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Pillow Love

August 11, 2008

Hello everyone! This is Ez visiting you from Creature Comforts. I am so thrilled that the ever-lovely Holly has asked me to share a post on decor8 today. I must admit to being a little bit challenged while creating this one. I’m generally a bit more comfortable within the fashion and small accessories realm, and have only a little bit of knowledge when it comes to home decor. That being said… I do know what I love when it comes to warm and inviting living spaces, and one of those loves are decorative pillows!

Nothing can give a room a more instantaneous facelift than to swap out your old standby throw pillows with something fresh and of the moment. Want to try out the seasons trendy shades without committing to reupholstering the sofa or a complete paint job? Snag some snazzy pillows, toss them about… and you’ve got a chic new look in no time flat!

Here are some of my favorites categorized into “looks”… though you should pull together a look that speaks to you…

Pillow Love





Modern Romantic:



– – – – – – – – – –

More Pillow-y goodness {not pictured}:

Have a gorgeous day!

(images linked to sources above. layout and text by ez from creature comforts.)


Favorite Lighting

August 11, 2008

Hi Everyone! While our favorite Haus Maus Holly gets settled in Germany, she has asked some of her blogger friends to fill in for her. I’m Becky, and there is a little more info about me here. My biggest problem when I blog is that I tend to use really lame puns and rhymes that I would NEVER say out loud – you’ve been warned!

So, Onto Decor! For the past two years, I searched high and low for a light fixture to hang over my dining room table. First I lost countless Hollywood Regency faux bamboo chandelier auctions on eBay, then I was convinced I’d have a drum lamp made from the greatest non-existent lampshade ever, then I started scouring sales on ornate crystal chandeliers at Horchow and Ballard Designs. Finally, I looked beneath the dangling live wires at my dining room furniture and realized what I needed (I reveal my new lamp below so stay with me). I’m ridiculously fickle but I feel confident that I will be happy with this one for a long time. I finally learned to stop absorbing EVERY trend I see and just sticking to (a) what I like and (b) good design that will transcend trends.

Anyway, during my exhaustive search, I could not get over the selection that is out there. Just walking into Circa Lighting is overwhelming – so many great fixtures, so few ceilings in my house! What follows are some of my favorites that I came across during my search. The majority of these are available online and their prices range from very reasonable to more than my first car cost.

Paper or Plastic?:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Nelson Ball Pendant, Design Within Reach; Filo Square Pendant Light, Target, $284.99 (made of Filo paper); Orb Pendant, Target, $54.99, KNAPPA Pendant, IKEA, $24.99

See the Trees for the Forest, Come and get your bois, real and faux:

Favorite Lighting

(top to bottom) Nut Pendant, Design Within Reach, $310; Calvin Pendant, Pottery Barn, $179; Dane Pendant, Crate and Barrel, $64.95, and Pine Veneer Hanging Lamp, Victory Vintage, $165

Basket Weaving 101: These are great for a beach house, cottage, or a cabin as well as for upping the texture factor in any style of design:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) LERAN, IKEA, $39.99; Vine Basket Light, South of Market, $1250; Vine Ball Lamps, Pieces Atlanta, $1200; Large Seagrass Pendant, Ballard Designs, $59.

K.I.S.S. “Keep It Simple Stupid!” I often have to chant this to myself when my plans start to get too elaborate: These designs are just beautiful in their simplicity:

Favorite Lighting

Extra Large Hicks Pendant, Circa Lighting, $630; KULLA, IKEA, $69.99; Modernist Pendant, Sundance Catalog, $125; Sol Pendant Lamp, CB2, $99.
Glamour Puss: If you are confident in going beyond simple, this glitzy group will dazzle you with crystals, mirrors and metal. One of my all-time favorites is a fabulous retro chandies that fits into this category is The Meurice Chandelier from Jonathan Adler ($695):

Favorite Lighting

Favorite Lighting

(top to bottom from top left) Sputnik Pendant, Jayson Home and Garden, $299; Extra Large Hicks Pendant, Circa Lighting, $630; Grayson Drum Chandelier, Oly, price unknown; Savoy Chandelier Round, Zia Priven, price unknown; can be customized.

