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Happy Weekend!

May 31, 2008

It’s weekend time! Yay! I just love summer weekends, don’t you? What will you do? Road trip? Beach? Flea Market? I’m heading out for a few days, mostly likely going to the coast, so I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Happy Weekend!
This photograph was taken in our backyard by my husband Thorsten. We both love bees, this worker was quite active on our highbush cranberry shrub the other day. Go get ’em little guy. :) Notice the two large pollen sacs on each hind leg? I love all the details from the little fuzz to those tiny wings. There’s even a little pollen on the booty, shake, shake! Cuteness alert!

Talk to you soon, and have a lovely weekend!

(photography by thorsten becker)


My Atlanta

May 30, 2008

My friend and fellow blog pal Becky wants to take us away to her part of the world for a moment to show us around her hood in Atlanta, Georgia. She will return later this summer to blog about design reality television so stay tuned to read more from the Beckster in the near future. Are you to ready to meet her?

Hi, my name is Becky. A small number of you may know me from another blog I write called Hatch. I’d like to thank Holly for inviting me to contribute to decor8 from time to time. It’s a blog I’ve thoroughly enjoyed checking in on every day for a few years now! I used to badger Holly to host discussions after all the design TV shows, and because she will be leaving this summer for Germany (no American trash television over there), she’s going to let me lead future design TV show discussions here on decor8 with my personal observations. I think Top Design starts this summer so I’m looking forward to chatting with you all about the episodes.

My Atlanta
First I thought I’d introduce myself by giving you a glimpse into my beloved neighborhood, Virginia-Highland. It is located in the City of Atlanta, and it’s named after the intersection of Virginia Avenue and North Highland Avenue, which is my block. It’s full of charming Arts and Crafts bungalows and Victorian homes, as well as unique retail stores and restaurants. I can walk to go pick up anything I need, and this neighborhood is a perfect example of “old urbanism.” Old urbanism is what we had back at the turn of the century, and is what planners now call “new urbanism” when they emulate it today (see also “Seaside Florida” and “Smart Growth”).

The neighborhood is full of popular restaurants and shops. Unfortunately, it’s become such a popular destination that many of my favorites (I sorely miss Metropolitan Deluxe, 20th Century Antiques and the record store) have been forced out due to skyrocketing rents. I only hope that the Dean and Deluca-ing of Georgetown and the Abercrombie-ing of Harvard Square do not happen here. It’s getting to close to the point where the independents can’t afford to stay and only The Gap can afford to move in.

On the bright side of this extreme gentrification, in the past year or so a few independent home emporiums have moved in, and I’m so glad to have them. Having all this inspiration a skip away makes me feel extremely lucky, and I thought I’d share some of it with you.

My Atlanta

My AtlantaMy Atlanta

On a typical morning, I’ll walk up to the Post Office to drop off eBay packages, stop by The San Francisco coffeehouse for my morning brew, and drool over the windows at Amour and Company shown above. This shop, owned by Jayme Leffler, is full of gorgeous furniture, perfectly curated accessories, and a selection of books I believe another favorite blogger of mine, The Peak of Chic, would have on her shelves. Pieces vary from a large branch sculpture to Jonathan Adler light fixtures, from Corbusier wooden models to a yellow Hollywood Regency desk. Every time I stop in I feel thoroughly inspired and return home determined to give my own home the rich but light feel of the shop.

My Atlanta

Down the street we have another new neighbor, Urban Cottage. This shop owned by Jessica Silverstein, has moved from Buckhead Betty territory and taken over a house right in the middle of the Va-Hi intersection. They manufacture all of their own furniture and they will completely customize it for you.

What I love about Urban Cottage is the huge range of items and the way they are arranged in the different rooms of the house, including the bathroom! In a black and white Regency-style bedroom, there is a selection of clothing from soft T’s to a silvery sparkly dress. In another room they showcase local artists, like Carla Kaiser’s pinch pots and David Kallman’s color photography, as well as beaded necklaces from The Akola project (100% of the proceeds go to African women in need). On the lower level, there are intricately carved wood and iron antique Spanish doors available. This is definitely my favorite one-stop shop for all sorts of gifts – I can scoop up a unique gift, have it wrapped, and purchase the perfect letter press card to top it off in about 15 minutes flat.

My AtlantaMy AtlantaMy AtlantaMy Atlanta

Another recent addition is an outpost of South of Market. This store will custom upholster all kinds of furniture, stocks an array of beautiful throw pillows and mirrors, and most importantly it is chock full of unique French antiques that are mind-blowing. Unfortunately, most of them would blow my budget as well, but if I were going to pick one eye-popping piece to invest in and surround with my own flea market goodies and IKEA pieces, this is where I would go max out my credit card. The website is extensive, but nothing compares to the experience of visiting the store.

