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I’m Listening To…

September 10, 2008

I always love it when some of my favorite bloggers take a moment to share something a bit more personal on their blogs, usually things they do for fun like the films they watch or the music they’re currently into.

I'm Listening To... Keren Rose

I'm Listening To... Nylon

If you are a blogger I invite you to post the music that you’re listening to this month on your blog and link your post back to this one and in the comments section below, share the link to your post so decor8 readers can click over to see what you’re listening to. Consider yourself tagged! :) This will be quite fun and may open us all up to some new music. Honestly there is nothing better than a home filled with fresh flowers, good food, and good music in addition to a nice interior and some yummy cookies baking in the oven. :)

I'm Listening To... Klee

I'm Listening To...Room Eleven

So fellow bloggers, what you are listening to? I just pulled the stack of CD’s on my shelf that I’ve purchased since coming here to Germany last month. See if we have any favorites in common and please, excuse my obsession with Greatest Hits CDs lately. I’m a bit obsessed with old school hits right now. I know, I know… Will Smith? you ask. I was listening to “A Nightmare on My Street” yesterday and nearly died laughing at the memories it brought back. After that I played MJ’s, “Don’t Stop ‘Til Ya Get Enough” and couldn’t help but recall when my mother bought me my first vinyl as a child and I played it so loud I nearly broke the speakers in my little orange record player… Talk about a blast from the past! Here is a taste of what I’m listening to lately…

  • Klee (German), Title: Berge Versetzen (crazy about!)
  • Keren Rose (French), Title: Rose (the best Sunday afternoon music)
  • Nylon (German), Title: 10 Lieder ?ber Liebe (oh this band is so jazzy and good)
  • Thomas Godoj (German), Title: Plan A (German pop but his voice is great)
  • Morrissey, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Abba, Title: Gold: Greatest Hits
  • Michael Jackson, Title: Off The Wall
  • John Mayer, Title: Heavier Things
  • Babyface, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Will Smith, Title: Greatest Hits
  • Ne Yo, Title: Because of You
  • Iron Man, Title: Movie Soundtrack
  • Moccabar Vol. 2 (Italian)
  • Room Eleven (Dutch) Title: Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat (love!)

Your turn! You can either blog your favorites or if you don’t want to blog them or if you do not have a blog, comment below. Can’t wait to see your faves.

(images linked to bands above)

Inspiration, Travel

The Importance of Taking Time Out

September 10, 2008

Hello friends! How are you today? All is well here in Germany, we are experiencing summer weather still so it’s warm and very sunny. It’s been really hard for me to stay home and work! One year ago today Thorsten’s oma passed away so we took his mother out for the day to ease the sadness for her. My mother-in-law is such a wonderful lady, every moment I spend with her is always so refreshing, so the least I could do was to take the day off and spend time with her. It was such a pleasure, we went to the zoo here and had such a great time enjoying the animals and even enjoying dinner there under the warm sunshine at this traditional German restaurant dining outside on a small farm. Would you like to see a few photos that I took today?

The Importance of Taking Time Out

It never ceases to amaze me how much inspiration one can draw from observing animals and nature in general, I feel so energized and creative after spending the day at the zoo – the least likely place I thought I would find this sort of creative energy. Funny how this is, don’t you think?

The Importance of Taking Time Out

I still want to write all about my weekend in Amsterdam and the blogger meet and greet, but I’m still waiting for my husband to re size the images so that I can upload them to Flickr so please be patient with me. I will definitely be blogging about Am’dam soon though, I have so much to tell you!

The Importance of Taking Time Out

The Importance of Taking Time Out

All this talk about nature and inspiration, I’d like to ask you… what have you done lately to relax and recharge? It is vital to take time away from the normal routine — something that doesn’t involve a cell phone, computer, or entering a retail space! For instance, after walking around a zoo for six hours I am now on my bed blogging (my desk hasn’t arrived yet), sipping chai, and listening to a new CD (Nylon: 10 Lieder ?ber Liebe) as I watch the sunset and feel the warm summer air blowing through my window. I have candles flickering on the window sill and ah yes… this is the life. This special time right before the sun goes down to write, reflect on my day, and enjoy the good feeling of being alive and to live on a planet with so much to explore and enjoy. We are so lucky just to be alive and healthy, to have our families and friends, to enjoy the luxury of sitting before a computer and communicating with people in other parts of the world.

