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Painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho {JMC Designs}

December 6, 2007

My beautiful painting arrived today from Jacqueline Myers-Cho, an artist that I bumped into on Etsy recently and haven’t been able to break away from checking her site daily for updates. When I found “Stable” I instantly knew I had to adopt her. Gorgeous.

Painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho {JMC Designs}“Stable” by Jacqueline Myers-Cho

It brings me to a very peaceful and calm spot. There’s something about her gaze, those colors, the texture – it’s a deeply personal connection that one makes with a particular piece – a connection that is hard to put into words. It goes beyond “I like it”, but since emotion is often hard to put into language, and since this is a blog where you are reading my words, I’ll just leave it at this: I like it. And if you do to, there’s more beauty over at JMC Designs. Plus, if you purchase anything in her store right now, she’ll take 25% off the total price. So you can walk away with an original painting for under $50. Imagine that.

Painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho {JMC Designs}

If you’d like to learn more about painter Jacqueline Myers-Cho, visit her website and read through all the great information she has posted there. She’s been painting for over 20 years and really seems to love it. Imagine a life of painting, how special is that?

(image from holly becker for decor8 (top) and bottom from jmc designs)

Events + Markets

Boston Small Business Meet Up: Design Salon

December 6, 2007

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve replied to over the past few years asking me if I know of any small business meet ups in Boston for women. I’ve heard of a few initiatives, but nothing has made much progress because either group leaders kept canceling, or the attendees weren’t getting much out of the meet ups and decided to drop out. I mean, it’s nice to connect, but what good does this do long term if people don’t have something more regular to look forward to keep them fueled and on track? And topics. It’s not enough to show up and exchange business cards. You need a topic so real voices can rise up and be heard, advice can be thrown around the table, and ideas can churn.

Boston Small Business Meet Up: Design SalonBoston Design Salon was founded by Boston cermacist, Jill Rosenwald.

Many have asked me to start a group either in New Hampshire or Boston, but with my schedule, I can’t do it on a regular basis. And I’ve always felt bad about this. But it seems now I don’t have to worry because business ladies now have a home – a flock – and it’s called the Boston Design Salon.

History: A while ago a group of lady designers in Boston started meeting together once a month to share business stories, tips, network and drink wine. Calling themselves the Boston Design Salon, the group was formed by local ceramist Jill Rosenwald. Their goal for 2008 is to continue meeting monthly, grow out the group, and have a topic or guest speaker/s for each meeting.

The next Design Salon meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 11th @ 7:00 pm and the guest speaker will be Jill Shah of SoLUXE who will cover Network Marketing. The event will be hosted by Kelly Smith Harris of Etcetera Media at The Pink Comma Gallery. The location is 81B Wareham Street and it’s on the block between Harrison and Albany in the South End. Please call 617.833.0330 if you need directions.

Details: 12/11 Agenda: Network Marketing. Network Marketing is a sales model that has been around the block, but is seeing new life as modern day shoppers seek to find shopping venues (and products) outside of traditional retailers and etc. Jill Shah will facilitate a discussion on her latest business venture, SoLUXE, which is a network marketing retailer that sells personalized and custom paper and home goods through a national network of independent sales consultants. Topics include: What is Network Marketing?, The Business Model, Product Fit, Recruiting and maintaining a sales force, Creating Momentum, and Building a Network Marketing Business: Financing, Marketing, Growth. And cookies. Did I mention cookies?

In addition and in the spirit of the holidays, they’ll also have THE FIRST ANNUAL DESIGN SALON COOKIE EXCHANGE! Instructions for the exchange: Bring 1-3 dozen of your favorite holiday treats. We’ll set them all out, eat them and then go home with 1-2 dozen.

There’s no fee to attend, and I know for a fact that these ladies would welcome newbies with open arms because they asked me to spread the word on decor8 if it’s something I’d support – and I do – so I’m spreading the love. Just bring your business card and some cookies. That sounds easy enough, right?

Ladies can RSVP to Jill Rosenweld: mcrae2 AT aol DOT com.


Events + Markets, Shopping + Products, Travel

SoWa Holiday Market {This Weekend!}

December 6, 2007

If you live in the area and do not have plans to attend the SoWa Holiday Market this weekend, well kids I’m here to change your mind. The event promises to be a great one with indie artisians galore, yummy foods, and a festive atmosphere and let me tell you… As winter approaches (we already have snow), I can’t think of anything better to do than to shop indoors for handmade products.

SoWa Holiday Market {This Weekend!}Some vendors include: Figs and Ginger booth, Minka Jewelry,
Bumble Belly Designs and Curly Girl Design.

