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March 2008

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Yellow Monday

March 13, 2008

Linda’s work appeared on decor8 last year but I thought I’d remind you again of the lovely Linda Kruger who is a video producer by day and an artist by night living in Sydney, Australia. I find her work delightful and would like to share a glimpse into some of her latest creations with you.

Yellow Monday
I especially enjoy seeing these framed and that Linda takes the time to do so over in her shop called Yellow Monday. I wondered where her business name came from and learned that Yellow Monday is a cicada native to Australia. What I like about Linda’s work is that her hand is obvious despite the use of digital color and texture because most of what she does starts off as a drawing or painting and then evolves through layering and reworking digitally. Although I like work that is 100% digital, I always favor what is created by hand a little more, but that’s just a personal preference above anything else. Neither is better art to me. I think what grabs me about work by hand is that you can see the progress made whereas most digital work does’t leave a trace of its past, mistakes included. That’s why I appreciate that Linda begins work on her table, you can still see these lines in the finished piece and that appeals to me. She skillfully merges the best of both worlds and I appreciate the results very much. Nicely done!

(images from yellow monday)

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Lisa Cohen {photography}

March 12, 2008

The internet is such a rabbit hole and down I jumped immediately after viewing the portfolio of Melanie Molesworth. It was there that I discovered two talented photographers, Lisa Cohen and Lina Ikse Bergman. I’d like to share Lisa’s work with you because I find the story of how she got started as a photographer very inspirational as the unfolding of it all was quite organic and it’s something I can closely relate to in my own life since I’ve not followed typical paths myself. For her and other creative types out there it so often isn’t about finding one particular career in life and sticking to only that, instead it’s about exploring several paths and doing what you love today. If that changes in 5 years, well so be it.

Lisa Cohen {photography}
Lisa has a creative eye that was trained from spending several years working as an Interior Stylist in London and then she went on to become a Decoration Editor over at British House & Garden. Working alongside so many talented photographers and designers created in her a fascination with the finished work and how one obtains the perfect photo – conveying the right mood, proper lighting, balancing layout and composition, working within an environment to create a moment that is captured perfectly on film.

Lisa Cohen {photography}Lisa Cohen {photography}
Lisa decided that photography was her calling, now quite evident as you look at her body of work, and proceeded to develop her skills and eye to the point of launching her own studio. She has now worked all over the world shooting the homes of inspirational people to, “create images of how many of us would love to live,” Lisa says. She trained her eye through several different careers and has now established herself as a successful photographer. Isn’t that inspiring?

Lisa Cohen {photography}
On another topic (though related), I’m sure some of you have stories to share about the merging of paths and how the career you started off in didn’t lead to what you decided to pursue long term. It’s interesting to sit down sometimes and sketch a diagram, nothing complicated — more of a flowchart, showing your starting point (birth) and where you are today. I did this just recently as a fun exercise and discovered some interesting bits about myself along with revealing a few patterns that I hadn’t noticed before. Often these diagrams help when we’re unsure of taking the next step, so give it a try and see what this creative exercise reveals to you. Perhaps there’s an inner photographer, teacher, artist, writer, interior designer in you waiting to break forth. Or maybe you’ll learn that where you are today is your perfect spot and the exercise will confirm that fact for you, handy to remember during times when you’re full of self-doubt.

Please note: Many of the images here and on Lisa’s website are available for purchase, please contact her directly for more information. lisa AT

(photography by lisa cohen)


Melanie Molesworth {Interior Stylist}

March 12, 2008

Melanie Molesworth is a freelance Interior Stylist who recently contacted me to share her portfolio. I thought you may find it inspiring since she’s worked on a few of the beautiful rooms we’ve seen in Livingetc magazine.

Melanie Molesworth {Interior Stylist} Notice the legs on the pink chair. :)
Photographer: Lisa Cohen, Key Magazine.

Melanie Molesworth {Interior Stylist} Photographer: Lisa Cohen, Livingetc.

I’m always excited when stylists reach out to me because I think that working for a magazine in that role must be challenging and a great push for a stylist to stay on top of trends and to constantly look for new creative ways to display things. Sometimes I see decorators and interior designers get stuck in ruts and continue to produce the same look over and over again, nothing that new or original. The same sofa flanked by end tables, a coffee table, zebra rug, and a stack of books somewhere topped with a shell. Then they move onto the next client and they pretty much get the same sofa-table-zebra-shell treatment. Although it’s important to have a signature look that defines your style as a professional in any field of design, it’s equally important to challenge yourself and learn new things to avoid creative stagnation.

