give the appearance of having a deep fireplace. If you’re creative, you can even draw them on white paper and loosely tape over the filled in space – pretty!

House to Home {room inspiration}Emerald green looks really nice in this space, especially with the white table, there’s a nice balance here of light and dark. The art display is stunning! I also like the dining room image in bottom right corner, the simple shelving unit is arranged so nicely using magazine files for storage and patterned binders that coordinate.

House to Home {room inspiration}A living room that reminds me of a Coastal cottage space, a vintage bench reused as a coffee table is a smart choice because it doubles as seating, and the patina gives it warmth and a sense of history. The floral pillows on the sofa blend nicely with the flowers, apple, book imagery, and vases on the bench. Very simple accents, high impact.

House to Home {room inspiration}These rooms are relaxed and comfortable. More wood stacked in a fireplace.
Comfy sofas, pretty stools, pastel-y hued walls. So feminine and zen-like.

House to Home {room inspiration}This sofa is killer. The color is one I would have never guessed that I would love, but I do.
It looks like tweed, doesn’t it? And the wallpaper is so mesmerizing.

House to Home {room inspiration}Another relaxing space and though I’m not a leather chair lover,
I could get used to this one next to a warm crackling fire in the winter.

House to Home {room inspiration} And finally, this very folksy dining room with a green cabinet that you love the longer you look at it – it seems to have some history to it, maybe it once stood in a old drug store. I really like the curtains, painting, and the soft green hues – but I’d replace the chairs and chandelier immediately with something more modern with cleaner lines – everything is a bit too country for me.

(all images from house to home)


Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two

November 2, 2007

I can’t believe the many calendars that readers submitted to be included in the annual decor8 calendar round up (thank you!). I’m having a hard time deciding on just one, so I’ve decided to purchase 4 and place them in different areas of my home – the kitchen, over my desk, in my arts + crafts studio, and another to lean against the wall on the credenza in my living room (like the Rhythm calendar from Japan below).

If you wonder how I find all of these calendars, I can’t take full credit because at least 1/4 are submissions from readers. I hope that you enjoyed Part One, now it’s time for the second and final collection of calendars designed by mostly independent artists. I tried to include a variety of styles to appeal to all of you. :)

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Looking for something really unique? These calendars from Japan are fun and available online at Hara Museum. The Rhythm calendar is my favorite of the four because of the rough edges.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Lotta Jansdotter’s linen calendar will soon be available in grey or white, check her site throughout the month of November for updates, $24.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Concentric circle calendar handmade by Debi van Zyl. Amazing. Only 6 in stock, $25.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Unbound desktop animal calendar by Tracy Harris.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Silk-screened calendar by Estasketch, $15.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two A collaboration between Eun-Ha Paek of Milky Elephant and Little Otsu,
the 2008 postcard calendar, $16.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Letterpress Umbrella calendar by The Sherwood Press, $15.
Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Jamieho Design’s gorgeous letterpressed desk calendar, $16.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Diana Fayt calendar, $30 (44 in stock).

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Good on Paper’s Save the Date calendar, $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Satsuma Press calendar, only 73 in stock, $39.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Papered Together letterpressed desk calendar, $26.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Hand-glittered Seaside desk calendar by Seaside Designs, $30.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Snow & Graham’s wall calendar and desk calendar,
wall $24, desk $15.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Flora and fauna illustrated calendar by the Paper Princess, $13.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Wolfie and the Sneak calendar, $25.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Magnolia Moonlight wall calendar, $27.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Gallardo Works black desk calendar, $12.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Mulberry Muse desk calendar, $18.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Nikki McClure’s calendar titled this year,
“Things to Make and Do”, $18.
Calendar Round Up 2008: Part Two Rounded corners and a wooden easel make this calendar unique from Just Another Day, $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part TwoPistachio Press has teamed up with INK+WIT to collaborate on a limited edition letterpress calendar (only 200), available mid November. You can either cruise the INK+WIT website mid month, or hop on the Ink+Wit mailing list so you don’t miss your copy!

And last but certainly not least, and I apologize that I don’t have a sneak peek for you, but the Port2Port Press calendar is another limited edition letterpressed calendar that is beautiful and sells out quickly each year. It goes on sale November 15th so watch the Port2Port website mid month.

Psst: Looking for planners? You have to check out Buy Olympia.


Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One

November 1, 2007

I can’t resist a good round up, so this year I’ve decided to pull together some of my favorite calendars for 2008 just like last year. I may have to add a part 2 to this in case a few slip my mind, so bear with me! Most of these calendars are available and ready to ship, others aren’t but the date in which they’ll be available is listed below. If you see something you like, because many are produced in limited quantities, don’t sleep on it because if you snooze you lose. Enjoy!

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Hand-printed perpetual calendar on luggage tags, $35.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Happify calendars double as postcards, I adore these designs too.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part OneAlbertine Press calendars are printed on four shades of Pescia paper by Arturo Magnani, a soft, thick, luscious, Italian printmaking paper. They are hand tied at the top with a flat cotton ribbon and will be available in their Etsy Store in the middle of November for $45.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Joie Studio’s Blooming Letterpress desk calendar, which will be available for $15 starting November 11th. You can also reserve your copy by emailing her at shopATjoiestudioDOTcom.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Letterpress calendar by Green Chair Press, $18. A year of patterns and poetry, this desktop calendar has 12 unbound letterpressed cards displaying a pattern and haiku.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Posy Press calendars are flat-printed and then stitched onto vintage wallpaper using 3 wallpaper designs making a limited edition of 75 for each pattern, $7 each.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Linda & Harriett letterpressed calendar, $20.
Adore the graphics, composition, and colors, really great work.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The first ever Creative Thursday calendar, it goes live sometime today,
so watch for it on etsy!

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Cindy Jaswal’s calendar features her favorite images including
two of her latest drawings. Only 16 left! $30.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Screen/Gocco printed Botanical calendar by Anna Cote, $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The Ilee calendar combines letterpress, silkscreen, foil stamping,
fine papers and handpainted accents. $20.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Cecily Ink desk calendar, bright and happy for only $14.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Flower silhouettes by Liz Kalloch a decor8 reader who wrote
in to share this one, $13.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Places I’ve Never Been desk and wall calendars by JHill Design.
Desk $16, Wall $30.
Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Camilla Engman calendar, $25.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One Hidden Habitats calendar by Jill Bliss, $15.

Calendar Round Up 2008: Part One The Promo Shop calendar, $16.

…I’ll be back soon with Part Two of this round up!


Design Public {new}

November 1, 2007

Design Public consistently has the best selection of modern finds for the home, and this season is no different as they have loads of new items that you’ll want to own. Here’s a few I have my eyes on lately…

Design Public {new} A tea party with Jason Miller. Love this.

Design Public {new} ferm LIVING Walldots Wallpaper from Denmark.

Design Public {new} Salvor Fauna Picos Pillows – minis & brights!

Design Public {new} Thomaspaul Tote Bags.

(images from design public)

Etsy Faves, Handmade

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}

November 1, 2007

Enna told me about Fruit Fly Pie today so I had to check them out for myself, she really loves this cutie Etsy store and after taking a peek, I can see why!

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}
Fruit Fly Pie makes dishware and ceramics and then hand paints them so they look like vintage finds. She either makes plates, bowls, mugs, and vases from her potters wheel or via slip cast from vintage ceramic molds.

Fruit Fly Pie {ceramics}

So retro sweet! Especially the cupcake cookie jar and the owl dish, they’re my favorites. And they ship worldwide – yeah! Thanks Enna for the great tip! xo

p.s. enna has an etsy shop, too.

(images from fruit fly pie)

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