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New Book & Blog of the Week

Did you notice the new book and blog of the week?

Posted in uncategorized on August 05, 2008

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Ready to view my picks for this week from Etsy? Of course you are, we all love to see what’s cooking over at Etsy and it seems there is always someone new to discover. Enjoy!

Vicky Riley is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Love this girl. Her color palette is soft and girly, her handmade pieces are sweet and endearing. Bags, coin purses, badges, I can’t stop looking at the things in her shop. So Anthropologie only not nearly as expensive! Delicate and detailed, loads of layering and texture, I’m hoping she’ll add more pillows at some point! Lovely work, Miss Riley! Psst: Don’t miss her blog.

I’m a little bag-obsessed this week so please bare with me. Another sweet store on etsy is run by Susan Lam and it’s called Lami Design based in San Francisco. I can’t stop but think about how many hours Susan must put into each bag and yet they are priced so well. She is also an illustrator who designs her own journals and such, perfect for tucking away in your new Lami Design bag. Her shop makes me want to pack a picnic lunch and run to the nearest park to take in the last bits of summer. :)

Ana Laura Perez is the lady behind Bang Bags based in Buenos Aires and I first found her via the wonderful Creature Comforts. She sells mostly bags, which are nice, but I’m enjoying her illustrations in a big way. Click here to peek at the beautiful illustrations in her Flickr album.

I feel weird even blogging about Esther Coombs because I’ve seen her work on every single blog I can think of over the past few weeks and I have no clue who to credit for finding out about her etsy store at this point! So sorry for that. But I’ve known about Esther for awhile now but her work wasn’t available via Etsy until April. I’m so pleased you can now order it directly from her, she is such a great talent and though her pieces are not as affordable as some of you may like I’m sure you can appreciate what goes into creating these fine things and the fact that they’re one-of-a-kind means something… Right?

One thing you may not have guessed is that, though I love all of the cuteness and sweet colors I feature on decor8, I’m a huge fan of the Dada movement, and so proud to say that Kurt Schwitters is from Hannover. I really like this letterpress print, I went to New York a few years ago just to see the National Gallery of Art’s 2006 Dada Exhibition at the MoMA and loved it so this poster from Yee Haw takes me back… I think you’ll like a lot of the prints over at Yee Haw and there’s even a cute t-shirt thrown in to mix it up. The back of the shirt pictured reads, “If you don’t like my peaches don’t shake my tree”. Pretty cheeky there, Yee Haw.

I’m curious… What do you think are/will be the next big Etsy trends? I’m seeing lots of vintage china being used as a surface for illustrative work and then refired… I’m also seeing more and more covered paperclips, tacks, clothes pins and Amy Butler everything on Etsy from bags to shower curtains. Badges are still hot. Owls and silhouettes of course, along with every other bird know to mankind. Wall decals are everywhere. I’m also noticing products that promote the upcoming election and encourage voting.

What are you noticing as trends in the indie arts and crafts world?

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Posted in Etsy Faves on August 05, 2008

Design Star Dish with Becky

Design Star Fans:

I am so sorry. I was so excited about finding out who won Design Star that I totally forgot to watch it and write about it. I guess I had convinced myself that it was over and I never had to watch it again! I hate it when shows make you suffer through a reunion show just to find out the winner. If you missed it too, the winner announcement video is here.


Seeing some of these flashbacks made me realize how much more interesting it was on a drama level when people I didn’t like were on the show. Is there anyone besides Matt or Jen you think should have made it to the final two? Who was your favorite? Least favorite? Was there one particular challenge-winning design that stood out from the rest? Do you think anyone unfairly got the shaft?

What do you think the winner’s show should be called. So far, past winners have shows called Color Splash and Myles of Style.

What’s the cheesiest and most pun-filled name you can come up with? Why doesn’t Sparkle Josh have a show of his own? Oh wait, he is on a show, how did I miss this? He’s hilarious. Maybe he and Blayne from Project Runway should make cameo appearances on Sunset Tan.

Alright, enough from me, what did you all think? – Becky Harris

(text by Becky Harris, Images from

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Free Stuff to Download

It’s Freebie Time at Creature Comforts! Yay!

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