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Marcel Wanders New Antiques for Cappellini

Mmmm. Marcel Wanders. I love the glam he’s given to an otherwise traditional look here with his ‘New Antiques’ collection for Cappellini in black and white. It released last year, but the look is so in tune with 2007 trends, isn’t it? Combining old world charm with modern sensibility, New Antiques adds just the right touch of yesterday without looking like it should go back, and stay there. I’m thinking we’ll continue to see soft lines, old world appeal, lacquered furniture, and lots of polished finishes for ’07. And that’s fine by me. If you’re interested in this collection, visit Unica Home online.

Psst: I know that some of you (me included) cannot afford a toothbrush designed by Marcel, nevermind what is featured above. That’s okay. Use these over-the-top luxury posts as inspiration, to gather ideas, to spot trends, to inspire. You may find a chair with similiar characteristics in your attic, on the curb, or at your local antiques store for $100. Grab it, wash it with soapy water, let it dry, lightly sand, wash again, and when it’s completely dry, paint it with a lacquered paint in white or black to mimic the above. Or, go completely color crazy and introduce teal or coral. Remember, just because you cannot afford to buy everything you see doesn’t mean you cannot use what you see to generate ideas and create your own designs on a budget. Remember, you don’t always have to buy to decorate – use what you have or what you can find that suits your budget.

(images from unica home)

Posted in diy, furniture, tips, vintage on January 16, 2007

Lily Yung of Tendril in Canada

Sit back and enjoy the works of Canadian artist Lily Yung of Tendril designs. If you plan to attend the Toronto Interior Design Show on 2/22-2/25, Tendril designs will be there on display for all to see. I’m so impressed by this lovely, innovative use of felt, and the tactile, organic beauty, wool loops and links intertwined with others, it’s gorgeous. I just want to touch it. If you don’t plan on attending the Toronto show, you can still view her work online. Homewares and jewelry in striking 3-D are shown, but her die cut wallhangings in felt are a favorite of mine. I spotted her work last night in the January issue of Canadian House + Home magazine. If you have that issue, you won’t want to put it down, it’s delish! They predict trends for 2007, from Moorish to Pastels, so I suggest you pick up your copy (I purchased mine at Barnes + Noble). Enjoy!

(images from lily yung)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, events + markets on January 16, 2007

Creative Sunday: Paper Source How To Videos

Looking for something creative to do today? Check out the Paper Source How To Videos. You can watch them online and the instructor is darling, she’s like the art teacher that everyone loved from school or something. I love her laid back charm – she makes everything look so easy.

I really enjoyed the flower kit video because I have most of the supplies already, so this would be an easy and inexpensive project for me. I’m thinking these flowers would be adorable for a Spring ladies tea party, you could make mini flowers, tie them on ribbons, and wrap them around linen napkins, placing one on each plate. You could also create some pretty flower garlands to string around the backs of chairs or over the windows.

Paper Source has dozens of free instructional videos online – so enjoy!

Boston locals: Paper Source is located in Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, and Wellesley. They have fun workshops in their store locations. The Polaroid Transfer class on February 18th interests me…

(images from paper source)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, tips on January 14, 2007

Brocade Home Spring ’07 {Sneak Peek}

A huge thanks to Lisa over at Brocade Home for sending a sneak peak of their Spring ’07 catalog today. You can expect your catalog early February (if you sign up for it, that is). And in March, they will launch their e-commerce site, which will give us all a chance to shop BH if we so choose.

This season, look for Brocade to deliver fresh new colors (a lot lighter than the last catalog), shapes, finishes, and fabrics. I’m seeing lots of romance and old world charm that can easily mingle with even the most contemporary of decors, given you know what to add and how much, of course. I’m not opposed to throwing in a dash of baroque in a clean, modern environment. I think it adds cheeky charm, an air of confidence and whimsy to the home… You decorate how you want and no one is telling you otherwise. Amen, people.

Love this shot. Tons of plates, they look like Sarah Cihat‘s rehabilitated dishware. I’m not sure if the plates will be offered via Brocade Home, but the silhouette table, chandelier, and chairs are up for grabs. I love the shape of the table, and it’s not too expensive for oak. Available in 3 sizes ($599-799), the square would be perfect for a small eating space, the small rectangle can be used for dining or as a desk, and the large rectangle is perfect for your formal dining room.

“Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing…” When I saw this room, I started humming Purple Rain. I’m not a fan of purple at all, never have been, it screams 1985 Italian family in Revere, MA. If you come from a Revere Italian family, you’ll totally get what I’m saying here. Only, they’d have plastic covers on those ottomans, of course. But aside from my fear of purple (along with clowns, but that’s another story), the purple as shown just works with all that white. I’m liking it, and if I can buy any of these things in another color, I’m liking it even more. :) Aside from the purple, please don’t skip over the lovely vintage lace acrylic side table. I’m thinking it will be a big hit at $249.

I like the looks of this large tufted cube in crushed velvet ($399) and the headboard ($599-799) on this bed. Very inviting in this space, dreamy! Look ma, no purple!

I’m smitten by this lacecut media storage credenza for $599. That pattern is heaven. It’s nice to finally start seeing some media storage that has some real style to it. The velvet sofa ($1,499) reminds me of my favorite eye shadow color from Sephora. It’s this shimmery cocoa. Ah, so nice. I’d love it in soft blue.

These oversized tufted ottomans and the high back sofa make me weak at the knees. I would adore a sofa like this in my bedroom, if only my bedroom were about 45 times its current size, that is. The sofa is $1,999 (gulp) and the ottomans are $1,199 each (out of my reach). But, you can love from afar, I guess…

And finally, here’s a pretty boudoir with brocade trimmed plush towels ($12-24) and a charming ruffle edge mirror ($399) to add a dash of feminine flair.

Thoughts on their Spring collection based on what you’ve seen so far?

(images from brocade home. click on them for mega views.)

Posted in furniture on January 13, 2007


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