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Friday Finds at Urban Outfitters {budget}

When it comes to finding a stylish bargain, head to stores where the college crowd shops, that’s a good way to find items that are on trend and cheap. Sure, some of these items won’t last for 50 years, but the way we change our minds, it’s not a big deal to recycle items you tire of after awhile via your local thrift shop. Especially when it comes to accessories. We change them like underwear anyway, let’s face it.

Here are a few great finds for spring from Urban Outfitters that will keep your pad looking sweet while keeping you at, or even below, budget. Love that! Here are some of my picks:

Great danish modern side table for $120, puffin art by eleanor groych for $12, tweet art from kate sutton for $12, pretty reversible imari quilt for $100, and a woodcut feather printed rug $28.

I’m loving these fun Eleanor Groych pillows (isn’t she the best?). A quail, owl, and a sandpiper for only $24 each.

I like this lattice duvet for $60 and great lacquer-blue lamp for $36, too.

Here are some more pillows – 4 priced at only $20 each that are really 8 because each is reversible (malawi lake, red mosaic, zig zag, and the diamond ring). Love that — double duty on a budget!

And… (Drum roll please.) I’ve saved the best for last. Four fab silhouette cuckoo clocks in great patterns and colors (I love the natural faux bois with the white floral pattern) for only $32!

(images from urban outfitters)

Posted in round-ups, shopping on January 12, 2007

Nina Valkhoff Pillows via The Style Files

Look what The Style Files in the Netherlands found. Pillows designed by Dutch designer Nina Valkhoff in bold popping graphics. Great find, again, Miss Danielle!

(images from nina valkhoff via the style files blog)

Posted in Objects on January 11, 2007

Book of the Week: The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper

Are you a bookstore addict? I’ve been a junkie since I was a ‘tween and purchased my first copy (of many) of the Sweet Valley High series. You know, those two sun-kissed California blondes that bopped around in thier fiat with their cute ponytails, crushing on every football jock in town? Before Sweet Valley High, I purchased my books mainly from the school book clubs (remember those flyers? I confess buying books JUST for those cute baby animal posters), town book fairs, or they were given to me by my family. But, as soon as I started to understand how money worked and how many books I could buy via negotiations with my father (raking the lawn, washing the dogs, cleaning the birdcage, etc.), I was hooked on spending money on things that lasted and meant something to me. To this day, I will always cherish my library above anything else in my home. Well, okay some of the art I’ve purchased and of course, my chocolate drawer where we stash the good stuff.

Last night, while rummaging through titles at Barnes + Noble, I felt those happy shivers, that feeling you get when you’re stoked about something you’ve spotted because you’ve not read about it or heard of it elsewhere, a thousand times over. Especially when it’s a book. “The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper” was my catch of the day. When I reeled it in, I thought about decor8 readers and how I had to share this book on my blog because it’s such a informative and beautiful find.

The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper is droolworthy gorgeousness. My friends would dub it wallpaper porn, the new word we add to the end of everything that is just so sexy you can’t stand it (room porm refers to well designed spaces, bag porn is when you look at all those amazing Anthropologie bags online, etc.) Anyway, I digress.

This book is a magical dream-like escape into the recent Wallpaper craze that has resurfaced after many years of experiencing somewhat of a dry spell here in the states. The sheer variety of papers represented in this title is exciting, some of my favorites are included, like Neisha Crossland, Susan Bradley, Timorous Beasties, Cole + Son, and over 70 others. The book begins with a great (non-snoozy) introduction to wallpaper and how it has evolved into a artistic medium that is used for self-expression by the home dweller, and then it continues by looking at paper today and introducing them by characteristic; geometric, architectural, figurative, interactive, technical, discussing techniques, products, and all the great designers we love – some we’ve not heard of yet. Charles Stuckey then speaks on the crossover between this medium and fine art, which I really enjoyed.

Title: The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper (Paperback)
Author: Ziggy Hanaor
ISBN: 978-1904772569
Price: $26 (or pay $40 at the bookstore)

If you are interested in design and want to learn more on this topic, don’t miss The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper.

Posted in Books + Magazines, Rooms on January 11, 2007

Artist Seeks To Connect With Stores/Galleries

Lorena wrote in to introduce me to her handmade wall art using found papers on plywood. She is a talented illustrator and artist that recently relocated from the east coast (NY) to the west (San Francisco) and currently has her pieces online at Velocity Art + Design and in few SF and NY stores. Lorena is currently looking for exposure in other big cities, she’d like to branch out into Boston, Chicago, Miami, and LA. She’s asked if we could make some suggestions for her on urban stores or interesting galleries that may be interested in her work? Ones that you have personal experience with only, please.

Here’s a partial bio, thanks to Velocity, “Lorena Siminovich (born in Buenos Aires) is a San Francisco based artist, designer and illustrator. With a background in graphic design, and an extensive career as an art director in NY for children’s products, she also started recently to work in children’s books. Her latest endeavor, petit collage, started with the idea of offering affordable art for children (and grownups!), with a contemporary feel.”

Off the cuff, I can think of several, so I plan to email her right away. I may miss some though. Do you have any in mind?

Thanks for writing in, Lorena. Best of success!

(image from lorena)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, reader questions on January 11, 2007


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