Being a girl who has spent many a winter in Germany, seeing winter-y events pop up in Boston excites me because in Germany, weather doesn’t stop anyone from having a good time – it’s one festival after another. And sure it’s cold and blah blah blah but it’s also a lot of fun to grab a coffee, walk in the snow, and escape the frosty air indoors at a beautiful market like this one. I really enjoy shopping online but for me, there’s nothing quite like a little human contact and wintertime in the northeast can be long and depressing if you don’t get out and meet the locals. So if I haven’t convinced you to attend yet, then you may want to take a look at the vendor profiles here – lots of unique items, most of whom I’ve never heard of, like My Sunset Road, Bumble Belly Designs, Swirly Designs, Happy Art Studio, Minka Jewelry, Sew Cuties, and Curly Girl Design who plans to open a local storefront in Belmont on December 15th called Marmalade. We need more stores in Boston, so congrats Curly Girl Design.

SoWa Holiday Market {This Weekend!} Motley Home will have a booth too! I hope they
bring along some of their Jonathan Adler pottery, it’s hard to
find in Boston and they have the largest collection.

The SoWa market kicks off on Saturday morning and runs all day from 10-8 and again on Sunday from 10-6. And if you can’t make Saturday but want to join the fun on Sunday, then you’re in for a treat because the Bazaar Bizarre will be in town on Sunday (another awesome event) and it’s within walking distance of the market so you can hit them both. I’m excited they are both happening on the same weekend, more goods to look at, more indie artists to support, more more more! And since I support the independent arts, decor8 is also a sponsor! Yeah!

Sowa Holiday Market
12/8, 10-8
12/9, 10-6
Cathedral High School Gym, 74 Union Park Street (South End), Boston. Rain or shine. $5 admission. Free Parking at 500 and 540 Harrison Ave. Directions here.

Have fun!

(image from sowa holiday market)

Etsy Faves

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

December 4, 2007

Did you think for a moment that I’d forgotten about Take Five Tuesdays? Oh no, not one bit. In fact, I look forward to writing this each week, having a dedicated column has helped give me a little structure and though I love the wild world of blogging on a whim, it is fun to play magazine editor a little and be responsible for a weekly feature. I’ve been finding so many amazing artists on Etsy lately that I’m having a hard time selecting only 5 to showcase on Tuesdays. I could easily feature more, which is exciting because the well is hardly close to running dry. Here are my picks for this week, I hope you find something pretty that calls out to you! :)

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays Looking for fabric? Have I found a gem for you. Meet Jezze from
South Africa and her delicious blockprinted designs. I’ll take the
Pink Stamens and the Floating Flowers please.

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays Chicago creator of coolness, Up In The Air Somewhere, creates subtle
objects with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Simple, clean, modern.
So many perfect little things to look through in her shop.

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays I’m surprised that this work appeals to me, but Sarah Blank’s somewhat
surreal artwork is quite intriguing. It’s as if you can hear tales being whispered
by candlelight to New England children many years ago as they await father
to return home from sea. They’re quite interesting to look at, telling a bit of
a story the more you examine the details. Learn more about artist Sarah
and her inspirations on her blog.

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays I fancy the way Draw Flowers from Italy recycles vintage materials,
like these original 1960’s and ?70’s wallpapers, transforming them into lights,
boxes, wallets, and more. Flower Power done right.

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays Who doesn’t love a few natural wood critters around the house?
Get your little woodland friends, a few houses, and some fruit
right here at Woodmouse in LA.

Please click on the Take Five Tuesdays link below for my previous Etsy finds.

(images from etsy artists linked in this post)


Never In My Wildest Dreams…

December 4, 2007

Thank you Maryam. Thank you beyond words really. You see readers, Ms. Marrakesh fulfilled a dream of mine today, one that I’ve had for eons, to own a genuine vintage Moroccan wedding quilt. It’s something I’ve wanted for so long now that I stopped searching because everywhere I looked, I couldn’t find one that spoke to me or my wallet. Over the past few years, I’ve been scouting for them, but those I found exceeded my budget and reached up into the thousand dollar range, and that my friends is a bit over the top, even for a dream item. It’s hardly a need, it’s not that practical – like say a car or a vespa. It’s a blanket. But not just any blanket.

Never In My Wildest Dreams... A very happy guest bedroom.

And though the last thing I need is another textile in my home, the very one I’ve wanted was the very blanket I couldn’t have. Until today.

I owe Maryam a huge hug for bringing this with her on a recent trip to Boston, she was here and I was in Germany so sadly, I couldn’t meet her. But she left something very special behind with her family (they live outside of the city) and they kindly shipped it to me. Here’s a glimpse of it freshly unpacked and resting on the bed above. It looks exhausted, it must have traveled many miles to meet me. So while it relaxes there in our guest bedroom, I’m pondering next steps. Where will I display this beauty, the blanket that makes beautiful music when you shake it just a little as it sparkles in the sun? I must treat something like this with such care. If I ever have children or pets, all will know to respect the holy sparkle blanket from Marrakesh.

Never In My Wildest Dreams...
Thank you again Maryam. So, so much. If anyone is interested in a owning a blanket like this one, she may carry them in her future shop. Until then, if you know of a resource, kindly comment below. Maybe you’ll fulfill the dream of another reader.

UPDATE: If you would like one, Maryam said that she has 10 in stock. You can email her to place your order at maryam AT

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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