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Fabric Tales {Japanese cuteness}

Looking for Japanese fabric? In addition to these resources blogged here before, you can also visit online shop Fabric Tales. Really great patterns here

Looking for additional resources for Japanese fabrics, magazines, books? Click here to view all decor8 posts tagged “Japanese”, you’ll get lost in all the cuteness for at least an hour!

(images from fabric tales)

Posted in Objects, shopping, travel on January 16, 2008

Maura Daniel {lighting}

I have a ton of bookmarks and a database filled with product and so today I’d like to share with you ones that I’ve compiled recently from work-related projects and articles that I’ve worked on. Most of these things have never made an appearance on decor8, so if you don’t mind I’m going to simply post a slew of images with great links to resources for various products for the rest of the day today.

The first is Maura Daniel, a site that allows you to customize your lighting according to base and shade (love this) and the prices for what you are getting are very good. Here are a few options that I created that I think make for nice lighting.

(images from maura daniel)

Posted in Objects on January 16, 2008

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

It’s about that time for Take Five Tuesdays so let’s see what’s on the decor8 radar for this week! Ready? Let’s go…

I “met” Abbey Hendrickson of How Now Design via Flickr and I can’t get over how talented this lady is, I’m a big fan of her work and I’m constantly forwarding her link around to my friends when they tell me they’re looking for more “grown up” prints on Etsy, ya know minus the popular cutesy motifs. How Now Design is easily one of my favorite etsy stores, I’m a woman obsessed. I imagine all of these framed in a very white room with painted white floors and soft touches of blue and pale lavender dotted around (a pillow, a chunky wool throw). This creative New York artist also authors the beautiful blog Aesthetic Outburst. She’s the best!

From buttcrack characters to tea trays and pretty pocket calendars (I ordered this one), Smosch from Sweden has got you covered. Well almost, if only you’d pull up those jeans, boys! I knew she made these cheeky little little fellas, but had no idea that tea trays are her thing too. Interesting combination of things, but you know those creative types – that’s exactly what makes her work super appealing, unexpected combinations of things that are well made and fun.

Even though I covered the work of Yumi Yumi last year when I pulled together the Etsy slideshows for Domino magazine, I thought it would be nice to highlight her work here on decor8. Isn’t her work so feminine and soft? I visit her shop at least weekly to see what she’s posted next. Note: She’s currently having a sale, buy 3 prints and get an additional 4th print for free.

I’ve been a fan of Brooklyn-based RE-SURFACE for ages because I really love how this lady produces a range of handmade designs inspired by Brooklyn’s facades – grit and all. She translates urban decay into modern lighting with multi-layered surfaces that I think are stunning. They’re also guy friendly as most of my boy pals say they love ’em. Now that RE-SURFACE has an etsy store, it just got that much easier to order one. Psst: They have great pillar candles for $15 too.

A Stitch in Dye is anything but dull. This Texan creates pillows, coasters, quilts, and table runners featuring her very own hand-dyed and patterned fabrics. She also sells hand dyed and batiked fabric in her etsy store, and she accepts custom work as well. I think her pillows are very nicely made and would really stand out and add some great color and pattern to a space.

So that’s a wrap for this week! If you’d like to view past Take Five Tuesdays, please click here.

(images linked above to their rightful owners)

Posted in Etsy Faves on January 15, 2008

New Amy Butler Fabrics for Spring! {sneak peek}

Amy Butler just sent along a sneak peek of some of her new fabrics for Spring set to be in stores this April. The collection is called Midwest Modern (after her book reviewed here) and is part of new quilting fabric line for Rowan. About the collection Amy says, “With luscious palettes called Ohio Sky and Pink and Orange Dahlias, the colors for this group come from beautiful summer days in my Ohio garden.”

All I can think of as I look at these are beautiful garden parties in our backyard sipping pink lemonade in delicate embossed stemware. Aren’t they gorgeous? The pink Dahlia collection is my favorite, I can only imagine how gorgeous some of these would look in the home. Yum!

(images from amy butler)

Posted in Objects on January 15, 2008


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