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February 2008

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Amy Walsh

February 27, 2008

More beautiful art to fall in love with today, this time from Philadelphia-based artist Amy Walsh. Amy wrote in about her work this afternoon and I was delighted to see it as I’d not heard about her before and really enjoy the colors and arrangements of things she pulls together for her mixed media collages. Amy recently completed a series of twelve designs which comprise “Beastiarium” which is a collection of oddball creatures that are hybrids of animals, plants and sea creatures. The entire series is currently available in her etsy shop. What a fascinating body of work!

Amy Walsh Cabinet 4 is my personal favorite.

I can’t help but notice this trend in the art world right now of printing on pages from vintage books or sheet music. Amy uses books from the 1800’s. It’s a clever way to reuse something that otherwise may go unnoticed or worse, be discarded. Have you spotted this to, prints on pages? I like seeing all the mini trends out there… I often wonder where they originated and why other artists decide to pick it up, what inspired them about printing on vintage pages? Maybe Amy can stop in and answer this question for us. Amy if you’re there, I’d love to know more… Perhaps you can comment below?

(images from amy walsh)

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Pearl Bell Tableware

February 27, 2008

These plates are fantastic! Pearl wrote to me today about Pearl Bell, her collection of classy lady plates, cups, and saucers and I knew I had to feature them. I love that feeling, when designers write to me and the moment I click on their link I get butterflies. It’s so exciting to come across interesting work, so thank you Pearl.

Pearl Bell Tableware

She’ll soon be expanding her tableware collection to include animals (like the little owl you see above), but for now it’s all about the ladies! Even though you can dine on these, I’d prefer hanging them on a wall as art, but that’s just me. My favorites are the mostly white plates… And I love seeing fashion illustration on ceramics. Thank you Pearl for your submission, your work is really tops!

(images from pearl bell)


Australian Design Magazines {obsessed!}

February 27, 2008

I’ve become obsessed with Australian shelter magazines, design and art. One of my top 5 dream travel destinations is Sydney, I can’t imagine landing there and saying, “Oh what a boring waste of time!”. Everything about it appeals to me, from its modern architecture, gorgeous beaches, laid back vibe (at least that’s how I imagine it), international cuisine, art, nature, the diverse background of its people… What an envied lifestyle.

Australian Design Magazines {obsessed!} Photo taken by Little Beary Li of Real Living magazine.

With so much great design happening in Australia, I’d love to round up some of my favorites on decor8 so if you have suggestions for me please either comment below or email your tips to: decor8blog AT I already have a few on my list, but I value the opinions of those who have either traveled there or who live in Australia so if you feel like helping me out I welcome it very much! Aussie bloggers Modamuse and Madeit have already come in very handy in my research, great blogs to bookmark…

And when it comes to Australian design magazines, I’m hooked. Australian Vogue Living, Real Living, and Inside Out, they’re so beautiful. I adore the rooms that they feature because they seem to always have this beachy chic vibe, a combination of stylish urban interiors, bohemian meets the sea… Clean, fresh, colorful, lots of organic elements — inspiring! A decor8 reader who is also an editor over at Inside Out magazine sent me an amazing gift pack last year of about 4 of their issues which thrilled me because you can’t find them in the states. So to that editor I say thank you because she gave me a new perspective on design down under.

Australian Design Magazines {obsessed!} Photo from Anastasiac on Flickr. Years ago I took a summer job as a model and talent scout for a Boston modeling school. Cheesy job, but I loved being 22 with my own office downtown where I’d meet with aspiring models and attend fun parties. It was so glamorous on the surface anyway. On the wall behind my desk, I did exactly what this girl is doing here. I “wallpapered” it with images from my favorite fashion magazines. Cindy, Niki, Iman, the all had their place on my wall. Funny thing is, I started a trend because soon after, other agents started their own fashion walls. This photo made me laugh because not only is this idea a blast from the past, but I guess I was ahead of the curve 13 years ago! :) But I can’t say I invented the idea because people have been doing this sort of thing forever – especially teenagers in their bedroom with rock and kitten posters. What I love about the grouping above is that the homeowner is following a theme of greens and blues so it’s a cohesive arrangement vs. chaotic. I’d love to finish this by having a clear sheet of plexiglass cut and installed over it so that the edges lie flat and remain dust-free.

Anyway, if you have some Australian designers, artists, or bloggers that you love please let me know so I can include them in my future round up. I’d hate to miss anyone!

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DwellStudio Wall Art Collection {new}

February 27, 2008

Hot off the press! That’s right, DwellStudio has expanded beyond bedding, soft toys, and table linens. They’re going for room domination now as they’ve just added wall art to their nursery collection. How fun! These prints are pretty cute, it makes coordinating everything for the nursery so much easier for new parents if you’re into themes, that is. Some parents are, some aren’t. But in case you like this sort of thing, DwellStudio is your one stop shop for baby.

DwellStudio Wall Art Collection {new}
What’s next? Rugs? Tiles? Clothing? Diaper bags? Whatever they think of next, I’m sure it will be another big hit. It’s great to see them bringing their graphics to walls everywhere. Nice work, Dwell!

(image from design public)

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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

February 27, 2008

I can’t wait to show you a few of my favorite Etsy stores for this week. If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to catch up on your reading. This week, it’s all about paper, felt, paint, and a dash of fabric. Oh wait, that’s pretty much every week! :) Hope you like these finds, I had fun pulling them together.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays Kiki & Polly. What a beautiful shop this is! The artist, Lisa Golightly (love her last name) is based in Portland, OR and has such a soft, delicate touch to her work, I’m so fond of it. She also does custom paintings of children in a style very similar to Claudine Hellmuth, another artist I love. Fabulous work, Lisa! Can I order one of everything?

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays SanFran67. Helen Musselwhite is based in the UK and does some wonderful things with a scalpel and paper! Everything in her shop is original and handmade, oh and did I mention affordable? Helen is such a creative inspiration. I must highlight how greatly I appreciate her efforts in showing the work in an actual space. I can’t stress how important this is for sellers, it really makes a difference in sales. Helen, great job.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays Reyart. Handfelted birch bark bowls and pebbles, paintings, brooches, necklaces… Reya, a self-taught artist living in the Netherlands, clearly has talent and a great sense of style. Her items sell out quickly though, so if you see something you like, grab it or better yet, add her store to your RSS feed. Great tip for any etsy store you’d like to stalk on a regular basis. :)

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays Three words for ya. The Mincing Mockingbird. What can I say? This guy is genius. I love his work, it cracks me up. You have to at least visit his shop and buy a magnet or two even if you don’t need one of his fabulous bird portraits. Some of these are too funny. For reals.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays Modiste Me. This shop features a delightful mix of of handmade items created by Canadian Julie Scott. “Modiste” is French for a “seamstress” or “dressmaker” and as Julie puts it, “It reflects both my French heritage and my creative pursuits”. Great work, Julie!

(images above linked in this post)


Design for Mankind Blog

February 27, 2008

Design for Mankind, who is also the decor8 blog of the week, just released her second issue of monthly e-zine Inspiration. It looks so nice, I’m looking forward to reading it soon myself and I’m so proud of her hard work — way to go Erin!

Design for Mankind Blog
Click here to download your free copy! Yay!

(image from design for mankind)

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