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Jessie Randall Has What It Takes!

Inspirational small biz story: Jessie Randall

Posted in uncategorized on September 29, 2008

My Umbrella, ella, ella…

Let the rain pour! I LOVE these umbrellas

Posted in uncategorized on September 29, 2008

Sidsel Gaustadnes & Spagat

I cannot deny my love for owls. I carry a photograph of one in my wallet and look at it whenever I need courage or if I’m in a bad mood — I glance at my little owl and the world is all better again. Don’t laugh, I love carrying around little tokens that reel me back in whenever I’m feeling a little out of balance. Something about owls in particular really captivates me. When I was little my mother took me regularly to this beautiful sculpture park and garden in South Carolina near our house called Brookgreen Gardens. It was my absolute favorite place to go, especially because it had a small zoo where I would spend hours admiring the owls. I would stand before them perched high in their tree and imagine what they were thinking, what they did when the zoo closed, if they understood what I said as I spoke to them. I always felt tremendous peace looking at them, the great horned owls were my favorites…

It’s no surprise why today I’m still very much a lover of owls. I’m always interested when I find others who have been inspired enough by owls to photograph them or include these gorgeous birds into their artwork or pattern designs, like artist and graphic designer Sidsel Gaustadnes from the Spagat blog and shop.

A card Sidsel designed that will soon be in her shop… no owls here but look closely at what it says. It’s a riot but many a truth is told in jest!

Doesn’t this arrangement look so sweet? These are paintings by Sidsel and her studiomate Line Juhl Hansen. Line is a professional artist and freelance architect who has a lovely blog here and an Etsy shop. I’d love to own a painting from Line or Sidsel.

Do you like owls too? If not, what do you enjoy seeing in artwork that gives you good memories of times past? I love owls, birds in general, and girls – fashion illustrations, abstract paintings of women, and of course florals… I never tire of flowers.

(images from Sidsel Gaustadnes)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on September 29, 2008

All The Luck In The World

I’ve bragged about Jane before but since I had the pleasure of meeting the talented lady behind All The Luck In The World, artist and graphic designer Jane Schouten, in Amsterdam recently I thought I’d sing her praises again. What a pleasant person she was to talk to and so very sweet! We chatted for quite some time and I had so many questions that I only thought to ask her after she had left for the evening — ever have one of those conversations!?

A few things that I found especially attractive about Jane was how down-to-earth she is, absolutely the easiest person to get to know and so genuinely kind and a very good listener. As I look at her photography on Flickr and at the merchandise she sources for her online shop I can clearly see pieces of her personality that I was so lucky to experience in person. It felt so nice to put a face behind the name that I’d only known online up until a few weeks ago.

Shown here in this post are just a few beautiful photos from her home and shop that I found especially inspiring today. I hope that you enjoy basking before all the glorious color and pattern set against crisp white.

I admire those who are not afraid of bold color like Jane, sometimes I wish I could be more daring with it myself but I’m learning… everyday I feel like I’m a step closer to being that kid again with the brightly colored bedroom that I had growing up. Jane really encourages me personally to branch out with color whether she realizes it or not.

In addition to her daring use of color, I also admire how Jane can find a gem in a piece of furniture that someone may no longer love and, almost miraculously, she can transform it into something cool and unique. This lady is some kind of talent — Jane you are a star!

(photography by Jane Schouten)

Posted in inspiration, shopping, vintage on September 29, 2008


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