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January 2008

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Lindsay Art {prints}

January 14, 2008

An encouraging email arrived from established artist Lindsay Brackeen who originally sold her mixed media paintings online but recently decided to move her business over to Etsy to offer affordable prints of her darling originals (just $20!).

Lindsay Art {prints}
Lindsay runs a home business in addition to her duties as a mom of two. She fits in time creating art during their naps so that she’s still able to do what she loves in addition to her favorite role as mommy. It always warms my heart to hear from independent mothers who are online and use all the great resources that exist out there to build a small business so that they’re able to spend more time with their children. The best part is that they’re not feeling trapped at home detached from the outside “adult” world, they’re connecting online and building a small business. No mom should have to sacrifice her dreams to raise a child, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do both really well because we all know a happy, emotionally fulfilled mom is a better parent all around.

I think you’ll enjoy some of these prints from her shop. Thank you Lindsay for sharing your work with us and for telling me about your blog, which I’m clicking over to visit el pronto!

(images from lindsay art)

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Color Me Monday: Yellow + White

January 14, 2008

I really enjoy writing Take Five Tuesdays so I’ve decided to keep it going for the rest of 2008 and to add a fun column to run on Mondays called Color Me Monday. This one will be themed around a specific color or a palette that I’m currently inspired by showcasing things that I like from pretty rooms to flower arrangements, fashion, and anything else that I would own if my wallet were fatter and my home larger. Monday isn’t a day that we love to face so my goal is to cheer you up and get the week started off right with a dose of color. Oh, and please visit your etsy friends over in the left column on Monday because I’ll feature items in the chosen color/s for additional inspiration. Yay! Okay, nuff ‘splaining, time for getting down to business. :) Today I’m feeling bright splashes of yellow with a touch of crisp white because as I look out of my window, all I see is white snow yet all I can imagine are bright yellow daffodils popping up to replace the big freeze in just a few more months…

Color Me Monday: Yellow + WhiteColor Me Monday: Yellow + WhiteColor Me Monday: Yellow + WhiteTop image: Tibi Silk jersey dress, Sundrop lamp from Anthropologie, Dwell Studios Jack Lemon embroidered boudoir pillow from Design Public, OFFI Dachshund My Pet lamp, Huomenta two-toned table, and my favorite for Spring — Tory Burch flats.

Middle: Mums and daisies from Real Simple, beads pillow in lemon and bamboo pillow from Weego Home.

Bottom: Pretty work area from Domino magazine, Slim eatin’ in this narrow but nice kitchen as seen in Living Etc magazine, the stunning cow parsley wallpaper featured in Real Simple magazine (my goal is to someday have this paper in my house, I can’t stop thinking about it), and yellow and white bookcases – such a great idea again from Domino.

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(images credited in links beneath collages.)

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Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery

January 14, 2008

I have a few pretty spaces to show you today, the first is of a modern nursery in Vancouver, Canada. I rarely feature kid’s design but since these parents use many things that can be placed in an adult space, such as independent art and a fantastic tile rug, all can find inspiration from this colorful nursery. The space belongs to Tracy Harvey-Chan and her husband Francis Chan, Tracy proudly expressed that Francis was just as responsible for the design as she was. It’s great to see both parents having equal input on the design and I love that they teamed up to pull it together.
Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery
And if you wonder why there’s a sofa vs. a chair, well this first pregnancy is quite exciting for them as they’re expecting twin girls, hence the sofa for both parents to spend time with their little cuties. Let’s visit the Chan nursery, shall we? I asked Tracy a few questions…

decor8: Tell us about your inspiration…
Tracy: The walls were white and we weren’t allowed to paint, so we wanted to create a sense of nature and warmth. We started to do this through color – woodsy browns, mossy greens and sky blues, the reclaimed lumber shelf and the animal theme which runs throughout. We also liked the mix of modern, clean lines with the antique, ornate frames and shelf.

decor8: What was the first thing you picked up for this room?
Tracy: The first would be the squirrel painting which was given to us by a good friend, in fact all the art came before any of the necessities!

decor8: How did you decide on the colors?
Tracy: We started to decorate before we knew genders, so we wanted gender neutral colors that weren’t typical baby colors. We wanted muted colors that were drawn from nature rather than pink, blue or yellow.

Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery
decor8: Where did you find most items?
Tracy: The art came from several different artists on Etsy, the Numbers poster from Binth, antique stores, our friend Lara painted the squirrel, an old Richard Scarry book and our first Ultrasound. The baby furniture is from the Oeuf line and the carpet tiles are from Flor.

decor8: What are your 5 favorite pieces?
Tracy: The wooden plank shelf (from reclaimed lumber), ALL the art, especially the first ultrasound photo, 3. the throw (stag print) which covers the sofa is made by David Fussenegger, an Austrian designer, 4. The Jonathan Adler giraffe lamp, and 5. the stuffies above the crib (I believe this is a local artist, but unfortunately cannot remember the name).

Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery
decor8: Where do you like to shop online?
Tracy: Etsy!

decor8: Where do you click when you’re looking for design ideas and inspiration?
Tracy: Swiss Miss, Cookie magazine, Design Mom, and Fine Little Day. Most of these blogs have links to other baby type sites – an endless list to get lost in!

decor8: Any Vancouver stores you suggest for baby gear in your local hood?
Tracy: Crocodile Baby, Modern Kid, TJ’s Kids, Dandelion Kids and the Inhabit Shop.

Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery
Thank you Tracy and Francis for allowing us into this great nursery, lovely job pulling it together! Congratulations on your pregnancy, yay!

(images by tracy harvey-chan)

Fashion + Accessories

Have a Nice Weekend!

January 11, 2008

It’s Friday so it’s time to sign off for now and go play a bit… I wish you all a lovely weekend and I hope that you’ll make time for yourself – paint, reupholster, draw, cook, just get out there and find something creative to do so that by the time nasty Monday rolls around, you’ll feel all good about yourself and stuff. ;)

Have a Nice Weekend!
So for now, I’ll leave you with a few links and some pretty photos showing the darling work of jewelry designer Halligan Norris who I discovered via the talented Liz from @home Vintage General in Savannah (store tour here in the Savannah shopping guide). It’s obvious Halligan attended SCAD because her work is exceptional, I can’t stop looking at all the details in her product shots, she’s quite a talented young lady.

Have a Nice Weekend!

More links to love:

Adam Smith, who comes highly recommended by Halligan. He is a jewelry artist too.
Paul Isabella furniture.
A NYC couple moves to Boston’s Chinatown (house tour on NYTimes).
Great resource for Shweshwe textiles online.
Vintage bathing suits from the 1920s to the 1960s from Petrie Point Designs.
Crafty Blog School from Feeling Stitchy. Learn how to start your own craft blog here.
Jaime Beattie and her beautiful work (and website).
Gorgeous paper wreaths from Haru.
New Kokka fabrics from Purl.
2008 Licensing Workshops in NYC and SF via Rachel Perls.
Sia Some people have real problems – great music, you have to check her out.
Wanna laugh? Click here and turn up your speakers!

So I’ll met ya back here on Monday morning for another week of drooling over all things design. Until then, so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

(images from halligan norris)

Shopping + Products

Rian Rae

January 11, 2008

Jeni Crawford contacted me last month in regards to her charming new store Rian Rae, which she calls, “The online version of the store that I would like to open someday.” Jeni has an eye for beauty and her eclectic mix is a fresh and cohesive blend of old and new finds. It takes a lot of confidence to open a store and present your “best of” list to the world – you hope your customers will walk away feeling the same about your finds as you do. Jeni’s collection is a delight, she will no doubt develop quite a following with such exquisite taste. Congrats, Jeni!

Rian Rae
Peeking through her offerings, I couldn’t help but notice all the texture, subdued hues, and the general nature theme she has going on – everything feels so casual yet so very sophisticated, and she has some of the best lighting ever at all price points. Jeni told me that Rian Rae is a work in progress so you can visit the site daily and expect to find new items.

Rian Rae
Here are some of my top picks: The crochet throw and pendant lighting (love the airy feel and oh so tactile!), French crinkle pendant (reminds me of Paris), Scandinavian stag head (I’m not even a big fan of animal heads on the wall, but I would totally own this), and the beverage dispenser (we had one of those at our wedding for sangria).

Rian Rae
Thank you for sharing your new shop with us Jeni, we’re inspired and happy to see unique and beautiful pieces!

(imags from rian rae)

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Samantha Lamb {photography}

January 10, 2008

Designers and other creative types draw inspiration from everything, especially the natural world – there is so much outside of your own front door to explore and love. So many patterns, colors, textures await you — we’re so lucky to live in a world filled with the beauty that we sometimes take for granted. What inspires you about where you live?

Samantha Lamb {photography}An inspiring series, If Trees Will Talk.

For photographer Samantha Lamb, it’s the beautiful farm she lives on in Oklahoma where she captures the beauty of everyday life in a way that is almost poetic. She appreciates her life there, and it shows. Sam’s work will keep you staring at your screen envisioning Spring days spent in golden fields of wheat under a big blue sky – go ahead, see for yourself…

Samantha Lamb {photography} This series is called The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress.
Samantha Lamb {photography}From Faceless portraiture of a Country Girl.

Sam sells her work if you are interested, nearly everything you see is available in a range of sizes and prices start at $25. If you view her photos on Flickr, you’ll quickly learn that she loves to shoot according to a theme and she groups each theme into sets. Most of her photos come complete with a thought or short story below them as she’s clearly a storyteller at heart. I can imagine that Sam could pull together several beautiful books on Country life in a second using her stories and captivating photos (a publisher seriously needs to contact her!). I’m so happy to have discovered this talented lady and I hope you find joy by viewing her work today, too.

(images from samantha lamb photography)

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