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July 2008

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New Domino Book!

July 28, 2008

Did you notice in the decor8 book shop today that I’ve added the new Domino book? Oh yes, it’s ready to ship in the Fall and can be pre-ordered online at a discount. I’m sad that I’ll miss it since I’ll be overseas and I know the book won’t release there while I’m away… So I have to wait until December when I return back to the states. But all of you are the lucky ones — you can order it now and see it way before me. :)

New Domino Book!

This looks so great, I can’t wait to peek inside! Way to go Domino magazine. I have a feeling it’s going to be my new favorite design book.

(image from


Welcome to the New decor8!

July 28, 2008

Welcome! I’m so thrilled to share the new home of decor8 with you. Please update your decor8 links to my new location on the web: If you would like to subscribe to this blog via RSS, or if you’d like a mini decor8 newsletter to be delivered to your inbox, you can click on the Subscribe tab to your right (in the Search area) and enter your email there.

Welcome to the New decor8!

Based on past reader surveys, I gathered your feedback in regards to overall blog layout and design and tried to figure out how to incorporate the features that you asked for on decor8. This blog is a combination of your good ideas, features I have been dying to incorporate, and of course the amazing lead of Lorissa Shepstone from the design firm Being Wicked based just outside of London, England. I cannot thank this pro and her team enough. She has been the best person to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make changes to their blog or website. She ‘got’ my vision and well, here it is before you. Lorissa is genius.

I’d give you a tutorial of how to locate everything on this blog, but I think the layout is user friendly enough that you will find everything on your own. Basically all content is organized in two tabbed sections located directly above this post and above the two right columns. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new layout and check out the blogroll, it’s pretty cool.

Thank you all for visiting me today on the new decor8, it’s exciting to show you around. I hope that you will enjoy the site going forward and if you have any suggestions or questions, please comment or send me an email using this groovy new form.

Thank you!

Arts + Crafts

A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!

July 24, 2008

Now this is fun! A few months ago Maya from the Nicholas Gallery in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio contacted me regarding an upcoming exhibition she curated involving artists coming together from all over the world to show their work on tea towels. “The humble tea towel is no longer merely relegated to the tasks of the kitchen. Reinvented, its form offers a unique challenge and serves as a new canvas for artists and designers. This show brings together some of the most exciting contemporary talent worldwide, most exhibiting in Cincinnati for the first time.”

A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!
Talents like Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday, Arian Armstrong, Atelier LZC, Sigrid Calon (I had the pleasure of viewing her work at Dutch Design Week in 2006), Phat Sheep, Push Me Pull You Design, Variegated Inc., and many others contributed their work for results that I’m sure will inspire many.

A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!A Mad Tea {Towel} Party!
I just love seeing the work installed in the gallery and enjoy that there are some risks being taken in the art world, small changes that challenge the norms. You can view more photos from the show right here.

(images from the nicholas gallery)

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