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Domino: Femme Fatales Gallery is Live!

This is an exciting slide show, one of my favorites, because I tend to lean towards nature, animals, and imagery of women in nearly all of the artwork I buy for myself and friends. Organic circles are another fascination of mine. It’s funny to look around the home after your collection of art really starts to come together — you see such a definite pattern in what turns you on or not.

In case you’re shopping around for some lovely gifts, or just on the prowl for a few new (to you) etsy artists to discover, I invite you to explore the latest etsy slide show that I pulled together for Domino magazine online. It’s so colorful and if you click around the artists’ individual stores, you’re certain to unearth many of your own faves.

I own work by most of these artists, in fact all of the slide shows that I pull together for Domino highlight my personal favorites, many based on my own personal experience with the artist or that of decor8 readers who have suggested them to me. Viewing art up close and personal and/or hearing your personal opinions about the work of others greatly assists me when I write, so thank you for that. You can trust that I’m confident on both the quality of the work and how these ladies conduct business and they’re all class acts. You can count on it.

View the slide show here.

Warning: These are some very pretty ladies, you may want to take all of them home.

(images from individual etsy sellers mentioned in the domino piece cited above.)

Posted in Etsy Faves on November 26, 2007

See you on Monday!

I’m so embarrassed. Having just returned from two months abroad, I completely forgot that Thanksgiving is this week. People keep calling to wish me a happy t-day and I’m thinking they are rushing things because Thanksgiving is on Sunday. But no, I’m wrong. It’s like tomorrow.

With that being said, I’ll resume posting on Monday, November 26th with more discounts from our sponsors, a few home tours and interviews, and other goodies so stay tuned. Enjoy your family time and remember, egg nog isn’t half as good without rum.

2 oz light rum (or more, you little devil, you.)
6 oz milk
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 whole egg

Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a pretty glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve. Need I say more?

(image from holly becker)

Posted in uncategorized on November 21, 2007

Stephanie DeArmond {ceramics}

I read about American ceramicist Stephanie DeArmond over at Happy Cavalier recently and had to introduce you to her work. It’s obviously a play on giving traditional objects a cheeky new lease on life. Almost how the Dutch design things.

I like the cursive fonts, the colorful motifs, funny words, and that although everything is a precious ceramic, nothing looks too precious – in fact, it’s a bit edgy. You can view more of DeArmond’s work on her website. Definitely not a trend follower, this lady is a trend setter – it’s so unique. I can see this showing in some hip San Francisco-based store like Rare Device or Rose + Radish, and not to leave Boston out, Koo de Kir or Pod.

(images from stephanie dearmond)

Posted in Handmade on November 21, 2007

Winner: Domino Decorating Contest!

Scrappy Girl told me that the winner of the Domino decorating contest is Catherine from Mill Valley, CA – additional photos of her home just went live on their website. She won $10,000 – can you imagine winning that? I wonder what she’s going to do with the prize money. What would YOU do? I think I’d completely decorate two rooms in my home from top to bottom.

“As a single mother I waited 17 years to convert two small bedrooms into my large master bedroom. I did all the demo and hired handymen to install the closets, doorways and white floor. I then painted, stenciled, embossed, and/or glazed every inch of wall space and built the gas fireplace surround myself. I reinvented a 1960s Hollywood vanity, nightstands, small chandeliers and French chair with paint, decoupage and silver leaf. I made and painted the silk organza curtains (items are not pictured). The goal was to create a Parisian-like sanctuary to enjoy after a long working day.” – Catherine

Are you happy with the winner? If this contest was up to you, who would have won?

(image from domino magazine)

Posted in uncategorized on November 20, 2007


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