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April 2008


Enna *New* Wall Decals

April 17, 2008

Remember last Fall when I took you on a tour of Enna’s shop in Hannover, Germany (tour here)? I remember the reaction from readers when they saw the darling wall of trees that she hand painted using stencils cut from cardboard.

Enna *New* Wall DecalsThis is her hand painted wall of trees in her shop.

In fact, we did a little workshop together when I was over there where we created stencils using pizza and cereal boxes and stamps out of foam and did some printing on fabric — it was so much fun. I can’t wait to go back this year to do more creative projects with her, especially since there’s a yummy Portuguese bakery next door to her shop and we like to get goodies there for snacking as we work. :)

Enna *New* Wall DecalsThese are the new decals she’s made so customers can duplicate the look.

Due to an overwhelming amount of readers and friends asking how to duplicate the look on their own wall, Enna has created a line of wall decals so you can just peel and stick trees all over your walls, arranging them how she has in her shop or you can stick just one or two around wherever you please. I think it would be cute to stick a row of trees at the very bottom of a window or glass door.

Enna *New* Wall DecalsEnna *New* Wall Decals
In addition to trees, she created other decals like apples and daschunds that are available in both her Dawanda shop and in her Etsy store.

(top image taken by holly becker, all others from anne wendlandt)


Let’s Shop London!

April 17, 2008

An occasional guest writer here on decor8, you may best know Anh-Minh Le as the Bay area Co-Editor for Apartment Therapy San Francisco. Over the past few years I’ve grown to really like this lady — she’s smart, a great writer, and the girl has a serious travel bug so I love learning about some of her adventures. She just got back from London and asked if she could pull together a little post for decor8 documenting her journey from shop to shop and I couldn’t refuse! I’ll let Anh-Minh take it from here…

Let’s Shop London
By: Anh-Minh Le

Seriously, I don?t know if a morning in London could get more perfect than this:

Breakfast at Tom?s Kitchen (a late-ish breakfast, that is, since I was on vacation afterall!); A stroll down the block to Cath Kidston?s Chelsea location; Crossing the street to check out the goods at Neisha Crosland?s shop; Making my way over to The Conran Shop in the Michelin Building; Walking the short distance to Few and Far (which is owned by Terence Conran?s sister, Priscilla Carluccio); And, finally, oohing and aahing at all the lovely things at the Designers Guild store on King?s Road.

There was so much good design eye-candy, I just had to share! So here goes ?

Cath Kidston
Don?t let the small storefront of Kidston?s Chelsea outpost fool you: There?s plenty of wares inside, upstairs and in the larger downstairs space. I had to show some restraint here, since my suitcase didn?t have much room to spare. But I couldn?t leave London without a proper tea cosy, right?

Let's Shop London!
Let's Shop London!
Neisha Crosland
I am in awe of her work. Seriously, if the U.S. dollar wasn?t so weak ? and my husband wasn?t keeping a careful eye on me ? I think I would have walked out of the store with rolls and rolls of fabric and wallpaper. Although you can purchase some of her designs online at Fabrics and Papers, I haven?t spotted her pillows and lampshades anywhere else. Tip: There are goods stocked in every nook and cranny of this small shop. I spied some very cool pillows on sale, as well as a stack of remnant fabrics. The cheapest piece was ?5 and was enough to sew together your own pillow. Not such a bad deal.

Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!
The Conran Shop

The outdoor living collection recently launched here, so the display in the entry was pretty and colorful. Very spring/summer!

Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!
Few and Far
How cool is this: Carluccio opened this store just this February ? and she?s in her 70s. According to a Daily Candy write-up on the place, she ?has been a driving force behind The Conran Shop and Habitat stores for years ? Find trinkets for the home alongside jewelery, handmade clothing, vintage toys, quirky stationery, scented candles, baskets, hand-blown glass and silk flowers, all of which are offered in limited quantities.? And the people working there? They were as nice as can be, even offering us complimentary espressos.

Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!
Designers Guild
One of the things I love best about this store is how Tricia Guild has taken iconic pieces of furniture and updated them with her gorgeous textiles. By the way, this is one of those shops where you?ll want to spend quite a bit of time ? going up and down the stairs, in and out of every room, over and over again ? to make sure you didn?t miss anything.

Let's Shop London!Let's Shop London!
And that concludes my mini-virtual tour of some of the shops I visited during my recent trip to London! – Anh-Minh Le.

(photography: Anh-Minh Le.)

Arts + Crafts, Rooms

Mark Lund Photography + Homeroom Studio

April 16, 2008

Lots of eye candy for you today! I have a crush on Mark Lund, well at least his work anyway. Whenever I see it, I instantly know it must be him and when I check the image credits I’m usually right. I’m sure you do the same thing with some of your favorite photographers, too.

