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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

I nearly missed posting Etsy Take Five Tuesdays today. Oopsy Daisy! Thankfully I remembered just before the stroke of midnight because I have some lovely sellers to share with you with some very special finds ranging from custom fabric to puffy brooches, floral coasters, neon brights, and a man playing his accordion – oh my!

First up is June Craft in Chicago who is relatively new to Etsy. The scalloped edges on this gocco print are so refreshing to see, I don’t think I’ve spotted anything like it before. I just may have to order one… I also like the custom fabric that she designed and printed using Spoonflower (printing details here). It’s great to see people experimenting with Spoonflower.

Roadside is amazing. I randomly found Jayme McGowan while searching for something else totally unrelated on Etsy last night and sat here in shock that I hadn’t heard of her before. She and Roadside deserve major blog coverage because seriously, this work is unique and gorgeous. Wow.

I get so excited when I find quirky unique handmade things, like everything in the Toast Clothing store. These puffy pins are fantastic, don’t you think? How cute to add to your handbag or even a throw pillow.

I take my eyes off of the neon treasures at Raeburn Ink. It’s electric (boogie woogie)! I’m usually not big on neon hues but this stuff is fab, seems the designer really knows how to bring neon from the 1980’s into modern times in the most beautiful way ever. Seems to key to making neon work is to pair it with pastels or neutrals. So grand.

Alison Tauber in Brooklyn has a lot of very nice things. It all looks so comfortable and down-to-earth, and the subdued colors are grand. A few of her design motifs are somewhat retro so there’s this vintage charm about her wares that I really like. The hostess set is perfect, it comes with recipe cards and a tea towel. Great to gift a friend who has invited you over to dinner, especially if you just don’t feel like bringing another bottle of vino. Mix things up!

If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays, please click here to check them out. See you tomorrow!

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Posted in etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on July 09, 2008

Shop Orla Kiely Online {big news!}

This is highly dangerous news. I never thought the day would come when I could announce this on decor8… But I’ve been wishing for it for years now… The availability of Orla Kiely in the states, online, with reasonable shipping rates. They’ve just launched a brand new site for both International and US shoppers and I couldn’t be happier. They have everything available. Stationery, bags, clothing, it’s all there and waiting for us to pounce. They are currently adding their home collection so stay tuned for that.

I placed a bag in my shopping cart to double check shipping costs before writing this to make sure that what I’m stating is true (pinch me, it is!) and to FedEx a bag to New Hampshire was only $15. When I tried to shop them before a single bag was over 50,- pounds (nearly $100 USD!) to ship. Also, all of the prices are listed in USD. This is huge news people. I can’t wait to see what they stock in their home section. I’m hoping for throws and pillows…

(images from orla kiely)

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Summer Discounts!

I have to share with you a few discounts, one is exclusively for decor8 readers. I hope you can take advantage of some of these great offers…

Cotton Idea Studio – 25% off until July 31st. Enter makeawish at checkout. This little company has the most beautiful paper products ever. I love their old school cursive thank you notes.

Looking for a Orla Kiely bag or some stationery? Shop at Twig and receive a 20% discount at checkout by entering SUMMERTIME_SALE, valid now through July 16th.

Rag & Bone Bindery in Rhode Island makes some of the best books by hand ever. I own several of them (I use them are art + inspiration journals) and just LOVE them. The paper is gorgeous with unfinished edges, oh I have to gush because I heart this company. They are having a post-holiday two day sale, it ends midnight July 9th so you have to act fast. 20% off everything and the checkout code is holidaysale.

And finally… A little love from your friends at Velocity Art & Design. This 15% off discount is exclusively for decor8 readers until July 15th. Please enter decor8 upon checkout. Don’t miss their brand new Angela Adams rug collection, Roost Porcelain mushrooms (priced between $5-13), and these clever teacup hooks.

(images from cotton idea studio and rag and bone bindery)

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Bleu Nature

I am so happy that Bleu Nature has their site up in English in addition to French. I first wrote about them a few years ago but many readers (including myself) walked away feeling a bit frustrated because it was then only in French. Things have changed!

The Bleu Nature collection includes furniture and home accessories that are created primarily from driftwood giving them a bit of an untamed natural feel. I think these spaces look so peaceful and warm, I love the pairing of wood, white, and gray. The texture and organic shapes of everything really draws me in. Located near Lille in northern France, Bleu Nature also incorporates pebbles, lacquered wood and metal, leather, and petrified wood into their designs. The look is clean, modern, simple and definitely in touch with nature.

It may sound selfish to say this, and I certainly don’t want to come across as some almighty American, but I hope that more and more companies go bilingual with their websites, especially in Europe and Japan. I know that it’s not necessarily a must, but with America being such a huge consumer nation if other countries want to reach shoppers here or get their products into American stores, having English as an option is really important. I’m going to speak at an event in Berlin this September (more information to follow in August) and this is a key point that I want to make during my presentation on blogging and building a small business online — add English to your website, even if in small doses. You can really reach out to a broader range of customers not only in the states, but all over the world.

With all that being said (so sorry to ramble), I encourage you to visit Bleu Nature. To locate a store nearest to you that carries their line, please click here.

Psst: I can totally see these living comfortably in a Beachy Keen room.

(images from bleu nature)

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