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July 2008


Rubie Green {eco-friendly fabric}

July 7, 2008

I recently mentioned Rubie Green when I wrote New Revolution of Decorating on 6/2, but at that time her website wasn’t up and running. Things have changed! Ez recently told me that the site is now live so I thought I’d share the news.

Rubie Green {eco-friendly fabric}Rubie Green {eco-friendly fabric}
If you recall, Rubie Green is a small fabric company based out of New York owned by former Domino magazine assistant Michelle Adams. When Michelle was working on their green issue, she realized that very few companies made eco-friendly textiles in classic prints at that time. Seeing an opportunity to combine her twin passions of interior design and sustainability, Michelle left Domino in 2007 to launch Rubie Green.

Rubie Green {eco-friendly fabric}
Michelle is also a blogger… I really liked her bicycle post (love this J Crew photo above) and to learn that some of the photographs on her website were taken in Boston. Yay Boston!

(images from rubie green and jcrew)

Arts + Crafts, Inspiration

Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}

July 7, 2008

One of my favorite things to do is to spotlight photographers that I love. Today I’d like to show you the work of Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen. She has a great eye for photographing food, lifestyle, fashion and interiors as I’m sure you’ll agree. Here are some of my favorites from her dazzling portfolio. So much color, warmth and texture here, simply dreamy… A nice way to kick off a new week after a long holiday weekend, don’t you think? I love seeing fresh new interiors.

Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}

I discovered Trine’s work via Hei Astrid, a lovely blogger based in Bergen, Norway. Astrid took her readers on a little tour of Trine’s home as featured in Rom123, a design magazine in Norway. Rom123, despite my inability to understand a single word of their website, has some beautiful images if you feel like clicking around over there today. It looks like a really nice interiors magazine. Here are a few inspiring interiors and a few dresser DIY ideas that you may like. Check out those funky knobs!

Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}Trine Thorsen Photography + Rom123 {Norway}

What do you think of the styles shown above? Do these looks appeal to you? What elements do you like or dislike?

(images from trine thorsten and rom123)

Shop Tours

Sanctuary {Austin}

July 7, 2008

I was so pleased when Hanna Curran from Sanctuary in Austin, Texas wrote to me over the weekend. Sanctuary is a new boutique dedicated to timeless, beautiful, and unique gifts — mostly collected from emerging designers from around the world. Hanna believes in the beauty of simplicity and that objects should be indulgent, functional and affordable.

Sanctuary {Austin}
One very encouraging point Hanna made was when she mentioned how many of her ideas for Sanctuary came from reading decor8. It’s always so exciting to hear from readers and to learn about the projects that you are working on that involve doing what you love. I receive so many emails from readers who have either set up shop, started their own blog, left a job that they hated to pursue their own business… All of these goals take guts to set and achieve but you are all making it happen on a constant basis! I can’t help but feel proud of each one of you and how we come together through blogs to help motivate one another to action.

Sanctuary {Austin}Sanctuary {Austin}Sanctuary {Austin}Sanctuary {Austin}Sanctuary {Austin}
All of the blogs out there in our great community help to contribute to the progress people are making as they work towards their dreams. And not all these dreams include shop ownership, some write in showing a chair they’ve reupholstered or an art wall they’ve created using prints discovered on their favorite blogs. It makes my day to read emails like this, that’s why I try to share what readers are doing from time to time, such as Hanna’s new shop in Austin. Congratulations Hanna on your gorgeous new store!

(images from sanctuary)

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

July 7, 2008

Here’s our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is yours, Becky! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris} Well, it was down to six contestants on Design Star this week. I am still on a high from seeing Joel McHale make fun of Michael on The Soup this weekend! Anyway, the group was split into teams of two, and I was very surprised by the team that did the best, because as individuals, I find them all to be pretty weak designers.

So, where to begin? First of all, I know it’s Nashville, but Shabby Chic? Really? That’s so ten years ago. If I see one more distressed, antiqued paint job I’m going to have to rip my hair out. I know that when we’re talking about the Opryland Convention Center and Hotel, not Ian Schrager in Manhattan or Kelly Wearstler in Santa Monica, but perhaps we could have been talking The Greenbrier or The Inn at Little Washington. Perhaps take inspiration from Savannah, Charleston, or the Garden District in New Orleans. That’s what comes to mind when I think of “Southern Elegance,” not a bad attempt at copying some old, dated Rachel Ashwell aesthetic that Rachel herself has moved on from.

So, I’ll get us started with some questions. When a country star is to serve as the inspiration for a design, are you simply supposed to copy her home right down to paint color? If you arrived at these suites, would you say to yourself, darn, I should have booked over at The Holiday Inn Express instead? How functional are semi-circular rooms? Why did Cynthia Rowley have a hula hoop around her neck? Who do you think will make the best host? Did Mikey V.’s hosting remind you of the fake P.S.A.s on Reno 911? When you are trying to avoid matchy-matchy-ness, how much is too much mixy-mixy-ness? Who do you think should have gone home? And most importantly, do you use the coffeemaker in hotel rooms? I’ve heard gross urban legends about their lack of cleanliness, but I tend to want the coffee so badly that I use them anyway.

I am going to be flying right over Nashville today and won’t be able to check out everyone’s comments until a bit later than usual, but please dish away! Please remember not to read the comments if you don’t want to find out who had their show canceled! By the way, that room they step out into to go “Off Air” looks like they are checking into Oz Prison or something. I half expect to see Adabesi standing there waiting to get them as they exit.


Weekend Reading

July 5, 2008

I felt like doing a little weekend blogging about bedroom decorating, a fabulous light, and a few thoughts on wooden spoons and white china. Perhaps you’d be interested in reading my thoughts? I’ve linked each post below…

Weekend Reading bedroom inspiration and musings

Weekend Reading dinnerware + wooden spoons

Weekend Reading entry + new light

I hope you are having a lovely weekend! It’s cold and rainy here in New Hampshire, but I did have a little visitor in my backyard today when the rain stopped that I enjoyed watching. So cute. One reason why, despite how rural it is here, the country still continues to hold a special place in my heart…

(images from holly becker for decor8)


See you on Monday!

July 2, 2008

It’s been one of those days my friends. Thunderstorms, power outages, internet connection out for several hours… So I shall return to blogging on Monday, July 7 since we have a holiday here in the states and I plan to spend a long relaxing time away from work to enjoy every moment of summer that I can. Though the entire time promises to be gray and rainy, I plan to cherish the moments indoors anyway. I’m off to light candles, play some Beirut and Edith Piaf, and make Thai food. I have a craving for something spicy with mango. Have a lovely time off!

7/3 update: i’ve blogged a little over on my more personal blog called haus maus today in case you care to peek in over there…

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