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Fashion Inspired Interiors

January 17, 2008

Priya from the delicious eye candy blog Love Made Visible posted about the Pirelli tire company?s 2008 calendar shot in Shanghai by Patrick Demarchelier and I couldn’t resist sharing Demarchelier and his work with you. It also inspired a little something more…

Fashion Inspired Interiors
Demarchelier is primarily a fashion photographer with credits that include Vogue, BCBG, Vanity Fair, and Armani Exchange to name a few, along with top models like Gisele B?ndchen. You can view his recent work here. I’m so thankful that Priya showcased these images on her blog because it inspired me to build a palette around her collaged images as I imagined myself sitting in a luxurious living room surrounded by these exotic colors. Like a color saturated Tricia Guild showroom. Mmmm pretty. Perhaps the rooms would look like this…

Fashion Inspired Interiors We’re seeing lots of these colors (blue-green, violet, etc.) in the Pirelli calendar so I created this palette over at Colour Lovers. Colour Lovers is a great online color tool by the way, you must try it out. A palette and some inspiration is all it takes. (Peony by psr47can, Freedom photographed by my husband and the orchid is by wagner campelo).

Fashion Inspired InteriorsImage via House to Home.

Fashion Inspired InteriorsThis is minus all the blue-green tones of course,
but the floral pattern and pink reminded me of Demarchelier’s photos somehow.
Image via House to Home.

Fashion Inspired Interiors The home of Liza Giles as seen in the Swedish
magazine Elle Decoration blogged about here.

Fashion Inspired Interiors via Domino magazine.

Fashion Inspired Interiors via Domino magazine

Fashion Inspired Interiors via Living Etc.

Some of the best and brightest stars in the world of Interior Design take their inspiration from the runway. I preach all the time on decor8 that inspiration comes from nearly everything, from a walk along the shore to a found object (shells, bark, pebbles), a handbag, nature photography, it’s amazing how the whole world just opens up when you start to look at the “mundane” things around you a little more carefully. Inspect product packaging, really notice wrapping paper, visit toy stores, look at the rooms featured in movies, notice the patterns that are formed by ice on a window or the various tones of flower petals. Have you looked through a microscope lately? The patterns and textures you see as you examine plants or liquids can open new worlds – I’m not kidding, these things are magical. Inspiration is all around so the next time you’re feeling uninspired, pick up a copy of Vogue, visit a museum, or go for a walk in a nearby forest. There’s so much to explore!

(fashion images from pirelli photographed by patrick demarchelier, collage created by priya.)


Hable Construction {Spring Peek}

January 17, 2008

I’m really feeling inspired by yellow this week, especially when combined with pink (a color in all the stores right now). Jen from Hable Construction sent over these images showing some of their popular prints in a few new colorways that will debut in May at the ICFF in New York. Multi-toned pink stripes anyone (they’re already available to order here)? How about bright yellow with crisp white florals?

Hable Construction {Spring Peek}

Sky cosmos is one of my favorite Hable patterns — I love seeing it in yellow (bottom right). I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Spring already! I can’t wait to see what else these ladies debut at the show, May is always such an exciting month with so many great design shows and wow, to think all this eye candy is only four months away, exciting!

(images: rinne allen and jen ng)


Mettes Pottery {Denmark}

January 16, 2008

Not only can this lady make beautiful children’s clothing, but she’s a fine potter who crafts some extraordinary pieces. Meet Mette of Mettes Pottery located in lovely Denmark, a country that I hope to visit this year if all goes as planned. Her work makes me happy and her studio is wonderful.

Mettes Pottery {Denmark}Mettes Pottery {Denmark}
It reminds me of my classroom when I was a child, art class was always my favorite. It smelled of clay and I loved all of my art teachers. When I see these studio shots I can almost smell the clay and paint. Remember that scent? Think about it for a moment, I’m sure you will. The lighting here is so pretty the way it filters in like it does. I wonder if she teaches a class in this space? Oh, If only Denmark were a little closer I would have to visit her and bring home a pretty mug and lots of nice memories of what would be quite a special afternoon I’m sure.

Mettes Pottery {Denmark}Mettes Pottery {Denmark}Mettes Pottery {Denmark}
I really appreciate it when artists share their workspace online because it really makes me feel like I know them somehow – you know, it’s a personal space and the fact that they’re sharing it and showing the process gives me this sense of community and friendship. Mettes Pottery is lovely. I sense the lady behind the work is equally precious.

(images from mettes pottery)


The Gift Bag Factory

January 16, 2008

I’ve got my eye on The Gift Bag Factory

Can you imagine some of these beautiful bags filled with fresh flowers to give to a friend? What about a few as an inexpensive centerpiece option with fresh peonies or roses arranged inside for a girly luncheon or baby shower? Of course, they’re also great for toting around your junk or for the more common purpose, placing a gift inside for a friend, but think outside the bag and you may come up with some creative ideas for using these sweet bags for yourself. Maybe in the home office to store spare supplies and such?

(images from the gift bag factory)

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Fabric Tales {Japanese cuteness}

January 16, 2008

Looking for Japanese fabric? In addition to these resources blogged here before, you can also visit online shop Fabric Tales. Really great patterns here

Fabric Tales {Japanese cuteness}
Looking for additional resources for Japanese fabrics, magazines, books? Click here to view all decor8 posts tagged “Japanese”, you’ll get lost in all the cuteness for at least an hour!

(images from fabric tales)


Maura Daniel {lighting}

January 16, 2008

I have a ton of bookmarks and a database filled with product and so today I’d like to share with you ones that I’ve compiled recently from work-related projects and articles that I’ve worked on. Most of these things have never made an appearance on decor8, so if you don’t mind I’m going to simply post a slew of images with great links to resources for various products for the rest of the day today.

Maura Daniel {lighting}Maura Daniel {lighting}

The first is Maura Daniel, a site that allows you to customize your lighting according to base and shade (love this) and the prices for what you are getting are very good. Here are a few options that I created that I think make for nice lighting.

(images from maura daniel)

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