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July 2008


Happy Weekend!

July 19, 2008

I can’t believe I nearly forgot to wish you all a happy weekend… So here I am, a bit late (it’s Saturday morning) but I hope this weekend brings you a few days of joy and relaxation. And a little lovely tip to share: Add 4-6 drops of rosemary oil to the bottom of your tub just before stepping into your morning shower, you’ll thank me for this tiny but wonderful pleasure! If you can, treat yourself to a small bouquet of flowers and make sure to tie an extra pretty ribbon around the vase. Remember, it’s the little things…

Happy Weekend! I love this lady, stationery, talent, all of it. All stores should be so lucky to delight their shoppers with her things!

See you on Monday!

(image from letteria }{ allerliebst)


Inspire Me Giveaway – Enter To Win!

July 18, 2008

I’ve completed all of the packages to giveaway for the Inspire Me giveaway. Originally inspired by Creative Thursday’s Marisa Haedike and Emily from The Black Apple, I wrote this post about sponsoring a giveaway here on decor8 that would inspire readers and donations started to flood in from all over the world within days. Packages filled with scraps that may have otherwise ended up in the trash arrived and as I opened them I immediately saw potential in everything. I’ve spent weeks sorting through piles of things and I’m ready to share everything with you! Would you to like to learn more about how this giveaway works? Well first let me show you what you have a chance to win… (click on images below for a closer view.)

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!
Ten (10) winners will each receive a box (that’s right, a box!) filled with paper, fabric, trims, ribbons, tags, buttons, stationery, and various other materials donated by nearly 100 friends of decor8. I guarantee that if you win a box, you will love what I’ve filled them with. :)

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win!
I’ve compiled large (12 x 13.5″) scrap packs according to color, each pack stuffed with new and vintage papers, wallpaper scraps, and miscellaneous notions that will hopefully inspire you to transform them into works of art, craft projects, etc. I’ve arranged them carefully because it made sense to me that each pack feel personal and special — I didn’t want to just throw papers into a box and be done with it. Sure, it took me hours and days AND my house is a complete mess with papers but it was SO worth it to do this. I want the presentation alone to give you creative ideas. Side point: If you happen to win, I’d love to see what you do with these goodies so I invite you to email photos in the months ahead sharing your work. If you happen to do this I will certainly share your creations on decor8.

Also included in your box… smaller scrap packs (again by color), piles of fabric, stacks of fabric by theme, and stacks of other fun things — like tag packs that I made so you can make your own art tags too.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Assorted fabric squares from Volksfaden, one stack per winner.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Make Your Own gift tag packs. Tags donated (I can’t recall who, please remind me if it is you!) and then I had the idea to create packs that include all the tags and bits for you to create your own.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! I assorted piles of fabrics by color, imagining mood boards or mini sewing projects as I stacked each pile. I have stacks and stacks of every color! They will each be finished off with coordinating ribbons and trims.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! more fabric stacks…

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Henry Road donated ten 13 x 11″ squares in two patterns,
each winner will receive one square each.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Ellen Crimi-Trent included pre-made packs for each winner of her products.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! These packs were also pre-made by Tamptation in Australia. She included over $40 in products from her etsy store for each winner that includes fabric, a handmade rubber stamp, and a handmade cosmetics bag. This was so generous of her since it was all handmade. Wow!

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! These stationery sample packs were also included from Whitney English. Each winner will receive two packs each.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! And of course there are notions! Tons of them. Here is a glimpse of mostly vintage things…

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Some more lovelies to enjoy, yarn arrived tagged which I thought was completely thoughtful!

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Some trims arrived tangled around others so I sorted through the chaos and unearthed some real gems. I created a bookmark of trims shown here, one example of how I organized them for recycling.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Stationery from Marilyn Patrizio. Not photographed, tons of paper pads with bunnies on them that she created, such cuteness!

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Assorted fabrics donated by Designers Guild,
just a sampling of what I have to giveaway.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! More fabric stacks…

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! And more!

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Okay… And MORE! I can’t show you everything though — I’m almost finished with this post. :)

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Each box includes a pack I created containing the business cards of
all who donated goods for this very special giveaway.

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Donations from Hable Construction will be included in each box.

Now for the fun part… How do you win? It’s pretty easy actually — just comment on this post! Here is what I’d like you to include in your comment:

Your blog/website URL, your name (first is fine), 3 of your favorite colors, and why you feel like you are in need of inspiration right now and what you’d like to do with these things if you win. AND please let me know if you are interested in any of these fabrics below. These are not scraps, these are brand new cut from the bolt fabrics from Pixie Dust Decor and each pattern is at least 4 yards if not more. I’ve numbered them, so if you are interested please indicate your favorites in your comment. Only 6 winners will receive one each. Okay… Ready?

Inspire Me Giveaway - Enter To Win! Select your favorite and post it with your comment please. If you are not interested, you do not need to mention it. Because this fabric takes up 1/3 of the box, other items will be left out in exchange for this so please take this into account and make sure you will really use it — again there is yardage of each pattern. It is 100% soft beautiful cotton, pure white background.

Winners will be announced on Monday, July 28 — the same day that the new decor8 launches and will be selected by me. All boxes will be shipped on July 29 & 30, so if you win you will need to send me your address immediately. I leave the country on August 7 so if I don’t receive your mailing address right away, you will have to wait until the end of this year when I return to the states for your box.

