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Fishs Eddy Spring Sale {50% off}

Fishs Eddy is having a tempting sale where you can save 50% on a wide range of ceramics for the home. These woodgrain plates featuring woodland critters are only $6 each, the pitcher (perfect for flowers) is $16, and the bird on a wire cake stand is also only $16 (cake stands are great for displaying pillar candles too).

Of course, my favorites are still the Dirty Dishes designed by Cynthia Rowley that have been around for awhile now but I’m still charmed by them. Also 50% off, you can view the entire Dirty Dish collection here.

(images from fishs eddy)

Posted in Handmade, reader discounts, Rooms on April 14, 2008

Restless Things {Olivia Jeffries}

Olivia Jeffries just released 4 limited edition prints today in the Restless Things Shop, all are signed and ready to go. Of course, these are in addition to her current works, which are equally enchanting…

I’ve talked about her on decor8 before but in case you’re new here, Olivia obtained her BA in Printmaking and Photomedia from the Norwich School of Art and Design in the UK. She’s currently pursuing exhibition opportunities both nationally and internationally, so if you are a store or gallery coordinating an event please contact her directly. I’d love to see her work visit us here in New England! Olivia also maintains a blog so her fans can keep up with her, it’s called Sweet as a Loon Bird.

(images from olivia jeffries)

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Have a Great Weekend!

I’m signing off now, yeah you’ve guessed it – date night with my boy. But I first want to thank you for participating on decor8 this week whether you left a comment simply stating that you liked something or maybe you left one a bit deeper than that, each comment means a lot to me and to fellow readers. So thank you so much for taking time to hang out with me here.

1. A tote bag for $17 from Target purchased by the lovely Shim + Sons, who also has a beautiful blog and a new store. 2. New Amy Butler fabric is in over at Starlit Nest, buy 10 yards of any Midwest Modern print and get 3 yards free. 3. A cupcake made by Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake in Sydney, Australia. 4. This photo called Hands Collection is from bricolagelife who also maintains a shop on etsy. Doesn’t this give you a good idea for the weekend? Photograph objects together that relate to one another.

Good Links:

Blogger Leslie has a lot to say about sheep and some funny words on the expression, “pop” of color and thought her post was hilarious and worth sending you over to, “We?re all pretty bad about being sheep. The blagosphere is no different. I?m starting to become curious in a pretentious amateur microsociologist way how certain trends start. Like where is the actual nexus for these things? Who is the original disease carrier and who are the most active spreaders. I think it?s Apartment Therapy and Decor8 respectively. If Decor8 blogs something hold on to your f**ing hat because it?ll be on every blog within 24 hours.” You can read more here.

20% off sale at Twig, use code HAPPY_BDAY at checkout. Offer ends April 18th.

Creative Thursday’s Marisa Haedike now has her work at Urban Outfitters in both America and Europe. Yay!

Val?rie Parizeault of The Montreal Craft Mafia told me that they’re now accepting applications for their June event so click here to learn more.

Seattle: The Lab: An Evening With Matte Stephens hosted by Velocity Art & Design. A local meet-up on open to the public for creative thinking, networking, and inspiration. Wednesday, April 16th 6-8 pm, details here. And side note, way to go Matte on your relocation from Alabama to Seattle — All the best!

Chicago: Advance notice for all of you lucky enough to live close to this event. Jayson Home & Garden is hosting an outdoor European Flea Market filled with vintage finds. Event takes place April 18-20, details here.

Boston: Mark your calendars ladies for April 28 when you are invited to a free meet up for creative ladies in Boston called the Boston Design Salon, who also just launched a new blog. April’s event will feature Doreen Hing of Plank Designs and Michele Yeeles of Bobs Your Uncle. Event details here.

Feel More Human just launched and I was told that it’s, “a new online destination that mixes shopping for modern products with original editorial content”. Doesn’t that pretty much sum up a blog? Well regardless, the site looks pretty slick so check it out.

What one blogger has to say about the What To Do Series…

Me over at Real Simple this week talking about patios, stray dogs and cleaning supplies.

I’ll be back for another week of decor8 on Monday and Tuesday where you’ll hear from Lisa Congdon, Irene Hoofs from Bloesem, and my husband Thorsten Becker with their thoughts on What To Do… with a few more of our friends joining us on Tuesday to wrap up the series. Of course, all that mixed in with the usual decor8 content (pretty things!) so if you’d like to meet me back here on Monday, please do. :)

Bad News: Remember my post on Deyrolle in Paris about a year ago? The shop suffered a massive fire recently, blog reader Hazel just told me the terrible news. I’m so very sad for the owner as his collection isn’t something you can easily replace. Translated version here.

(images linked to their source above)

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Diana Brennan Photography – 10% Discount

I really like photographer Diana Brennan. She’s an interesting, sweet and all around genuine person. She’s a nature lover too, like so many of us. Her photos are a study of natural history as she shoots in museums and I find them so interesting, I even grabbed my husband and showed him her photos because her subject matter isn’t typical and I like that it sets her apart from the pack. It made me think of natural history museums as a bit more of an exciting place to spend an afternoon too. I plan to bring my camera and use the lens as a more creative way to view displays going forward.

Last Fall I was at the Landesmuseum in Hannover and saw an amazing exhibit that I liked so much that I stayed in the exhibition hall for nearly 2 hours just gazing into the display cases. I wish I had taken photos and I remember being annoyed that I had forgotten my trust camera as I stood there amidst so many inspiring displays. If you’re in Hannover anytime soon the exhibit runs until May and is called Fantastische Riesen und bizarre Zwerge – Fr?chte und Samen der Sammlung Erika Schmidt which was all about large and small seed pods found all over the world curated by Prof. Dr. Erika Schmidt from the Institut f?r Landschaftsarchitektur in Dresden. I think if Diana Brennan could see this exhibit she’d be moved to photograph it for her own collection of photos because the seed pods, illustrations, and watercolors were amazing. I had never been so moved at a natural history museum before.

If you are interested in Diana’s work, she’s offering decor readers an exclusive 10% discount if you mention decor8 during checkout in the comments box. At that point, you’ll need to wait a few moments and Diana will send you a revised invoice (of how I wish Etsy would allow stores to create discount codes!).

Thank you Diana for sharing your fascinating and wonderful photography.

(images from diana brennan)

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