Melanie Molesworth {Interior Stylist}Melanie Molesworth {Interior Stylist} Both images above photographed by Lina Ikse Bergman for Key magazine.

Melanie shows a great range and creativity and I really like her work. I’ll have to follow her blog regularly to check in on her projects. Thank you Melanie for writing in!

(images credited above)

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Ferm Living Event + decor8 Events Listing on Thursdays

March 12, 2008

Turquoise will soon play host to the fabulous Ferm Living by celebrating their one year anniversary in a few weeks (date TBD). Ferm Living will display their wallpaper line in the Turquoise showroom along with some exciting new products and to sip some delicious cocktails. Please email Vanessa De Vargas AT for details and to be added to the guest list.

Ferm Living Event + decor8 Events Listing on Thursdays

By the way, what’s going on in your part of the world? If you are attending an art or design-related event, or if there’s a great new store or gallery you’d like to share with others, please email me with the details so I can include it in the new decor8 Thursday Events: Art + Design Near You round up on decor8 appearing weekly kicking off on March 20th.

All events and announcements need to be linked to a website where complete details can be found since the decor8 mention will only include show name, location, date, and time, along with a link to the website.

Please contact me no sooner than 10 days in advance. Emails that arrive weeks or months in advance will not post since I receive over 1,200 lovely letters during the average work week and I run decor8 alone so there’s no way I can remember your event if you send it that far in advance.

Please contact me at decor8blog AT (no phone calls, please) with the subject EVENT or NEW STORE/GALLERY in the title. Please include website and a link to your site or blog so that I can tip my hat to you in the post.

Thank you!

(image from ferm living)

Etsy Faves

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

March 12, 2008

Silver white winters that melt into Spring, these are a few of my favorite things… From Etsy of course! Here are my Etsy finds for the week and if you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to play catch up. Enjoy!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays I really like Bread + Butter. Sorry, had to say that. Anyway, Bread + Butter is a fun collective of artists and designers in Brooklyn who appear to have a mild obsession with fonts and a good time designing great cards and prints. If I had a shop, I’d carry their paper products for sure.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays I really like it when photographers experiment with toys, dolls, action figures, and miniatures — it fascinates me for some reason, could be because these little things often tell stories and when I look at them I start to imagine tales of my own. Erin Tyner is a photographer in Atlanta, Georgia that I really like, her perspective is unique and in addition to her miniature series I also like her macro work.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays Anna Ruby King is an Australian living in Athens with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts who loves maps, fabric, nature, scientific drawings and diagrams, and illustrations. In her shop you’ll find carefully created envelopes, cards, fabric patches, and original pencil and gouache artwork that reflects all of the things in life she enjoys the most. Such pretty work.

Etsy Take Five TuesdaysEtsy Take Five Tuesdays
Ever since I spotted Rosie Music in Mexico City last year I’ve been a constant fan. I love seeing what this girl is up to and her recent experiments with real wood totally caught my eye this week. It’s handmade in Mexico by a small company that re-cycles wood from already cut trees to create these extremely thin slices of wood veneer. I like the idea of printing on wood paper, it’s such a great look and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more Etsy artists started to adopt this technique. Less renewable and unrenewable resources are used to manufacture this material than what is required to make ordinary paper if you can believe it. It would be a nice addition to all the prints we’re seeing on white paper and recycled book pages.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays These cards are from ReLove Projects out of Boulder and remind me a lot of the designs I see coming out of Berlin and Amsterdam of floral patterned animals created from retro paper or fabric. I’ve been noticing lately that many artists are starting to experiment with silhouette or cut outs of animals, girls, and letters incorporating fabric or wallpaper. I like this very much, great work ReLove.

(images linked above to sources)

Shopping + Products

H is for Home

March 11, 2008

H is for Home is a new online store with lots of terrific handmade and vintage finds. Their Product Sets are a super smart idea because they show their items living together in an actual space, you can then click on the photo you like and beneath it find many of the items for sale. Brilliant idea! A great sales idea for sure. So many need to see a product to get a sense of scale and to see how it looks in a home.

H is for Home My favorite item is the 1960s bedside lamp, I adore the wooden base.

H is for HomeH is for HomeH is for Home
Psst: They store has a great blog, too.

(images from h is for home)

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