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Inspired by…

May I show you a collection of things that have inspired me today? I think you’ll spot a theme here – Spring Pastels!

This new painting called Dahlias in a Row is by Marisa Haedike and it is lovely. I’m inspired that Marisa is showing us her talent with flowers, I had no idea since I’ve only seen her cute character paintings. It’s exciting to see her range. The colors are splendid and give me a definite feeling of Spring here in rainy New Hampshire today.

Did you notice the new blog of the week in the left column today? That’s another artist that I am inspired by who is also experimenting in uncharted waters, going outside of her comfort zone to show us other hidden gems.

I adore these lanterns from Orike Muth (this post is to blame), a girly sofa with a tight back from Lee Industries, slice of lemon heels from Anthropologie along with the Coqo floral rug a pretty photo album, and the weston trunk from Pottery Barn. And they all just happen to coordinate, I can see these sharing space in a home and because they’re so versatile, you can move them around and experiment with them in different parts of your home.

I’ve always liked the idea of a wooden trunk used as a coffee table, in an entryway, or at the foot of the bed. I’d have a hard time keeping my hands off of it though, I’d love to do something creative to it. Maybe fit a piece of glass on the top and beneath it, display vintage photos. Or decoupage the top with huge flowers or some really loud wallpaper. It would be fun to use stencils and on each side of the trunk in the middle stencil in light gray a few letters that mean something to you. Married on June 19, 1998? Stencil 06 on the front, 19 on the side, 19 on the other side, and 98 on the 4th side. Another idea — have a little fun by mixing half clear glaze with half pale pastel acrylic (light gray or green? pink?) and using a brush, lightly paint over the entire trunk to give it a wash of color. You can make a cushion to fit on the top and use it in the entry to store your boots and to sit on to lace them up, or you can take a trunk and line it with wallpaper so that when you open it – surprise – it’s really pretty and girly inside.

(images shown are linked above)

Posted in inspiration on January 30, 2008

Harmonie Int?rieure {new from France}

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of vinyl wall decals, you discover something that’s new and blows you away like Harmonie Int?rieure.

I heard from a Fabien Barral, a graphic designer based in France who recently launched this exciting new project alongside wife Fr?d?rique using graphic design a bit differently in the home. Together they take their designs and photographs and apply them in the form of wall stickers that are anything but typical. In addition to decals of photos and such, there’s also posters, books, and notebooks with some of the most inspiring imagery I’ve seen in a long time.

The ornament pattern is my favorite because you pretty much use it to decal/wallpaper your entire wall and just peel it off when you move. I mean, c’mon – this is a brilliant idea. Thank you so much Fabien for writing to me, your work is inspiring and I’m starting to imagine a future now when wallpaper becomes more peel ‘n stick for people on the go.

(images from harmonie int?rieure)

Posted in Rooms on January 29, 2008

Etsy: Take Five Tuesdays

It’s time for Take Five Tuesdays so let’s see what’s on my radar for this week. Ready? Let’s explore…

If your name starts with a T, I, or L (or last name) you’re in luck because Dutch blogger Yvestown opened her new etsy store under the same name and she’s selling handmade box letters in addition to her chair pattern for the IKEA Skruvsta chair along with vintage teacup candles. They won’t last long, so if you like ’em… Run!

Marisol Toledo of Dita’s Bazaar lives in Chile and is an art teacher and a photographer. She creates screen prints and likes to layer her images on vintage wallpaper along with Spanish text.

Handmade by Moi is a little shop owned by Tanya Todd, a Canadian based in the south of France. She loves linen and I adore her lavender tea bag sachets made for placing in your dresser to keep your clothes smelling pretty. They’re so simple and yet so charming and useful. Tanya is also a blogger, I loved reading about some of her adventures in Europe.

eighty8words is a wordsmith and a silversmith who decided to combine her passions to form a business creating wearable words. These are quite cute – great gifts!

Paloma’s Nest is one of my new favorites on etsy. I enjoy (so much!) her understated yet gorgeous ceramics in organic shapes, some with meaningful hand-stamped words. I’ve been watching her shop for weeks and just love how her product line has grown in such a short period of time. In addition to her plates, she now creates cards, ornaments, bowls, and the Will You Marry Me? tiny text bowl box set — so guys if you’re looking to pop the question, this is truly a most romantic way to do it.

Take Five Tuesdays is a weekly decor8 feature dedicated to highlighting talented artists on Etsy. If you or a friend owns an etsy store that you think I’d like, please contact me at decor8blog{at}

If you’ve missed previous TFT’s, click here to catch up on your reading. :)

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Posted in Etsy Faves on January 29, 2008

Keep Calm Gallery

Have you heard of the Keep Calm gallery? They just starting producing this terrific print in the sweetest cross stitch typeface, and the message is by far the most inspirational I’ve come across in a print since this one from Matirose.

‘He Who Cares Wins’ is currently available in a limited edition run of 50 in your choice of red or blue ink printed on recycled cotton rag paper from India.

This is a powerful message! At the end of the day it boils down to making a difference, having a positive influence on others, and considering the big picture when it comes to what we’re doing – how is your life impacting others. When you do work you care about it shows. Your positive energy spreads to others because ultimately you get back what you put out into the world. When you care, you win.

(images from the keep calm gallery)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on January 29, 2008


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