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Favorite Paper Artists

August 20, 2008

This is Jason Thompson again with another bookbinding, paper art post from the Rag & Bone Blog! Just a reminder: decor8 readers can save 20% on Rag & Bone Albums & Books at our online boutique, simply enter this discount code during checkout [good through Sunday, 08/24/08].

In addition to books and bookbinding, I just love paper, all kinds really. As a bookbinder, I’m fortunate to be able to work with many different types of papers here in the studio, one-of-a-kind handmade sheets, delicate Japanese Yuzen papers, imported Indian block prints, I even have a sheet of handmade paper with hundreds of houseflies in it – a surprise from one of our papermakers who found the flies in an attic window and figured – why not. Like books, paper can be transformed into so many different kinds of work. Here are a few of my favorite paper artists.

Favorite Paper Artists

Justine Smith
Holly introduced you to British artist Justine Smith a few years ago but I have to highlight her work again. Smith uses paper currency solely as her design medium. Look closely at these floral arrangements, they’re made entirely from paper money! For Smith, currency has become her canvas, knife and scissors her brush. I’ve featured several artists at the Rag & Bone Blog who use paper money as their medium, which is after all simply paper. But we are so used to assigning value to currency, that even in the creative floral arrangements and dioramas Justine creates, we can’t help but see her “paper” as still having a face value, a value beyond the art. This is central to Justine’s practice. Her work is an exploration of our relationship with money and our response to it.

Favorite Paper Artists

Francesca Vitali
Irvine, California paper artist and Italian expat Francesca Vitali, AKA: Frucci Designs, turns magazine pages and other types of paper into original kirigami inspired jewelry. She utilizes origami paper techniques to create geometric shapes which are assembled into necklaces and bracelets. Most pieces are created using recycled papers together with traditional materials like wood, metal and glass. Her work is affordable and sure to get lots of oohs and ahhs and surprised looks when you tell them it’s made out of paper!

FYI: Everyone has a hidden talent it seems and if you follow your creative spirit you never know where you’ll end up: Francesca has a degree in chemistry and received her PHD in organic chemistry in Switzerland. You can see the geometric and organic influences in her designs. Science and design merge!

Favorite Paper Artists

Annette Meyer
Danish artist Annette Meyer creates ‘disposable’ clothing using wrapping materials from around the world. She says her inspiration comes from the meeting place between consumer society and the human body, bridging the world of art and fashion. She creates custom wedding dresses and tailor-made suits for advertisement agencies with the aim of creating special attention through the use of unusual materials.

Her series of paper dresses titled “ICON Dressed” showcase classic fashion cuts throughout history, from the 1800’s to the 1990’s. You can date many of the dresses just from their style and cut. Each one is made from the same floral patterned paper which is based on prints from Flora Danica porcelain motifs. You can spot the 1950’s dresses between the 40’s & 60’s – fashion really changed quite a bit in those decades.

Favorite Paper Artists

Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan, AKA: Mister Rob, is a London-based artist who primarily creates paper cut works, through from this creative starting point he applies his paper-cut style to a variety of applications: Screenprints, textiles, ceramics, etc. Rob has paper-cut his way into posh magazines such as Vogue and Amelia, and even designed “Erasures” latest CD covers. His work reminds me a little of RISD’s own Kara Walker.

Rob has a unique style, a little sad, a little whistful, a little bit ironic. You can peruse an extensive portfolio at his website. He also has a wildly popular Etsy site where you can pick up original paper cut pieces (Starting at $500), tiles, screen prints and cards.

Favorite Paper Artists

Nel Linssen
These delicate and striking necklaces and bracelets are all made from paper. Artist Nel Linssen doesn’t divulge the secrets to her method, but she has a minimalist style and precise technical style. What we can tell are that they are folded and possibly laced onto an inner string or wire. What keeps their twisted forms together? I’m not sure really, but I love the mystery. Nel has a great color sense, each piece is sophisticated and understated. Though if you were fortunate enough to own and wear one it would certainly be the center of attention. Their forms are organic and look as if they would move with the wearer. Be sure to check out Nels online gallery for even more eye candy. And if you’re interested in purchasing one of her pieces, they’ll set you back: necklaces average around $1,200.00 – $1,400.00.

Favorite Paper Artists

Beatrice Coron
New York artist Beatrice Coron’s beautiful paper-cut silhouettes use shadow, negative space and a graphic style to create playful and quirky narratives. Most of these images are from her “Personal Cities” paper-cut series which began with the idea of imagining a city containing all of the essential elements of one single person’s life. Coron asked friends to describe the kind of city they would like to call home. She then made a paper-cut image of each person’s wishes, developing the concepts to their visual potential. The finished pieces are large, some several feet square.

Beatrice was born and raised in Lyon, France and has been living and working in New York City since 1984. In addition to her paper-cuts, she also designs book covers, furniture and even welded & cut gates and iron fences, which is a natural extension to her paper cutting work. You can view her work in person at The Latin American Workshop Gallery in New York City this month from July 31st to August 30th. Also at the 2008 International PaperWorks Competition August 2-31, 2008 at the B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY.

Do you have any favorite paper artists that you’d like to share?

(images linked to sources above, text from rag & bone bindery’s jason thompson)


My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

August 20, 2008

Hello decor8 readers! This is Danielle from The Style Files visiting you today while Holly is away. First of all I’d like to wish Holly good luck and lots of fun with her move to Germany. Moving to a different country, especially if it is to a different continent, is very exciting! Of course Holly will still be based in the U.S. but having a part-time vacation home in Europe will be very nice for her I think. For those who do not know me a short introduction: on my blog The Style Files I ‘talk’ about about design and (life) style. As I live in The Netherlands, I focus on Dutch and European design. Today I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you some of my favorite Dutch shops and design labels.

