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Warp Weft Co. {patio umbrellas}

I’ve been working on a gardening piece for the Boston Globe and I thought I’d share a little something I discovered during my research. Now these make me excited, as in so excited that I want to run outside and create the ultimate patio space… If only I had a patio. Just look at these umbrellas!

They can be purchased from Warp Weft Co. in Charleston, South Carolina owned by Alison Childress. I grew up just north of Charleston so I connect to lots of the designs that come out of the south on quite a person level. My eyes just about popped out when I saw her collection of patio umbrellas.

The flamenco one with all those blue ruffles is my favorite and I love the black and white umbrella with the lattice print being a second runner up. Imagine one on a patio – absolutely patio perfection.

(image from warp weft co)

Posted in outdoors on April 10, 2008

Design Meet Up in Oklahoma City

I’m just putting this out there based on an earlier comment received by reader Lauren Keller of Echo Design, a small interior design company located in Oklahoma City. Lauren is looking to start a small meet up in her city to connect with other creative types. If you are interested, please contact Lauren directly through her blog right here. Thanks Lauren for commenting with this idea. I like the idea of connecting others through decor8, it’s a good one!

Posted in uncategorized on April 09, 2008

Stylist Camille Soulayrol

Stylist Camille Soulayrol was briefly mentioned earlier today but her work is far to beautiful to not show you more here on decor8.

Camille delights in the placement of objects to tell stories and designs things for Marie-Claire Idees magazines, styles them just so, and then her stories come alive through the pages of French home/craft mag Marie-Claire Idees. The magazine is in French and has a large following in Europe with more and more Americans showing interest as each page is a mentally stimulating feast. Some of the ideas are so imaginative, others are simply a different perspective on something we may have been doing for years like decoupaging furniture or stenciling the top of a table.

Camille also writes for the magazine and has developed more personal projects to include books on love, food poetry, and pretty Japanese books showcasing the homes of Parisian designers.

(images from camille soulayrol)

Posted in inspiration on April 09, 2008


This week I’m inspired by the blog and flickr photos of nabefabric, a graphic designer in France. I like the pretty things she creates for her home, including frame pieces of some of her favorite pieces of Farrow & Ball wallpaper. I also think her kitchen is so sweet looking, very minimal but there’s still lots of character in there and it feels so warm and inviting.

I also like lots of the pretty things she blogs about under the same name Nabefabric, also the decor8 blog of the week. You should visit it, it’s so pretty… And filled with wonderful links to things that inspire her work that you may enjoy as well like:

The paintings of Toronto-based fine artist Holly Farrell
who I just noticed is represented by the Chase Gallery in Boston.



Ceramic pins to adorn your clothing from Dutch designers
Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

British product designer Christine Misiak who designs tea sets she finds and rejuvenates into elegant one-of-a-kind pieces to celebrate the old and new, the past and present. Lighting and things from Malin Lundmark.

UK artist and designer Magie Hollingworth.

French artist Lyndie Dourthe, a person with work I’d love to see live with my own eyes. Wow.

If you like some of these things above, you’ll adore Nabefabric. Visit her blog and enjoy all the new finds you’ll discover. Have fun!

(images from nabefabric, others linked above to their source.)

Posted in Bloggers on April 09, 2008


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