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Trends for 2007 – Ready, Set, Go!

Quick poll… Your top five nesting magazines? I sink my teeth into Selvedge, Domino, Living Etc, Elle UK, and Canadian House + Home, examining, reading, marking, tearing… I’d say they easily qualify as my top five. The January Canadian H+H was the strongest of the bunch this month though because they carved out a mouth-watering section devoted exclusively to ten hot trends for ’07.

For those of you that missed this issue*, I’ll highlight some of these trends here on decor8 this week, along with adding my own picks for places (on the web) where you can find items to create the look. I’ll also throw in paint colors that I suggest — hues that best suit the trend. That way, if you feel like painting your walls, you’ll at least have a few color choices. I work with three key lines; Pittsburg Paints, California Paints, and Benjamin Moore. Since Ben Moore is the most affordable, and provides exceptional coverage for the money, I’ll list most of the paint options from Ben Moore. I’ll also try to throw in some fabric options, lighting, furniture, book suggestions, even music and food just for a fun twist.

Ready? Okay. Let’s get started. Up first is Mad About Morocco… Stay tuned!

*psst: If you missed this issue, you can purchase it only for $5.95 + $4.00 shipping to Canada, $5 shipping to the US, or $11 shipping elsewhere. Buy it here.

(image from canadian house + home)

Posted in uncategorized on January 23, 2007

Minnie and Emma Correspondence

Minnie and Emma launched their beautiful stationery company today and wanted to share the news with decor8 readers. To celebrate, you will receive free ground shipping on your first order, simply enter “Welcome” upon checkout.

Their monkey baby announcements and the blue and brown moving announcements are my favorites. I just love how you can select your own lining for the envelopes. So classy. Love it. Speaking of class, did you catch the crown stationery? Regal charm all the way. I’m thinking of ordering this with the navy/red vintage print interior. Swoon!

Thanks Meredith for the tip!

(images from minnie and emma)
Posted in stationery on January 22, 2007

Saturday Inspiration

Here are some images that made me smile and just feel good today. I’m sure you’ll start to notice a theme as you look at them. I hope these inspire you to freshen up your home in some small way this weekend, even if it’s just a quick rearrange of your pillows or art, or perhaps cleaning out a closet or scaring away those dust bunnies beneath the bed. If things are too hectic, at least grab a bouquet of flowers and divide it up, adding a few flowers in small vases to dot around your home (on the bedside table, near the sink in your bathroom, next to your kitchen sink, on your entry way table, etc.). Remember, if you neglect your home, you are neglecting yourself – so take pride in your space and you’ll feel more invigorated and ready to take on a new week. Feel free to click on any of these images below to enlarge your view. Oh, and make it a nice weekend!

via: west elm

via: target

via: domino

Posted in inspiration on January 20, 2007

Adolie Day

Adolie Day, a well established French freelance illustrator and painter, wrote to me today to share her work. Mostly images of children, she does a lot of work in textiles for children’s fashion for lines like Kenzo, for instance. I love the color palette she uses and the softness in the eyes of the children she paints. Her work has a lot of warmth to it, it’s very peaceful, and I like that. Her blog is a lot of fun to browse, she has a few shots of her atelier there (a very simple section carved out by a window in her kitchen with a water view) and more art for you to see. Enjoy.

(images from adolie day)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on January 19, 2007


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