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Domino Features Etsy Furniture Finds

My latest Etsy slide show just went live over at Domino, this time I’ve focused on furniture instead of prints since few think to look to Etsy for say, a new coffee table. I hope that you enjoy it!

I am so pleased that the magazine supports independent design as much as they do, it is very encouraging to all who operate a small business out there. I remember pre-Domino, it was rare that you’d find indie design featured in a popular shelter magazine. It is easy to forget how America was before say, 2005 when the great indie boom really started to hit on a national level and now a few years later small time design sits with the big names in stores and magazines. This is a very huge accomplishment, something to be proud of. I heard that at the National Stationery Show this year, small companies sat in the same section as the large ones like American Greetings, no longer in their own section. The huge growth and popularity of small business in our country proves how a passionate group who desire change can make it happen if they are consistent and push through the initial rejection. It doesn’t just happen in the movies. These small business owners found a way to get themselves out there. This movement we’re seeing is nothing short of amazing, confirmation that if you can see it you can be it.

If you’ve missed past Etsy picks that I’ve gathered for Domino magazine online you can click here to catch up if you’d like.

(image from domino)

Posted in etsy, furniture on June 10, 2008

DIY Project: Succulent Terrarium

Lindsay Thompson created a gorgeous and inexpensive succulent terrarium this weekend and asked if she could share it with decor8 readers. Um… Let me think about it Lindsay… JA! This is so nice, I couldn’t refuse. She outlines all the details over on her blog, but here’s the quick and dirty version.

Step No. 01 | Purchase Supplies: Glass container, rocks, horticultural charcoal, cactus soil, plants. Details about each on Lindsay’s blog.

Step No. 02 | Create: Layer rocks and charcoal, add soil, plant your succulents. Details on how to create a succulent terrarium that doesn’t suc, here.

Step No. 03 | Add stuff, embellish. Ribbon, a garden marker, tiny plastic animals, whatever you want.

Step No. 04 | Label it if you plan to give it as a prezzie. Label shown above reads: How to care for your Succulent Terrarium. No. 01: Don’t over water. No. 02: These succas like it hot! (full sun). No. 03: Love on them & enjoy.

You know you wanna make one now, don’t you? I do! If anyone else has a good DIY that they’d like to submit to decor8, please contact me at decor8blog AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you Lindsay, this is great!

(images from lindsay thompson)

Posted in diy on June 10, 2008

Mood Boards Rolling In!

The mood board contest is in full swing and I’m so pleased to see them arriving sooner than expected, last year most turned up in the last hour and that’s fine, but it’s more exciting to receive a steady flow. When you enter, I’ll reply within 24 hours to confirm but if for some reason you do not hear from me, I’ve created a folder here where all entries are filed. Please take a moment to make sure yours is in the folder. Here’s an example of the lovely submissions rolling in. This room is a space that I can imagine in my own home someday if I ever have daughters around the same age. Or boys who love pink! The artichoke lamp is amazing, great find.

This mood board, “Children’s Twin Retreat”, was entered by Merrilee Liddiard who is an artist/illustrator. In case you’re curious as to where she found her goodies, here is a handy resource guide: Fabric is Midwest Modern Orange Dahlia collection, Bed is “Paris” in tufted-velvet from House by Annette Tatum, $1200 House Boutique (310) 451-2597 (found in Domino June 08 issue), leather moorish bench, artichoke lamp, Red Egg Indochine bedside table (download pdf for photo and pricing), Tiddly Winks sweatpea lion, Roses Ivory modern shag rug, and fabric thumbtacks.

I’d like to thank DaWanda in Berlin and Craft magazine for spreading the word about this contest via their websites. Thank you so much!

(image from merrilee liddiard)

Posted in contests on June 09, 2008

Creative Plans for the Summer?

What will you do this summer to tap into your creativity? Please feel free to share, I think that together we can stimulate one another to action!

I decided that if I’m going to bring this up as a topic here today, I better show you that I’m going in head first, too. I signed up for a summer painting class this morning so I’ll be dedicating time each week to exploring the arts while tapping into my artistic side. This is exactly what I needed to do for myself. I can always tell when my imagination isn’t running at its usual pace, I think we all can sense when we’re in need of making some adjustments and for me, I need to get dirty and play with paint because creating something, no matter how small, will make me feel energized. My schedule will change drastically in August, as I have a lot going on during the rest of the year, so I want to take advantage of June and July before they slip through my fingers.

Do you plan to take any summer classes or workshops? Attending any lectures? Have you resolved to spend a morning or afternoon each week to doing something creative? How about a few hours one night a week? How will you be more creative this summer?

(photograph: holly becker)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, small business on June 09, 2008


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