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May 2008

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Amsterdam Meet + Greet

May 27, 2008

Emma, Danielle, Sia and I have been discussing a plan to host a little informal meet + greet in Amsterdam for bloggers on Friday, September 5th. More details will follow in August but I wanted to give you a heads up in advance. I’m not sure how many Am’dam-based readers decor8 has, but it would be so nice to meet some of you in person, so whether you blog or not, consider yourself invited. It’s not often that I’m there, so if you live nearby and want to hang out, please join us.

Amsterdam Meet + GreetPhotography by Mor (bcnbits). You just have to view
his Amsterdam folder on Flickr. Stunning.

It would really help if you could drop me an email with the subject “Amsterdam” so I can save your contact information. (decor8blog AT Then when the time comes, I’ll send out a quick email with the location details. Of course, I’ll post details here a few weeks in advance, mid August, but it would help for the sake of finding a location to know in advance how many we can expect. I’m thinking a group of 20 would be nice. Again, we still have to iron out the details, but for now you can pencil us in for the evening of September 5th after dinner. A few of the girls will bring male friends/partners so singles and couples are invited, men are always welcome. :)

(photography by Mor bcnbits)

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Front Opens! {Boston}

May 27, 2008

This one is for the Boston locals… You may have read about it in your morning Daily Candy but in case you missed it, Bob’s Your Uncle opened a home and gift store over in Fort Point over the weekend called Front – how exciting! Martin sent over a few photos, of course some things are better in person so if you are able please try to get over there and show your support. I have to take my own advice, I was just in Boston yesterday and wished I had known about Front!

Front Opens! {Boston} I really like the gray felt bird…

Front Opens! {Boston}…and these little chalk tables.

It’s encouraging to watch Fort Point grow, as I have a history in this city (we moved up from South Carolina in ’87 because my father was involved in the initial planning for the Big Dig) and always felt like it was a gem in the making — especially the waterfront. And I worked over the bridge near the post office on Summer Street for years, so I remember what it was and to see it being transformed into a thriving community for galleries, offices, and retail space is very exciting. Link here for news on the Fort Point redevelopment project.

Congratulations to Front and Bob’s Your Uncle!

Location: 25 Channel Center Street, Fort Point, Boston.

(images from martin yeeles)



May 26, 2008

Just a little note to say that I’m back from vacation. I missed being here to meet with you each day but I needed some offline playtime. :) I hope you are doing well and for those in the states, I’m sure that the long weekend felt nice for you. Did you do anything special?

Hello!Pretty things collected from our yard today.

It’s so good to be back, I’ll see you in the morning. :)

(photography by holly becker)

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Happy Friday!

May 16, 2008

I’m taking off for vacation next week but I’ll be back on Tuesday, May 27 after the Memorial Day holiday. I’ll leave you with some links today and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

Happy Friday! I’m in the process of gathering ideas and
inspiration over at my 2nd blog called Haus Maus.
Events & Things

  • Marisa’s informative podcast: Art & Money. All about earning the green stuff, licensing your work as an artist, and how to price what you do so that you can feel good about yourself and earn respect from your customers.
  • bient?t demain is a blog I recently discovered that I think you’ll fall in love with.
  • On a fashion-related tip, our beloved Amelie, who is the lovely Audrey Tatou, is the new face for Chanel. Oh how extremely exciting because she is perfect. I read this on Vie Chaotique. Which got me to do some research and I discovered that Audrey will star as Coco Chanel in Coco avant Chanel, currently filming. By the way, has anyone seen Ensemble, c’est tout? I’m trying to find a copy to purchase…

Happy Friday! Frida at Husmusen in Sweden blogged about this
new paper from Sandbergs Tyg & Tapet that is just so lovely…

  • Haus Maus: A blog I just pulled together to focus more on my new apartment in Germany where I plan to live 5 months each year starting in August. Haus Maus is a very informal personal blog where I talk about my decorating and diy ideas for my new space. I also have lots of links on the blog for mostly Germany and Europe.

And for those of you waiting for the big contest news, Amy Butler sent me most of the images of the lovely items that she plans to give to the winners of our upcoming inspiration board contest so I’ll post full details on May 27th. The prizes are lovely. The decor8/Amy Butler Contest will kick off on 5/27 and you’ll have 3 weeks to submit your inspiration board to me. This year I’m allowing both digital boards and handmade ones so more have a chance to participate.

See you on Monday, May 27th. Have a wonderful week!

(top image from wohn idee, bottom image from frida)

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German Design via Wohn Idee Magazine

May 15, 2008

Lots of people ask me what design is like in Germany, at least the more mainstream stuff. Like if I went into a ‘normal’ furniture store in Germany, what could I expect to find. Of course, like Americans, everyone has their own unique style and some homes look nothing like these photos below. But again, this is more of the look you’ll find in mainstream magazines and furniture stores and so I thought I’d share these images with you. They are from Wohn Idee magazine.

German Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee MagazineGerman Design via Wohn Idee Magazine

As you can see, bright colors and contemporary furnishings and patterns are very common in Germany and have been for a long time. It was all about primary red, blue, orange, and yellow at one time but I think the German design aesthetic, at least mainstream, is starting to mellow out a little and explore beyond primary hues, but they still love their primary colors!

And don’t forget, if you live in Germany or are just passing through an airport there, pick up a copy of Wohn Idee for more inspiration and decorating ideas.

Isn’t that hallway pretty cool!? The ‘grassy’ walls is wallpaper from a company called Berlintapete. They take any image and transform it into wallpaper. Imagine the possibilities.

(images from wohn idee magazine, copyright Bauer Digital KG, germany)

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