Mark Lund Photography + Homeroom Studio
I first discovered Mark in the pages of Real Simple magazine, but he works for lots of high profile clients so I’m sure you’ve spotted his photography in some of your favorite magazines and advertisements too. In addition to Mark Lund Photography where he shoots interiors and such, he also runs Homeroom Studio in New York City (pictures of his studio space here), where he is the director of photography. Homeroom Studio deals mostly with in-studio still life product photography.

Mark Lund Photography + Homeroom Studio
Mark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom StudioMark Lund Photography + Homeroom Studio

Just look at some of his work, it’s glorious. I’m sure that you’ll instantly recognize some of it. And be sure to check out both of his websites for more beautiful imagery to inspire you today.

(all images from Mark Lund Photography + Homeroom Studio)


What To Do… Irene Hoofs {Bloesem}

April 16, 2008

Our What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do series continues today with a peek into the life of a fellow blogger, Irene Hoofs who runs both Bloesem and Bloesom Kids. Let’s see what the lovely Irene has to say about how she found her calling through blogging…

What To Do... Irene Hoofs {Bloesem}
Irene when I first met you, you were a graphic designer and Bloseom was more of an extra project of yours. But things have changed. What is your current career?

Actually that is a very difficult question? but I like to think of myself as a professional blogger. I write about crafts, design, art and all other beautiful things in life. Previously I worked as a graphic and web designer. And in a ?former life? I was a banker.

How do you think someone can find their spot in the world of design — you know, their true calling?

Follow your heart. Just do what you like to do. That is easier said than done but don?t be afraid of what others might say or think. If you don?t know exactly what it is that you like or want to do perhaps start by looking at other people?s work, and discover the things that make you happy, smile or just give you a positive feeling. A notebook might help with that. Soon you will discover a pattern of things and or activities you are drawn to most. Chances are that this is what you should do yourself as well. If you have to follow a course to learn how to ?create? then go for it, if you just want to start practicing yourself then that is also fine. Trial and error worked for me and is great fun, although it can be frustrating at times. As long as you experience joy in what you do or create that?s the most important step, and people will notice. And they will start appreciating you and your work just because they will see you are doing something with passion.

Pro blogging can sometimes feel very alone, just you and your computer. Most of your readers you will never meet. What about those out there who do not want to work alone everyday?

Don?t be afraid to work ?alone?, I think that is what you have to do at first, it is difficult to create something together if it has to come from your own heart, your inner person and expresses your feelings. Once your ?creation? is finished you can start collaborating with somebody, perhaps sharing the business side of things, selling, marketing etc. But start by being just you and by yourself, put on some music, watch your favorite show or enjoy the silence. This worked for me.

Do you feel that you found your calling and if so, how did you get there?

I definitely feel that I found mine, finally. I started while living in NY with my husband. With no work permit I spent my days by exploring the city and discovering shops in NY (not much budget so only window-shopping). Initially I was so overwhelmed by all the inspiration that NYC had to offer I was not quite sure what to do, although I had in the back of my mind the idea of starting something for myself. So I bought a camera, took a huge amount of pictures of everything I found interesting, made a journal and after doing this for a couple of weeks I knew what I wanted to do (or at least thought I knew), I decided to create my own line of stationery.

Why wasn’t stationery design your calling?

It proved quite a struggle and the whole production process was very intense and time consuming. I just wanted to create things. The whole production side of things was just not me. So gradually I moved from stationery design to graphic design and learned how to design and build websites. I just wanted to become completely ?self-sustainable? I guess. Doing something with crafts and design was always on my mind, and I realized I was not quite there where I wanted to be .so the search continued. During the following years I did all sorts of freelance projects, even got a part-time job at a photography agency in Amsterdam.

How did you get into blogging?

After discovering some beautiful design blogs (including yours, Holly), it all seemed to come together. My love for design and crafts as well as my interest in graphic and web design, so I thought this could be it. I think blogging is what I was supposed to do all along, surrounded by art and design all day and with a window to the world to write about my passions and ideas. Doing the web design for my two blogs, and last but not least, some do-it-yourself projects once in a while.

Do you have any extra thoughts that may benefit decor8 readers today?
I believe someone once said, very appropriately actually, ?Go confidently in the direction of your dreams? live the life you?ve imagined?. Looking back, perhaps unconsciously, I took the plunge in NY and although it took a few years to find my direction, I can certainly recommend it!

(image top: altered by me, original photo by Ez at Creature Comforts.)

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