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decor8 Discounts: Pink Loves Brown -25%

Ah Nicole. You know how to get to a girl. She designed stationery with my name as an example of how cute her Pink Loves Brown personalized stationery looks all done up nice. You can customize most of her designs, so your stationery can be to your liking if you don’t feel like posing as me. :) And this graphic designer, home reno pro blogger, all around talented lady (have I made you blush Nicole?) is offering us 25% off everything until November 28, 2007. Enter decor8 upon checkout.

My favorites: Marquee (of course), The Periodic Table of Sentiments greeting cards, Paper Airplane (nice gift for a jet setter friend or for a little boy to encourage writing letters to grandma, a somewhat lost art), and Penmanship (my favorite design because I still remember learning cursive handwriting in 1st grade and my wonderful teacher).

Thank you Nicole for this special offer and have a nice vacation!

P.S. A good friend and fellow blogger asked me about these discounts I’m running and if I get anything out of the deal – compensation, percentage of sales, increased readership, etc. This made me wonder if you have similar questions — so I’ll address this now. No! Nada! Nothing! Okay yes, I receive the same discount offered to you, but that’s it. No special treatment, no jump in readership, no % of sales, nothing. Why bother, you ask? It’s my very small way of thanking you for reading decor8 when there are now so many design blogs out there, I appreciate that you stick around and join me here each day, supporting me and those I write about. :)

(images from pink loves brown)

Posted in discounts on November 21, 2007

decor8 Discount: Designers Guild -25%

Next up for discounts this week is Designers Guild. Can you believe it? They’re a sponsor of this blog and would like to extend a special offer to us – 25% off everything on their website. From bedding to luggage tugs, they have a very nice assortment of colorful things for you to select – and the sale is valid for 8 days – ending November 27, 2007. Enter decor8 upon checkout.

I have lots of DG travel accessories, I purchased them a few years ago and still use them whenever I fly, like the travel wallet for tickets (mine is pink leather), a passport wallet (I have one in black/white), and of course pink luggage tags because well, you only live once. I’m very happy with my leather goods from DG, they’re made very well, are extremely sturdy, and have boarded several long haul flights with me over the past few years and show no signs of wear.

As for interiors, I can’t resist their lambswool throws and the Xenia embroidered bedding, there’s nothing like embroidered sheets in my opinion. Thanks Designers Guild for this generous discount!

(images from designers guild)

Posted in discounts on November 20, 2007

Winner: Domino Decorating Contest!

Scrappy Girl told me that the winner of the Domino decorating contest is Catherine from Mill Valley, CA – additional photos of her home just went live on their website. She won $10,000 – can you imagine winning that? I wonder what she’s going to do with the prize money. What would YOU do? I think I’d completely decorate two rooms in my home from top to bottom.

“As a single mother I waited 17 years to convert two small bedrooms into my large master bedroom. I did all the demo and hired handymen to install the closets, doorways and white floor. I then painted, stenciled, embossed, and/or glazed every inch of wall space and built the gas fireplace surround myself. I reinvented a 1960s Hollywood vanity, nightstands, small chandeliers and French chair with paint, decoupage and silver leaf. I made and painted the silk organza curtains (items are not pictured). The goal was to create a Parisian-like sanctuary to enjoy after a long working day.” – Catherine

Are you happy with the winner? If this contest was up to you, who would have won?

(image from domino magazine)

Posted in uncategorized on November 20, 2007

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

I thought it would be fun to write a new column each week called Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays to show you some of the etsy stores that I enjoy that haven’t received much blog attention yet. Since adding my Etsy ticker to the left column several months ago (I change my finds daily, even on weekends), I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to writing actual posts featuring Etsy artists. These talented artists enjoy seeing their products featured on blogs even more than a quick spot on a ticker, so starting today I’ll post Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays showcasing my 5 finds of the week in addition to the little ticker. :)

Plonka by Dalinda from Norway, who is also a blogger. I have to order a few of her CD holders, much better than jewel cases and great for the random CDs laying on my desk that I refer to often for work. The fabrics she uses and the color palette is so very feminine – a nice change from the usual CD cases offered in music stores – red vinyl and black leather. Ugh. These would make great gifts.

Flower Shop Press is from Australia and this etsy store owner creates pretty floral prints (and shoes!) in modern colors and my favorite, the white on gray pattern shown above, it’s really unexpected since most prints are on white or cream paper these days. I like this a lot.

Wonting. One word: Darling. I’m wanting more. :) This etsy store owner even designed a Dunny figure for Kid Robot. If they’re good enough for Dunny, they’re good enough for me.

Tabitha Emma is another Aussie with sweet and innocent fashion illustrations celebrating the art of looking good while taking your afternoon tea. My favorite is I do like Tea.

In My Back Yard is a girl from New Zealand and she loves to create patches, pretty fleece things (like pins) and even a print or two. There’s nothing like shopping for one-of-a-kind handmade items at these prices!

(images from individual sellers listed above.)

Posted in Etsy Faves on November 20, 2007


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