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?toile home

June 30, 2008

I found the yummy ?toile home via Indie Quarter, a great blog out of th UK that features primarily independent art and design. They blogged about ?toile home recently, a small company that has been around for a few years now based in the UK and oh my — they have some very pretty things. Bold graphics, modern florals, and happy colorways. I love the black and white nina patchwork quilt, the beautiful oscar cushions (so cute to top a stool), and the nina pillow in yellow and pink.

?toile home My fave four are shown above. :) When I see these prints, I think of a swank Polynesian beach house or some cute patio on the beach in any part of the world, really. Also nice if you live far from the coast but you want to bring a little of the tropics to your world. It’s funny seeing these patterns living in the rooms below just as well, with wood paneled walls, cowhide chairs, and antlers. A very unexpected pairing I think. I love how well things work when not weighed down under complex design rules. How it ought to look isn’t always as fun or beautiful anyway. I’m so over staged perfection.Design in a box. It appealed to me on some level when I first embarked on my newfound career path of interior design back in ’05, but by the end of one of my first classes, I was over it as quickly as I fell into it. It felt so boring, so confining. And as I watch decorating shows on television (less and less, I only watch House Hunters and Design Star now and then), and flip through books with these overly staged designs I feel a bit queasy. Not because it’s bad, but because I can’t handle this pursuit of perfection in decorating that some of my peers have. It’s okay that they do it and I appreciate their approach very much, but I don’t think it’s fun or interesting to live in a designer showroom. It’s not even fun or interesting to shop at most of these showrooms. I’m a bit of a rebel. When I look at these product shots below I feel at home. This is laid back. It allows for change. People can live here. There’s a little ‘managed’ clutter around. I see balance and harmony. Old and new. Flawed and near perfect living together. This is how I see good design. It is human.

?toile home
Okay enough about me… ?toile home currently accepts Paypal, making it a relatively painless transaction should you decide to shop them, and the prices are reasonable considering this is handmade fabric from a small company. You can’t expect prices to be much lower or else it would hardly be worth producing these things in the first place. They also offer fabric by the meter in case you’re feeling up to a little DIY action. :)

Thanks Indie Quarter for the great find!

(images from ?toile home)

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

June 30, 2008

Here’s our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is yours, Beckster! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}I just finished watching Episode 4 of Design Star on HGTV. As soon as Mikey V. said he was going for “zen,” I realized what the problem is with these contestants. They watch too much HGTV, including past seasons of Design Star. People saying they want “zen” when they are designing, unless they are professional Japanese garden designers, make me cringe. Anyway, if you missed the show but want to skip and just see the designs so you can comment today, they are right here.

I was hoping the theme of the show would be “go big or go home.” Instead, the theme became “I want my mom.”

Slight Spoiler Alert: If someone implied I was going somewhere in a private Gulf Stream that required a passport and then sent me to Michael’s, the homicide would be justifiable. I hate that place. It makes me feel dizzy and nauseated, much like this show. I’ve only spent time in two of the destinations. All I can say is Italy = Aalto, fountains, history, and Prada. Spain = Ibiza, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso, Las Ramblas, Calatrava and sangria. Michael’s is the world capital of fake flowers, which is part of what makes me dizzy in there. Personally, I would have totally used the inspiration of the fake flower field that the Marc Jacobs windows had last spring in the West Village… You know, the one that the man in the skunk suit hung out in on the weekends? It would have gone big, right?

Again, WARNING: There will be no major winner/loser spoiler alerts in these intros, but there will be in the comments section, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know what happened, do not click into the comments section until you have caught up on your viewing.

What did you think? Do you have someone who would make the best host in mind, regardless of design skill? For me it’s a very clear cut at this point. What cheesy typical “design moves” irked you? Did you think someone was making a fort in the first 5 minutes? What are your design-speak pet peeves? I know you have a bunch! What do you think of as inspiration when you think of the different destinations mentioned? What would you have done with certain destinations and Michael’s as your shopping source? Who is showing appropriate restraint? Too much? Not enough? Who should work for Rooms 2 Go? Who had karma rain down on them? Who didn’t? Should saying “Ferosh” or “Tee-ragic” be banned? Did someone make manopy #2? Whose room looked the most like a Trading Spaces “feng shui” room? Did you agree with the judges? More interesting, with whom did you disagree?

O.K., I’ll stop, just dish about whatever you want! – Becky Harris

Inspiration, Objects

Traditional Home Magazine

June 27, 2008

I’m wrapping up another piece for the Traditional Home MagazineTraditional Home Magazine
In addition to that beautiful image, Traditional Home has a very inspiring website filled with large, full-color photographs. I’m not exactly a traditional girl when it comes to decorating, I appreciate these rooms and find many of them to have elements that I love. I can’t help feeling a little left out when I look at these rooms though, I don’t ever see myself living such a luxurious lifestyle but it is fun to peek in on those who do. Here are some of my favorite rooms for a little Friday inspiration. :)

Traditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home MagazineTraditional Home Magazine And don’t forget to check out Marcia Cross’ chocolate and aqua velvet trailer on the set of Desperate Housewives at Universal Studios. A very swanky trailer!

(images from traditional home magazine and dwr)

Home Tours, Inspiration

Two Beautiful Dutch Apartments

June 26, 2008

My friend and travel partner Danielle, who I actually met via decor8 in 2006 when she showed her apartment to readers and a friendship blossomed from there, just purchased a gorgeous home outside of Amsterdam. I can’t wait until she shows you the photos once she gets into the space and makes it her own. It is a fantastic home with beautiful property — very magazine worthy for sure. In preparation for her new home, Danielle and her boyfriend are selling their current apartments.

Two Beautiful Dutch Apartments The apartment of her boyfriend. He has great style!

This is by no means a sales pitch, I have no interest in helping her sell these properties as I’m sure her broker is completely capable and I’m willing to bet both will sell rather quickly without any help from me. But I was so completely inspired by how Danielle lives, and of the apartment in which her boyfriend resides in The Hague (Netherlands) that I want to give you a sneak peek.

Two Beautiful Dutch Apartments Danielle’s apartment.

You can go to her blog to see all of the images, they are just wonderful. You can tell Danielle is a stylist — she did a great job staging both apartments for a quick sell. Enjoy!

(images from danielle delange/the style files)

Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves

Artist Jennifer Davis

June 26, 2008

I’m sure many of you know Artist Jennifer DavisI’ve always been attracted to historical homes, particularly since I was raised in South Carolina around so many gorgeous ones. I find myself loving either historical ones or extremely contemporary houses perched atop a mountain or ocean front. I think this is a good example of purchasing art that speaks to you though. This painting may not speak to you at all but because of the last two homes I’ve lived in, it truly means something to me. I’m bringing it with me to Germany to put in my apartment over there so that I have a piece of my life and memories around.

Here are some more paintings by Jennifer that I’m smitten by. I’d love to own them all if I could…

Artist Jennifer DavisArtist Jennifer DavisArtist Jennifer DavisArtist Jennifer Davis
Jennifer also has an etsy store where she sells some of her more affordable original paintings, where I shop for them. :)

(image from jennifer davis)

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