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Blog of the Week: Design Aglow

I hate to gush but… I just found the most amazing blog (thanks to an anon reader for the tip!) all about photography and how to display photos in your home called Design Aglow. This blog just started in January and already has pages of inspiration to offer readers, you simply must feast your eyes on the beauty here!

Design Aglow even offers these amazingly helpful templates on how to display art on your wall. I’m completely blown away by this site and I’m sure you will like it just as much.

(all images from design aglow)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, blogs on July 21, 2008

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

Our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris will have to take place today without her lead as she is on vacation up in Maine. Boo hoo. And well… I must confess something. I didn’t even watch the show last night since I was out on the town. With all that said, do you care to dish about Design Star on your own without us? If so, feel free to comment and talk amongst yourselves here… Becky will be back next Monday to cover the season finale for sure. You can COUNT on that! - Holly

Posted in reality tv on July 21, 2008

Reader Q: Ornate Frame Resources?

Beth wrote in yesterday from Eden Photography looking for frame help. She is trying to do something like you see in this photo with an empty display of painted ornate frames for her wall.

I suggested that she try Brocade Home, Urban Outfitters (ornate rose frame $14), and eBay (keyword search: ‘ornate frames‘ to paint). Then I thought that perhaps some of you have some ideas or sources for Beth…

Triple frames at Brocade Home.

Anyone want to help frame our friend Beth?

(image: jen thompson photography)

Posted in reader questions on July 21, 2008

Because Sometimes Things Cannot Wait…

Just look at these darling handmade books (in English) for children that double as art — pretty enough to display on a shelf or frame. I could not wait until tomorrow to share them. They are made with love by La Pomme Stories in France.

What little (or grown up) girl would not love one of these… A special thanks to Shelly DeVous/heartlandart for the tip!

Also… If you are looking for a little inspiration today, I’ve posted some images from my binder over at haus maus along with a few of my finds from shopping at Red Chair Antiques yesterday…

(images from la pomme stories)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Books + Magazines, etsy on July 20, 2008


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