My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

The Frozen Fountain (image above), located in a beautiful canal house, sells contemporary furniture and home accessories. Work of talented Dutch designers can be found in their collection, but they also carry furniture for international labels.

My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

Droog Design (image above) is a must for design lovers! At Droog you can admire and purchase the designs of this well known Dutch design group. Their building functions both as an outlet and an exhibition space.

My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

Linteloo is my favorite label for furniture! While a lot of Dutch designers concentrate on innovation and fun only (resulting in over-the-top design), the Linteloo designers also focus on quality. Their beautiful, contemporary style furniture are very comfortable and made from the highest quality materials. I have their Aulia coffee table (image above) in my home and their gorgeous Mauro sofa is on my things-for-our-new-home wish list. Linteloo is a Dutch brand with dealers in several European countries. And good news for US readers! Linteloo is now also available through several retailers in the US. Click here for a complete overview of retailers.

My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

The beautiful cupboards in the photo of The Frozen Fountain are from Piet Hein Eek. This Dutch designer graduated in 1990 from the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. With his graduation project, a cupboard of reclaimed scrap wood, he got international recognition. Since then he has made name for himself for his excellent craftsmanship and for being ecologically responsible. Eek about his designs, “Everyone is trying to make perfect furniture so I did the opposite, I make furniture that is imperfect… I like using materials that are worthless and acting as though they are precious.” On Piet Hein Eek?s website you can see more of his beautiful work.
My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

Sissy-Boy Homeland (image above) is a new favorite of mine. Their collection is an unique combination of old and new furniture, home accessories, wallpaper, candles, quilts and a lot more. Sissy-Boy Homeland has several stores in The Netherlands. Their store in Amsterdam at the KNSM laan is also a great place to have lunch. Excellent sandwiches and coffees are served here! On Sissy-Boy’s website you can find the locations of their shops (click on ‘winkels’).

My Favorite Dutch Shops & Design LabelsMy Favorite Dutch Shops & Design Labels

And if you need a place to sleep in Amsterdam, NL Hotel (images above and below) is a great place to stay. This boutique, design hotel conveniently located in the city centre of Amsterdam. The beautiful interior of the hotel is designed by Edward van Vliet.

Thank you decor8 readers for taking the time to read this post. I hope you have enjoyed this mini tour with me through The Netherlands! Holly, thanks for giving me the opportunity to ‘talk’ to your lovely audience. I hope you are settling in well and that you are having a great time in Germany.

I will meet up with Holly again for our annual visit but this time we’ve invited other bloggers and blog readers to join us in Amsterdam on Friday, September 5th. If you’d like to hang out with us and meet new friends for a small informal eats and drinks social, you can contact Holly and she’ll give you the details. Mark your calendars and please make it if you can!

(images linked to sources above, all text provided by danielle de lange from the style files.)


How Flickr Can Inspire Creativity

August 19, 2008

Hello again everyone! It’s Ez from Creature Comforts and I’d like to share a little bit of my inspiration process with you all today. It’s very easy to look at a singular item and think to ourselves, I like that/I don’t like that… but pulling together a cohesive “look” from these things can sometimes feel frustrating or even impossible. A couple of years ago I could never have looked at a beloved pile of magazine tears, nicknack’s, and other odds and ends and described how they would translate into anything more than just a pile of jumbled inspirations. All this changed for me when I joined flickr (a fabulous photo sharing site) and began collecting “favorites” from fellow flickr member’s photostreams. Suddenly there was a semblance of order to the things I liked. I spotted a trend immediately, and have been fascinated to see myself revealed through the collection of my favorites ever since. f you haven’t tried flickr yet… I highly recommend it!

So for today I’ve gathered several photos I saved on flickr and have used them to inspire a fictional office space that I’d love to have. In these photos I see: Beautiful flowery pinks, soft creamy whites, and rich wood tones… delicate romantic light and crisp modern accents.

How Flickr Can Inspire Creativity

{Flickr Favs}

  • Mary Goes Around by birth1226
  • J by Leo Reynolds {I love this bold modern typeface painted in bright pink… so playful and fun}
  • Red Peonies by Flower Press – {the colors in this beautiful fabric inspired the whole palette for the room}
  • Untitled by Letteria
  • Untitled by Sofia
  • Magic Number One by Miniature Mouse
  • Untitled by Fetie – {I see this photo representing gorgeous floor to ceiling cream toned curtains}

How Flickr Can Inspire Creativity

{Office Space}
1. “Love Candy” art print in cotton candy by Jennifer Ramos
2. Premier Wood Magnet Board at Fred Flare
3. Lip Balm Tint in Red Current by Perfumeria Gal, at BeautyHabit
4. Old School Lined Notebook by Bubbo
5. Pharmacy Desk Lamp at Crate and Barrel
6. Bayswater Bag in raspberry by Mulberry
7. Hulger – P*Phone and USB*Base in Pink at 2Modern
8. Reveal Desk at Crate and Barrel
9. Savoir Chair at Crate and Barrel
10. Walnut Desk Accessories at CB2
11. “Lawn” Fabric in Hot Pink by Flowie
12. Lost – Photographic Print by Sugar Snaps

View all of my favorites in one place right here.

Have a fabulous day!

(images linked to sources above. all words, layouts, and text by creature comforts.)

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