I’ll post additional photos of giveaway goodies in this Flickr folder, so you can keep watching it fill up over the next few days as I have so many photographs to upload there.

Please note: When I announce the winners, I’ll be sure to include in that post all of the links to each business who made a donation.

(images from holly becker for decor8)


How Do You Motivate Yourself?

July 17, 2008

Today’s topic is motivation. Whether it’s to finish painting your bedroom or to lose a few pounds, kicking your own butt is often the hardest thing to do. As I look at my “To Do” list today, I feel majorly overwhelmed because I have so much to accomplish between now and August 7th. Eek! Though with every task I cross off comes this awesome feeling of accomplishment that can often make my entire day and directly influences my mood. When I hop into bed at night, I often review what I accomplished (or didn’t) and I notice how much better I sleep when my day was productive.

How Do You Motivate Yourself? Bedroom of Leanne, poster from
SFgirlByBay for sale in her shop in a ton of colors.

Ah, motivation. Easy to say and hard to do! Whether you work for the man, or for yourself, it can be a challenge to press forward at times. Working for myself and having a measure of success in the freelance world takes a great deal more motivation than I ever imagined. When I went into work back in the day, seeing others around me in the office motivated me whether I interacted with them or not. Taking the T each day to Boston’s Financial District energized me, I felt motivated being packed on a train with a million others knowing we all were heading towards the same goal: to get to our jobs on time and hopefully make a difference. Hearing phone conversations over cube walls, walking by a jam-packed conference room, meeting colleagues for lunch, daily meetings with my boss — all of these things kept me fueled.

Working mostly from home, my challenge is that motivation must continuously come from within, along with creative ideas and solutions to any challenges that may arise during the day. In my past life, I could run across the hall to my colleagues desk to ‘tap’ her brain. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to drive myself forward. Fuel can run low, especially on days when the tasks at hand aren’t necessarily ones I enjoy doing (billing, taxes, coding, etc.).

How do I motivate myself? I often email someone that I know will reply that day and simply ask them how they are. I’ll arrange a call with a client or friend. Sometimes I’ll run to a local cafe for an iced chai just to get out of my environment for 15 minutes and socialize with the cashier (who knows me). Sometimes I take an afternoon time out to play this nutty game called Diner Dash for a 10-15 minutes. I make it a daily practice to shut down my computer and take a full 30-60 minutes off each day where I am completely unavailable to the world. During this time I read, enjoy lunch at my kitchen table (not at my desk!), stretch, play music, and if it’s cold or rainy, I’ll even light a few candles. Changing the environment for a short period of time helps. You know, KEEP CALM and then CARRY ON. :)

What about you, how do you motivate yourself?

(image from leanne)



July 17, 2008

I’m finishing up all of the inspiration packs so I can photograph them and post them here on decor8 in the morning along with how you can win one!

I’m also working with my designer to put the finished touches on the new decor8 – which unfortunately includes tagging over 3,000 posts and organizing a lot of content so if you wonder where I am I’m working behind on the scenes on blog-related goodies.

Back in a moment with our Get Real topic of the week…

Press, Stationery

Stationery Trends Magazine

July 17, 2008

I was so happy when Miss Kati at The Finer Things told me about the decor8 mention in the summer issue of Stationery Trends magazine. The article, “To Blog or Not to Blog” featured helpful blogging advice from the talented ladies behind Creature Comforts, One Good Bumblebee and The Finer Things. A few blogging points mentioned include: write what you are truly passionate about, remain authentic in how you present yourself and your work, and say what you mean — don’t lose your voice because you worry about others (though there is such a thing as blog etiquette so it may be a good idea to not trash a competitor or fellow blogger). All of these ladies author blogs that are “real” but also professional (they are business ladies with online stores) and though their words are uncensored, they are sincere and captivating — their content makes you want to come back for more.

And while it’s great to talk about your business, don’t make your work the entire focus of your blog. Ez from Creature Comforts has a great tip for bloggers, “Don’t make it about the products…It’s easy to tell if a blog is forced, and it quickly becomes obvious over time.” I have to agree with Ez, I’d much rather learn about the inspiration behind the work.

Stationery Trends Magazine

In this article decor8 is mentioned alongside Design*Sponge, Print + Pattern, Poppytalk, Design Crush, Design for Mankind, Hostess with the Mostess, Tastefully Entertaining, Style Me Pretty and Design is Mine.

I’d like to thank Stationery Trends and writer Christienne de Tournay Birkhahn for this special article. If you’d like to read it, please visit The Finer Things, she has it posted on her blog.

(image from stationery trends)


Grow House Grow! {hand-printed wallpaper}

July 16, 2008

Katie Deedy just sent me the most wonderful collection of hand-printed wallpaper that she creates and sells under the name Grow House Grow! in her Brooklyn design studio. This is a nice alternative to the wildly popular Cole & Son Woods pattern in case you happen to be looking for something slightly different.

Grow House Grow! {hand-printed wallpaper}
Katie’s first collection is inspired by some of her favorite childhood friends, children’s books and memories and each roll is $150 USD or you can purchase them by the sheet in case you are more interesting in framing your favorite one. Currently there are three patterns available in three different colorways.

Grow House Grow! {hand-printed wallpaper}
Congratulations on your brilliant new collection, Katie!

(images from grow house grow!)

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