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Design Star Dish with Becky

July 29, 2008

Here’s the weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is all yours, Miss Becky!
– Holly

Hi Design Star Watchers! Well, let’s face it — it was schmaltzy. It was one long ad for Lumber Liquidators and Kenmore’s Elite Line; even Vern had to throw in a scripted admiration for the appliances. However, it got to me. I’m so glad Design Star did something useful and helped two families who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. I’m also glad to see attention brought to the people who are still suffering almost three years later. It was so nice to hear those New Orleans accents on the homeowners as well – if that’s not the greatest U.S. accent, I don’t know what is!

Did anyone happen to catch what their budgets were? I missed that part, but figured they were high when Matt bought a $1700 light fixture. Overall, I really like both Matt and Jen. They both seem like sincerely nice people with great energy. I tried hard to look at this challenge in terms of the needs of the families and not in terms of high design.

Design Star Dish with BeckyMatt’s Room

However, as Nina Garcia would say, I think Matt’s problem is a taste issue. He’s great for infrastructure, carpentry, and solutions, but I don’t think he knows anything about color theory or space planning, and he put tchotchke Buddhas in front of the flat screen. His blinds were ugly and didn’t go with anything, the rug, furniture and throw pillows were completely mis-matched, and the color of the kitchen cabinets was dreadful.

Design Star Dish with Becky Jen’s Kitchen

Jen’s design was a bit dated but pleasing. One thing I don’t understand – if you have to throw together a kitchen in a hurry on a budget, why not go to IKEA? I’m having a deja-vu, I think someone here may have said that during the kitchen challenge! They have those awesome red glossy kitchen cabinets there, and it only takes an hour for someone in the store to lay the whole thing out for you. I thought her kitchen turned out fine though. The horizontal striped painting is very Laurie of Trading Spaces circa 2001, or Tom Filicia of Queer Eye circa 2003, but it looked fine and the family loved it. While the couch turned out to be a bit of a space planning flop, the whole family was able to flop on it at the same time.

It’s kind of hard to criticize when the outcome was so appreciated and needed. I think the thing that stood out the most were Trish’s amazing abs. The second biggest standout was Cynthia’s darling dress. I simply cannot think up anything else, mostly because I am DYING to go watch the new episode of Mad Men! I can’t wait to see those sets and costumes in HD!

So OK, back to Design Star

What did you all think of the designs? Who will you vote for and why? Who is a better host? Did any particular element of either design hit on one of your pet peeves? Have you ever tried to paint a room red, and if so, how did it go? – Becky

(images from hgtv)

Etsy Faves

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

July 29, 2008

Good morning! Everything feels so new and shiny to me still, so please bare with me! I just started using WordPress yesterday. It’s like taking a new car out on the highway for the first time – exciting and scary with tons of cool new bells and whistles that I’m not quite sure how to use!

By the way, have you noticed where I’ve placed the Book and Blog of the Week? If you look straight up, there it is in the header! My picks will update weekly in that space. And to the right, at the top, you’ll find 3 quick links to things I find interesting that will update during the day — news and links that you may want to check out. Whether it’s something I saw on another blog or a great news article or a funny video on You Tube, I will use that space for quick blurbs. They won’t have their own dedicated blog post within this section so they’ll hang out over there instead. As new ones are added they’ll be replaced and archived here in case you miss a day. If you subscribe to decor8 via RSS you will receive them via your regular feed. And by the way, if you want to subscribe to this blog via RSS or newsletter look to your right and locate the Search box. Notice the tab that says Subscribe? That’s where you will find RSS info.

Let’s get down to business. Shopping! I found some nice things worthy of your attention this week over on Etsy… From letterpress to original works of art, you’re bound to find a new favorite shop from this week’s finds!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

First up, Wendy Chung’s darling paper shop Dozi Design. I can’t stop browsing her clean, modern paper goods. I enjoy the simple design, uncomplicated and lovely like a strand of freshwater pearls or the perfect little black dress. You’ll spend time browsing this shop just like me, I’m sure. Little houses, chirpy birds, tiny acorns, mini trees, very kawaii I think.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Things Are Better With a Parrott. Period. And I believe it because everything is better with Sarah Parrott in the world designing her delicious gocco and letterpress paper goods. I’m crazy about her papers with the deep impressions, especially the plump strawberry letterpress drink coasters. This is one of those rare shops where you could give me anything from it and I’d be bouncing off the walls happy. Not only is her paper delightful to the touch, but her pretty range of motifs cover everything from bicycles to lilacs yet still feels so very cohesive and complete. The colors are energizing and don’t get me started on her variety of fonts… Truly a shop that has something for everyone!

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Love pastels? Dream of strappy sandals or peep toe shoes? Collect (or wish you could collect) vintage cameras? What Katie Does is a London girl with dreams just like yours. And call me a peeping Tom, but I had fun looking through her product images trying to spot extra photos because she has lots of cute glimpses of her adorable home in some of them.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Syko is from Finland and creates, “Soft art for everyday living” made by the skilled hands of Kajsa Wikman. Her handmade soft art includes bags, quilts, pillows, dresses… Everything is her shop is so happy and bright! All items are clearly made from the heart. Isn’t it always obvious when you see work that is clearly authentic, you know you can just sense the person stayed up for hours trying to finish a creation just because they love the craft so much? And to think these things are from Finland, aren’t we lucky to be able to shop the world from our computer like this?