So decor8 readers, if you do happen to hit my ‘hood, all of this shopping is going to make you tired (I haven’t even mentioned the great clothing boutiques like Mitzi and Romano, Moondance, Honeybee’s and Dakota J.’s). It’s also going to make you hungry. Here are some of my favorite eateries, you just have to check out:

Noche – For the best silver margaritas on the block. Don’t have more than two though or you’ll wind up doing something you’ll regret (or not, depending on how cute he is). Definitely do not shop or attempt to try on clothes afterwards! The tapas are delish as well. If you like annoying huge crowds of drunk people in tube tops, stop by on Sunday afternoon for cheap Dos Equis and Sangrias. Wahoo!

My Atlanta

Moe’s and Joe’s – An old original Atlanta beer bar (their license is for beer and wine only). Stop by for PBR on tap and a grilled cheese. I also recommend the chili fries and the sliders.

The Highland Tap
– Martinis and steaks done to perfection, in a cozy cellar. Upstairs, Fontaine’s has oysters, hush puppies, an extensive New Orleans-inspired menu and a bunch of pick up artists at the bar.

My Atlanta

Murphy’s – Everything from light plates to amazing entrees. The staff KNOW their extensive wine list, and the desserts are to die for. A good place to go when one’s parents are in town and they are picking up the check.

Finally, the heart of the neighborhood, and perhaps the most convenient and eyesore ever, is El Chev, a.k.a the Chevron Station. Last May when out to dinner in Manhattan with the ladies from Dwell Studio, as I was describing my lack of domestic and culinary skills, Ashley from Texas said “Girl, tell me you did not just say you go grocery shopping at the Chevron station…HaHaHa…God, I miss Chevron stations!” What can I say, they stock a few oversized bottles of bad wine, lottery tickets, The New York Times and T.G.I. Friday’s frozen mozzarella sticks and loaded ‘tater skins. What more does any neighborhood need?

Thanks for having me everyone! – Becky


Get Real: Design Motifs

May 29, 2008

Welcome to a brand new weekly feature called Get Real. This will be a post for readers to jump in and voice opinions on topics relating to decorating, blogging, small business, and the design world in general. I’ll post a new topic and a few questions to get you started weekly on Thursdays. Then everyone is free to jump in and participate. If you have any questions that you would like addressed, please email your suggested topic to me and I’ll consider it for Get Real. This week we’re talking about trends…

Zig zags are hot, silhouettes remain strong, birds are big, what would you like to see become a more common design motif? An octopus? Seahorse? Fox? How about a shape? Maybe some polka dots? Nesting dolls? Deer? Please don’t say Spread legs!

Go ahead, throw some ideas out, maybe it will inspire the many lovely artists and designers who stop by and read this post. You never know who is reading, your idea may kick off the next big thing. This is also your space to vent about the motifs you can’t stand and why. It’s important to be honest about design because let’s face, everyone isn’t loving the exact same things and it’s okay to admit it!

I hope you enjoy Get Real!

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Design Amour + Morocco Bound!

May 29, 2008

You’ll have to visit My Marrakesh for the full scoop but I can’t resist giving you a sneak peek. This is a photo of the newly hand painted ceiling in Maryam’s boutique hotel Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, opening in November. Is this not stunning? Who wouldn’t love to sleep beneath a ceiling that looks like a giant suzani blanket? Oh how enchanting… The idea of white walls and wallpaper on the ceiling is wonderful but a hand painted ceiling like this one, I am well, lost for words.

Design Amour + Morocco Bound!
This work is by Design Amour, you can visit their website to learn about their techniques and to view more examples of the magic that they create. Image a large chandelier in this space? Black iron with crystals perhaps? I can’t wait to see what Maryam does with this room, she needs to add interior designer to her already long list of talents.

I heard that the wonderful Design Amour ladies also stenciled concrete floors like this one for Maryam. But we won’t know until she shows us so I’m watching My Marrakesh like a hawk. :>)

Design Amour + Morocco Bound!
And I have a little secret… Okay not so much now because I’m about to tell you. Maryam and her family invited Thorsten and I to Marrakesh in November, just six months from now. Can I wait? NO! I think about it constantly. I want to take you all with me, I think we should organize a huge decor8 sleepover, do you think Maryam will mind? I hope not. When I’m in Marrakesh I vow to post the full scoop here on decor8. I have to share the sights with you, I’m certain you’ll love it and find so much inspiration from all the pattern and color there.

