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Today In The Boston Globe: Hang It All

My latest finds in the Globe today online and print.

Posted in uncategorized on August 07, 2008

So Long und Tsch?ss!

Well this is it friends, I’m signing off and heading to Boston to catch our flight. We have friends house sitting while we’re away so I need to show them the ropes before we hit the road so I’ll see you again when I blog from the other side of the pond! We’ll be in Munich for the weekend, and then heading north to Hannover to our new apartment so busy days lay ahead… My husband is beyond excited to return home — he is all smiley today. :) All I can think about is landing, taking a shower, and going shopping for the apartment. But of course, right? Shopping, decorating, you would have never guessed I’d be so keen on that.

And just so you know what’s going on, I have several guest bloggers who will meet you here daily starting on Monday, August 11 until Wednesday, August 27. I’ll be checking in to say hello from time to time but won’t ‘officially’ be back to full-time blogging until Thursday, August 28th. I have an entire apartment to furnish and decorate as our new place doesn’t even have a kitchen and is completely empty so I need to spend the next few weeks working on it. I can’t wait! I’ll miss you all but of course I’ll say hello now and then and keep the daily news and such current so I doubt you’ll even notice I’m gone. But I sorta hope you miss me just a little.

I know that you will love the guests I have lined up. I sure do. Fellow bloggers, designers, friends… You’ll have a new voice (or two) to meet you here each and every day so enjoy the change!

So my dear readers, So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!



(images from orla kiely)

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I was so happy to hear from Helen Acraman of ZukZuk yesterday because her work is joyous and vibrant and I absolutely adore the sweet characters! Three cheers for cute stuff!

Helen is from New Zealand but now lives in Toronto and is an artist who loves what she does. How do I know? I took some time to read her blog and wow — her enthusiasm leaps from the screen. And by the way, I love this print Edible Weeds, I can’t stop looking at it… Isn’t it so pretty?

“I thought I might like to have some more birds scratching around my Etsy store so here is my new print, “Jelly Bean Birds” which was lots of fun to make. So much fun, these prints may well be imbued with rocking good vibes because I was in a jolly mood as they came into being!” – Helen.

How’s that for loving what you do?

You can view more of Helen’s work in her Flickr album, too.

Psst: $1 from each item sold goes to support Amnesty International.

(images from zukzuk)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves on August 07, 2008

Are You In the UK?

This is SO COOL: The Great British Craft Tour.

Posted in uncategorized on August 06, 2008


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