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I just found out about Rachel Robertson via Creature Comforts and I haven’t been able to take my eye off of her etsy shop ever since. I love the maturity displayed in her work. Clearly a talented mixed media artist, this San Francisco transplant from the Midwest is inspired by both the natural world around her and city life combining the two as she experiments with an array of mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, papers, ink, pencil, yarn, and vintage ephemera. Her art emerges out of the chaotic studio she describes in her profile. I’d love to visit Rachel to see how she makes sense of the chaos, I’m forever fascinated with how artists work and have often wanted to spend the day with a mixed media artist just sitting off to the side observing them create. I find the whole organic process of the mixed media collage one that directly speaks to my personality as I’m definitely a free spirit, not a strict ‘by the rules’ kind of girl when it comes to exercising my creativity or building something. This is precisely why I’d rather find a dresser on the street and refurbish it vs. tote home boxes from IKEA trying to build it by the book. My husband is better at that so I delegate all IKEA building projects to him. {wink} I digress… Anyway, Rachel your work is nothing short of inspiring and I’m a new fan, that’s a fact!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week! If you have a favorite Etsy artist that you think I would like to feature on decor8, please click here and let me know!

(images linked to their sources above)


Inspire Me Giveaway – Winners

July 28, 2008

I promised I would announce the winners of our Inspire Me contest today and it’s time! But first I want to thank the many generous contributors who shipped packages both large and small from all over the world filled with paper, fabric, and notions ranging from brand new to gently used — all for this special giveaway. 1,060 comments arrived which made this one difficult decision. I was so blown away by the number of entries, I expected maybe 200 tops. And yes, I read them all!

Inspire Me Giveaway - Winners

Here are the sponsors of this contest, and I’d like to add that I also contributed from my personal stash of papers and fabrics because I wanted to take part. Please visit the following contributors, there are so many great artists and stores linked below…

Jen Renniger
Rita Vindedzis
Arian Armstrong
The Little Stitch
Wood Mouse
Pink Almond
This Love Forever
Blue Tree Art Gallery
Anna Sofia Designs
Phat Sheep Textiles
Mode ala Pie
Exquisite Affair Productions
Marilyn Patrizio
Mister Judy
Whitney English
G.R.Y.B. At Home
Doug, Jack and Me
Leanne Graeff Patterns
Eden: Schnickschnack
Rekoj Design
Vintageweave Interiors, Inc.
Sol Kawage
Nan Kim
Cartolina Cards
Darling Dexter
Design for Mankind
Erin Ruth
Paula Gibbs
Life in the Desert
MB Farrell
Pixie Dust Decor
Rag & Bone Bindery
Ink Lore
Pixie Blossom
Cindy Ann Ganaden Illustration
Love Your Invite
Hang Tight Studio
Blue Citrus Art
Megan McNabb
Purple Lemon Designs
Home Refiner
Ellen Crimi-Trent
Odd Owl
Wistful Republic
Athena Dreams Design
Miko Design
Pink Shirts N Car Wrecks
Graciel Evenstar Art
Sofia Barao
Funky and Delightful
Cutie Pie Company
Double H
Moss & Vesper Arts
Cori Kindred
Kelly Murray
JHill Design
Fresh Vintage Style
Red Birthmark
Andy Mathis
Enjoy Design
Christina Perdue
Alex Tebb
Minka Handbags
Brookelit’s Shop
Byvik Ink
Melba McMullin
Barbara Munsel
Uncle Beefy
Stockton & Co.
Lindsay Brackeen
My Happy Accidents
Vintage Rescue Squad
Sara Ahearn
Bride Design & Sweet Talk Boutique
Armstrong Industry
Specialty Cards 4 U
Things Are Better With a Parrott
Design Healing
Paper Stories Letterpress
Designers Guild
Fine Stationery
Hable Construction

Some of the above names listed are not linked because I could not locate them in my notes, if you are linkless and listed above please let me know so I can link you if you have one (a few of you sent in things without business cards). Also there may be a chance that I missed someone and if that is the case please let me know so I can add you to the list as soon as possible.

Okay time for the winners of the Inspire Me giveaway! Drum roll please…

  1. Comment #61 from Fert
  2. Comment #140 from Elizabeth
  3. Comment #302 from Lauren
  4. Comment #287 from Jess Gonacha
  5. Comment # 751 from Andria Lisle
  6. Comment #237 from Claire
  7. Comment #166 Jana Souza
  8. Comment #410 Jen
  9. Comment # 944 Jessica
  10. Comment #927 Amy Carle

If your name is above, please contact me using this form as soon as possible (deadline Friday, August 1st) with your full name and mailing address. If I do not hear from you by Friday, I will select another winner in your place. I am leaving the country next week for five months hence the rush to get these packages shipped before I head off.

A big thank you to all who entered!

Perhaps we will do this again to kick off the new year in 2009 — Anyone interested in a second round of recycling for inspiration’s sake? Let me know and depending on interest, I will gladly do something fun like this again.

(image by holly becker for decor8)

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