The Importance of Taking Time OutThe Importance of Taking Time OutThe Importance of Taking Time OutThe Importance of Taking Time Out

So again I ask, what have you done lately to refresh yourself? Do you have a special routine? What do you like to do to chill? Why do I care? Well truth is I like to hear from you because I learn? a lot from the comments left on this blog. You may look at decor8 as an inspiring blog, but I look at all of you as inspiring people that I enjoy being around here each and every day. I look forward to your comments and learning about you. Never be too shy to share!

See the little cuddle action above? Aren’t they the sweetest little creatures? I cannot stop looking at them… They look like little people in fur coats. :)

(photographs taken by holly becker for decor8)

Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

September 9, 2008

Hello friends! I’m back from Amsterdam so you know what that means… lots of great things to show and tell which I’ll get to shortly (tonight or perhaps tomorrow). But first, I cannot let Tuesday go by without the weekly Etsy Take Five Tuesday. Enjoy!

Etsy Take Five TuesdayEtsy Take Five TuesdayEtsy Take Five Tuesday

Bostonian Jill Rosenwald recently notified me that she has a? new shop on Etsy where her ceramic creations are sold, ranging from plates to bowls and vases. Fantastic patterns and colorways… really great.

Etsy Take Five TuesdayEtsy Take Five TuesdayEtsy Take Five Tuesday

Pirilampo Riscado is based in Portugal and is a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y talented… gifted really. I cannot take my eyes off of her intricately woven handcrafted treasures to wear or display. This jewelry is not only breathtaking but made with heart, you can feel it as you look over her goods in her Etsy shop. I keep finding myself back on her Flickr “Necklace” set just to drool. When I see work like this I’m reminded of the sheer talent that exists in this world and how privileged we are to be online with continual exposure to it all without having to jump on an airplane.

Etsy Take Five Tuesday
Etsy Take Five Tuesday
Etsy Take Five Tuesday
Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Marta is a one-girl shop in Barcelona where her thoughtfully made things are sold under the name Emedemarta. Wood, linen, and cotton are a few of her favorite things along with deer and mushrooms (still popular motifs amongst indie designers, especially here in Europe).

Etsy Take Five Tuesday
Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Pardon My Vintage (cute name) is a shop filled with new-to-you finds curated with love and exceptional taste. Some of my personal faves include the retro pear canister, the folksy recipe tin, Rorstrand Fenix cup and saucer, and the vintage Heath mugs. Best part, she’ll ship worldwide! You can keep up with the latest Pardon My Vintage finds also via her Flickr account.

Etsy Take Five TuesdayEtsy Take Five Tuesday
Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Bubbo-Tubbo is a sweet shop you’re certain to adore as much as I do. Originally from Russia now living in America, I stumbled upon Natasha Mileshina and her illustrations just this morning by roaming Flickr and was quite pleased that I took the time to wander… her drawings are pretty special! I’ve already decided to place an order for a few of her prints to put in my hallway. I can’t help myself!

(images linked to sources above)


Hallo Amsterdam!

September 5, 2008

I’m packed and ready to walk over to the main station to catch my train to Amsterdam. I can’t wait! I have a good book to keep me occupied for the 4 hour journey, and then I’ll be meeting up with Danielle to hit a few shops before joining the group at 8 p.m. over at De Kroon (details here in case you’d like to join us).

Hallo Amsterdam!

I’ll be in Am’dam for the next 3 days, so I won’t be blogging again here until Tuesday… You can find me over at Real Simple later today with my Top Ten Etsy Stores for the month of September and also on Monday where I’ve prepared a post about British design firm ISAK and their new collection due to show in a few weeks at Top Drawer in London.

When I’m back expect photos and all the highlights from my mini adventure. :) I can’t wait to meet up with everyone tonight, bloggers and blog readers all together at the same table — how fun!

See you again on Tuesday… Happy weekend!

(image from pol’s potten, a shop I can’t wait to visit.)

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