Titans of Industry – Perfect for a loft space or to add into the mix with most decorating styles:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Flanders Double Pole, Circa Lighting, $462; Nash Pendant, Pottery Barn, $199; Industrial Pendant, Pieces Atlanta, $1395, Chrome Shade Pendant, Pieces Atlanta, $760

Rusted and Crusted: A Vintage Industrial Style:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Metal Basket Light, South of Market, $1950; Genesis Pendant, Sundance Catalog, $78; Trumpet Flower Pendant, Ballard Designs, $199.95.

I’m also digging these vintage schoolhouse fixtures available at one of my favorite stores, Victory Vintage ($125 each). They are so much better than the fluorescents I had over my head in school!:

Favorite Lighting

Next up is Swanky Modern – These are all very clean, spare, and elegant. These are good choices for Hollywood Regency fans who shy away from getting too ornate:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Coco Pendant, Zia Priven, custom order; Cherise Pendant Lamp, Crate and Barrel, $349; Bryant Large Chandelier, Circa Lighting, $420.

I think Vanessa De Vargas and her site, Turquoise is the inspiration that hooked me on lanterns in fun colors and shapes. I keep thinking there must be some outdoor Home Cheapo lantern I can paint a cool color to emulate this look, but I have yet to find it; none of the shapes have the high style of these:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Cirque Lantern, Urbanelectricco., $1400; Lillebette V2, Urbanelectricco, $1245; Pagoda Pendant Lantern, Horchow, $1985 Hanson Ribbon Pendant, Urbanelectricco, $740.

Trip the Light Fantastic: For those who want the light fixture to be the showstopper of the room and plan around it accordingly:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Effervescent Chandelier, Anthropologie, $1998; Spectrum Chandelier, Urban Outfitters, $36; Capri Bottle Pendant, Jonathan Adler, $195; Meri Drum Chandelier, Oly, price unknown.

MoMA-Worthy: These fixtures use unexpected materials and forms in very clever ways, and I revere them as modern works of art:

Favorite Lighting

(clockwise from top left) Patrick Townsend White Orbit Chandelier (Holly’s all time favorite chandelier ever), Design Public, $459; Todd Boontje Garland Shade Light, Moma Store, $80, Patrick Townsend String Light 10, Moma Store, $99, Victor Juan’s Geometrica, ylighting, $411.

I hope this post helped any of you who are searching for light fixtures, and P.S., I finally chose the Medium Goodman Lamp in antique nickel, available at Circa Lighting. Here is how it looks. If you are ever down south, do not pass up a trip to Circa Lighting! It is truly and illuminating experience!

– Submitted by Becky Harris
(images linked to sources above)


So Long und Tsch?ss!

August 7, 2008

Well this is it friends, I’m signing off and heading to Boston to catch our flight. We have friends house sitting while we’re away so I need to show them the ropes before we hit the road so I’ll see you again when I blog from the other side of the pond! We’ll be in Munich for the weekend, and then heading north to Hannover to our new apartment so busy days lay ahead… My husband is beyond excited to return home — he is all smiley today. :) All I can think about is landing, taking a shower, and going shopping for the apartment. But of course, right? Shopping, decorating, you would have never guessed I’d be so keen on that.

So Long und Tsch?ss!So Long und Tsch?ss!

And just so you know what’s going on, I have several guest bloggers who will meet you here daily starting on Monday, August 11 until Wednesday, August 27. I’ll be checking in to say hello from time to time but won’t ‘officially’ be back to full-time blogging until Thursday, August 28th. I have an entire apartment to furnish and decorate as our new place doesn’t even have a kitchen and is completely empty so I need to spend the next few weeks working on it. I can’t wait! I’ll miss you all but of course I’ll say hello now and then and keep the daily news and such current so I doubt you’ll even notice I’m gone. But I sorta hope you miss me just a little.

I know that you will love the guests I have lined up. I sure do. Fellow bloggers, designers, friends… You’ll have a new voice (or two) to meet you here each and every day so enjoy the change!

So my dear readers, So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!



(images from orla kiely)

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