(images from design amour and maryam montague)

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The Home of Nonchalent Mom

May 29, 2008

Did you catch the stunning modernist home of online shop owner Nonchalent Mom featured on the Domino site today? What a stunning place Carina Schott has! At first glance, I thought she lived in Australia or southern California due to the lighting and architecture, but she’s a fellow New Englander, Rhode Island to be exact.

The Home of Nonchalent MomWhat a gorgeous property, here are four of my favorite spots in her stylish abode. First up, the pool. Who doesn’t dream of having a pool like this? My family had an inground pool once, but only for a short period of time. That was the best time of my childhood I think! There is nothing like swimming in your own backyard, complete with a seating area, lanterns, and an assortment of pretty pastel floats like these of course.

The Home of Nonchalent MomWho doesn’t love a hallway that is part functional (storage, seating) and part gallery? This looks so fresh and inviting, and the striped rug complement some of the frames on the wall, along with the bright yellow chairs, a nice way to welcome guests and make them feel instantly at ease because your art shares with them parts of your personality. I believe that people respond well to works of art in the entryway, it adds warmth and character.

The Home of Nonchalent MomDon’t you enjoy seeing all of the color here? What an sweet work space, I like the shots of fuchsia, blue, and yellow and the height of the work table. I can’t tell if those flowers are wall decals, a mobile, or what exactly but for those who don’t know where to place decals, this is a nice look without going overboard. One thing someone told me recently is that they see decals for sale everywhere but rarely see them in homes and I have to agree, at least here in the northeast U.S. I’d like to see people use them more often though, I think they can be applied without looking cheesy if combined with shelving or art, for instance.

The Home of Nonchalent MomAh, suzanis. Still quite in vogue here in the states. It’s rare to find a suzani in this colorway though, most are very bright and multi-colored. This two tone look is so nice. I have to check on her source to see where she found it, it certainly is a rare find. (Running to check.)

The Home of Nonchalent Mom

Okay I’m back, it’s by Erica Tanov, I’ve added a photo of her San Francisco store directly above because I love the arrangement and the things shown, the painting, the display cases, it’s all so lovely. This is exactly the kind of store that I enjoy browsing. But I don’t see bedding here. Ah, wait! I found it in her web shop right here along with lots of other delightful finds, like these Turkish towels.

What an inspiring collection of things in the home of the Nonchalant Mom! And I have to highlight the fact that she lives in Rhode Island. My mother and her family are from southern RI, I’ve spent many a summer on my grandparents farm there and it is such a beautiful state. You rarely hear about it though, especially in the pages of design magazines. I often feel like hip American cities get a good chunk of the attention, yet stylish people live all over America and I love that some magazines give attention to this other group of cool peeps, too. Just because someone doesn’t maintain a posh townhouse in the city doesn’t mean that their home in the suburbs or country isn’t just as interesting or magazine worthy.

More on this topic, and perhaps you have some opinions to share because I’d love to hear what you have to say… I was speaking with a group of ladies recently and they confessed feeling shut out because they don’t live in some hip American city, yet they are very cool and have style oozing out of their pores despite the fact that they live in a rural area or god forbid, the ‘burbs (insert Psycho sound effects here).

I happen to believe that we are all interesting no matter where we live and that a suburban woman is no less stylish than a city girl, It all comes down to personal style and where you live cannot give you what you inherently have within. What do you think, do you often feel alone with your cool self where you live, like no on around gets you or that you aren’t living in the ‘right’ place though you genuinely love your home? Am I making sense because reading that last sentence sort of confused the heck out of me too. But I think you get my point. How do you handle others when they try to lump you in with how they perceive suburban or country women to be, live like, etc.?

(photography by melanie acevedo for domino magazine)

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May 29, 2008

Let’s be Frank, or shall I say let’s meet Frank, an online shop specializing in work created by independent British designers, a delightful mix ranging from ceramics to pillows and art. It’s quite obvious that a great talent runs this very special shop because everything is exquisite, from the site design to the bounty of creative work. Frank is impressive.

Sukie, Vicky Hageman, Poppy Treffry tea cosies, Hannah Turner Ceramics, notebooks by Angie Lewin, more paper goods by Kim Jenkins, Twee As Can Be Sewing Buddy sewing kits, Laura McCafferty prints, and Julie Arkell’s paper mache dolls are just a few of my favorites.

It’s so refreshing to catch a glimpse of what the British indie design scene is up to lately. I’m dying to visit a craft fair in England someday, I’ve only visited flea markets so I hope to check out something like Origin or Top Drawer in the near future. Have you attended either of these two craft fairs and if so, would you suggest one over the other or something totally different? I may try to visit London in the Fall…

(images from frank)

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